Senator Rand Paul stated the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton means there are two sets of laws. Do you think she broke the law?

  • Yes, Clinton broke the law

    The law is in place to protect citizens. The danger is when lawmakers are buddies with other celebrities, and suddenly the law seems to be a little more flexible. For normal folks, each time she sent a classified email without appropriate classifications and securities, she should have been sentenced to some prison time. However, due to her status in America, she is walking away free.

  • Hillary Clinton Clearly Broke The Law

    Hillary Clinton clearly violated the law when she sent and received classified information on her private server. FBI Director Jim Comey stated that she "should have known better," and that some prosecutors may have moved forward with the case. Given that people like David Petraues have been prosecuted for similar crimes, it does appear as though Mrs. Clinton gets to play by a second set of rules.

  • She sure did

    The FBI even said Mrs. Clinton broke the law. Many examples have been given where other people have done far less and yet were found to be guilty of breaking the law. I guess they should have run for president beforehand and made sure they were in good with the political elite. It really is a 'good ole boy' (or gal) system we have in place.

  • No, I don't think she broke the law.

    Paul Rand's statements sound like political posturing. He has not been in charge of the investigation, and probably has not followed it as closely as he pretends. I don't think she broke the law, because I don't think there was any intent to send those e-mails unsecured. It sounds like something some one's grandma would do.

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