Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) will not support Trump. Is she a traitor to her party?

  • Rhino in woman's clothes

    Your voting against Obama care repeal shows how disconnected with the American people you have become.Please retire you mumbling moron.Looks like you caucus with the dems,just get up and cross the aisle when it comes to serious issues that need correcting.Please please retire before your times up we NEED NEW BLOOD

  • She is ruining her political career.

    Trump will lower taxes for all. Under Obama, there have been 11.5 million more people on food stamps and more African Americans unemployed than any time in history. Our GDP is only 1.2 percent. Hillary as Sec of State ruined the middle east. Hillary is evil, she must be stopped at all costs. If you go against the GOP nominee, there is no excuse.

  • Susan Collins is following her conscious

    Susan Collins is following her conscious in not supporting Trump. She is not a traitor to her party. This is an act of bravery, risking backlash from Trump and his supporters. She should be praised for putting the country's interests above blind loyalty to her political party. The country needs more politicians to do so.

  • No, Trump is the traitor to the Republican party

    The Republican Party is not one person. It is a set of values and policies that they believe is best to govern the United States of America. Susan Collins is supporting her party by not supporting Trump for she believes that Trump does not represent her party. Susan does her party good by recognizing that Trumps values (divisiveness, bullying) and proposals (questioning NATO and free trade) does not represent the Republican party.

  • I do not believe Senator Susan Collins is a traitor to her party

    I believe it is not Senator Susan Collins who is a traitor to the Republican party for not supporting Donald Trump but the Senators and Representatives of the party who do support Donald Trump. They are not only traitors to their party but traitors to America. Donald Trump's views and actions are un-American and those Republicans who support him are demonstrating that he represents their views as well. If Donald Trump is the best the Republican party can offer to the American people, then the party of Lincoln needs a serious restructuring.

  • Trump is a very polarizing political figure.

    After becoming the nominee for the Republican party, we have seen many fellow Republicans express their distaste for Trump's antics and withdraw their support from his campaign. I do not believe Senator Susan Collins is a traitor to her party, rather firm in her personal beliefs and convictions that she does not feel are adequately reflected in the campaign of her party's nominee.

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