Selena Gomez takes a break to work on anxiety, depression from lupus. Can she make a comeback?

  • Anyone can make a comeback.

    With the right PR skills, anyone can make a comeback and I'm sure Selena Gomez will have a whole team of PR gurus at her disposal. I think she is at a position where she can influence real change in the lives of children who suffer from lupus and she should look into becoming active in that role, if she isn't already.

  • Yes, Selene Gomez can definitely make a comeback after she takes a break to work on anxiety and depression from lupus.

    Yes, Selena Gomez can definitely make a comeback from taking some time to work on her anxiety and depression from lupus. She is a very talented artist and lupus won't keep her down. She is smart enough to realize that a break is needed and she has worked so hard in her career that it is obvious that she will work through her anxiety and depression and learn to cope and manage her life with a lupus diagnosis. She will make a comeback and she will be amazing!

  • Yes, I`m sure she can

    While it's sad to hear of anyone having health issues, Selena is fortunate in knowing that she is monetarily capable of taking a year off from working to focus on herself and get the help and rest she needs. So many people who suffer from this affliction as well as others cannot. I wish her well.

  • Yes, Selena Gomez can make a comeback.

    Selena Gomez has a very good chance of making a comeback after taking a break to work on anxiety and depression. Not only does she have talent to fall back on, many people with lupus are able to move forward with productive lives once they take care of themselves and realize their limits.

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