Sheriff about Baton Rouge shooting: Is Black Lives Matters inspiring violence against law enforcement?

  • Black Lives Matter is divisive

    At its conception, Black Lives Matter was a great cause. You would be foolish not to have supported it. Fast forward a few months though, and we can plainly see what it has really become. I think we can all admit that there are racist cops in the police force and those men and women are deplorable people, but there are people that are just as bad on the other side. Both of these are outliers. My point is that, at these protest led by black lives matter (Charlotte, Baltimore, etc.) , while they may have started with good intentions, they quickly deviate into something far worse (violence, looting, vandalism, etc.) that usually puts the people charged with protection of citizens in danger. The problem in predominately African American communities isn't over policing, it's under policing. The police are scared to go into these communities because that know they are not welcome. When they police are not there crime goes up, When crime goes up the police have to be called. When the police are called so often, unfortunate situations are bound to happen which almost always get spun off as racism.

  • This is inspiring resentment and hate.

    Personally, I disagree with all these movements (whether it be Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter) and I think that it is just not working. Government is not listening, and if it does I feel like it would not put much importance on it. I feel that is creating more violence and hate.

  • Black Lives Matters is inspiring violence against law enforcement

    Clearly, and without dispute, Black Lives Matters is inspiring violence against law enforcement. One has to be a fool to view this any other way. The Black Lives Matter movement is a fraud, built on a stack of lies which began with this "hands up don't shoot" nonsense. The group has little to no credibility.

  • Black Lives Matter is a peaceful movement.

    No one from Black Lives Matter has advocated violence against law enforcement officers. Black Lives Matter is just a scapegoat for conservatives. If the movement's critics would pay attention to what it is actually advocating, they would see that it is entirely different than the script propagated by the right wing media.

  • Rogue officers are inspiring violence by causing violence

    Black Lives Matter, as an organization, is not about shooting police officers in the same way that police officers are not supposed to be about shooting innocent civilians who are just sitting in their cars or playing in a park or walking around while black. There are rogue officers who are the ones committing murder, and these evil men (it's always men for some reason) don't represent all police officers or all men in the same way that one or two outliers don't represent BLM. If cops don't want to be targeted for wearing a police uniform, then they shouldn't be targeting people for the color of their skin.

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