Second oldest American shipwreck found in Great Lakes: Should more effort be made to find ancient shipwrecks?

  • Yes, found ancient shipworks vital to history

    There should be more effort in discovering ancient shipwrecks because it would allow for scientists to learn more about the cause of disaster. With modern techniques and forensics, it would be a lot easier to uncover new details that scientists would not have been able to hundreds of years ago. In addition, finding ancient shipwrecks would me great for maritime museums to display the ships to teach visitors about the ships and its history.

  • Yes, it's a part of history

    Finding shipwrecks is a way to trace the past. Why not encourage more study and exploration? As long as it's not hurting anyone or diverting resources from essential services, I don't see any harm in it. We can learn from the past and as humans we're often uninterested in our own history, so studying shipwrecks might spark some interest.

  • No, more efforts are not needed to find shipwrecks.

    No, the required resources for locating, salvaging and restoring ancient shipwrecks are too great to justify the historical significance. Those tax dollars are dearly needed to fund more pressing issues like assistance to veterans, programs for inner-city kids, and animal shelter support. The limited number of ships currently on display are sufficient.

  • No, there are more important things to worry about.

    Ancient shipwrecks can be fascinating and can teach people a lot. However, I don't think finding shipwrecks should be a priority, certainly not for a government. The government needs to spend money on necessities and things that are important for its citizens. If an individual who is fascinated by shipwrecks decides to spend her time looking for ancient shipwrecks, that's fine. However, it shouldn't be a priority.

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