• I would love to visit the secret Lego vault in Denmark.

    I am intrigued that there is an underground Lego vault in Denmark that contains every Lego model ever released by the company. I would love to go see this collection of Lego models in person and also take my son with me to marvel at the amazing legacy of this company.

  • Yes. I would love to visit a secret Lego Vault.

    If Lego made a secret vault, I would love to bring my children to visit it. Not only would they love it based on the title alone, but it would be a great experience for any Lego lover. I imagine it would be full of all kinds of unique Lego creations.

  • No, I would not.

    I think that if given the opportunity I might find it fun, but despite my interest in Lego's I would not go out of my way to visit. For me the joy comes from playing with Legos and building new and exciting things. Seeing a bunch of Lego's in a vault would not add to that.

  • No, I would not like to visit the secret Lego vault.

    No, I would not enjoy visiting the secret Lego vault. While I understand that there are many Lego hobbyists and enthusiasts, both young and old, I am not one of them. I'd much rather visit something that appeals to me, such as the vineyards of Napa valley. I don't need to visit a place just because I might have played with Legos as a kid.

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