Selective Abortions: Is it okay to abort babies with Down's Syndrome?

Asked by: Deeaannooo
  • A person should have the choice to abort a fetus

    Down syndrome or not, a person should have the right to abort an unborn fetus. The choice over when and whether to have children is up to the woman who will have to carry that child for nine months and give birth to it, not to mention the great responsibility put on them when they become a parent. A fetus is not considered a human being, which is why we don't call a pregnant woman a mother. We call them a mother-to-be (hence the fact that they do not yet have a child). People put so much emphasis on the fact that a person should not adopt a pet unless they are completely prepared to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. However, shouldn't we think the same way about a child? Some people are not prepared to raise a child, and it is even more difficult knowing the child will have Down Syndrome. It is more responsible to abort a fetus you know you can't give all your love and attention to. There are so many children who are abandoned or beaten because their parents are not fit to be parents. People are always more concerned about dogs who are left in a park because their owner wasn't fit to care for them; no one cares about the 40,000 new infants placed in foster care each year. Aborting a fetus will cause much less pain than growing up without a family, knowing you were abandoned because your parents didn't want you.

  • Absolutely Not. :'(

    I honestly think no child should be aborted. Down- syndrome or no Down- Syndrome. I am totally against abortions.... I think that it's a horrible thing to do. I believe every child that is conceived has a right to live. I understand that a lot of women, mostly young women go through a lot, but i just hurts me to my heart that these innocent unborn children wont get to grow up and have their own life... So yeah.

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