• I completely agree

    Here's your translation:
    "As a matter of fact, short form words are a complete wast of time because people don't understand them. In other words, I'm too lazy to put periods (punctuation) in my sentences, so you'll just have to private-message BK2TP. Like I said, the short form of words are a complete waste of time. This is because it makes bad habits and it's annoying. Nobody wants to read this because it's difficult to understand, but right now I'm beginning to be too lazy to put spaces between my words, so I'm not going to anymore because it's more convenient.
    If you put too many short-form words together, then all you get is a blubber of words that DON'T make any sense. Do you really understand what I'm saying?
    BRB (Be Right Back) and TTYL (Talk To You Later) make sense, but the others do this. Because words and sentences will look like this all because it's convenient."
    You can tell I'm bored...But I don't know a lot of the short forms of words used in internet slang or text-talk (I had to look up a few for the translation above) and don't really see the point in them. It really does seem more practical to use the whole words, especially in an age where the art of spelling (and grammar) is declining. Plus, using complete sentences and words (and punctuation) will help to avoid pointless misunderstandings that might occur otherwise.

  • Short form words are dumb.

    AAMOF shrt frm wrds r CWOT CUZ PPL DNT undrstnd thm ie im 2 lzy 2 pt . N mi sntnce so ull jst hav 2 PM BK2TP lik I sid shrt frm wrds r CWOT TIB it mks bd hbts + its Annyng nbdy wnts 2 rd dis Bcuz its dffclt 2 undrstnd bt rght nw im bgnnng 2 b 2 lzy 2 pt spces btwn mi wrdz so im nt gnna anymr bcuz its mr cnvenint ifupt2mnyshrtfrmwrdztgtherthnugttisablbbrofwrdzthtDNTmkanysnseduurllyundrstndwatimsyng?BRB+TTYLmksnse2ubtidubtteothrsdodisisBcuzwrdzNsentnceswllluklikdisalBcuzitsconvenint

  • No, they are not dumb

    It's not good to use them all the time (such as for formal messages ) , but using them while texting/messaging someone is okay because you're saving time and energy. Since these are universal, most people can understand this. It's kind of like a code language. That's easier than english.

  • Some words we use today are shortened

    I agree that it is dum2 talk liek dis, Every Word Capitalized, or like, this, which is literally my least favorite of these three, i aint overuseing like and literally, and i'm literally not going to use like, bad grammer.

    I just wanted to point out that without shortening, we wouldn't have words like "goodbye". I do agree though, people have taken it too far.
    There are some good excuses to use short forms of words. What if you need to say something urgently, or if there's a character limit?

  • Of course no

    The title shoul have been "Short forms of words are an art"
    Hey you, you are jealous to this title ain't it? Ha ha

    Have you ever heard or seen to 'sticker design'? It is developed version of short forms and most of people like to this. If you don't use this stickers, you might not be know likely but you learnt right now ;) you bet! You are giong to like it.

    Hereby (Redworthy) they are understandable easly. You musn't underestimate because they are short to them. ;) maybe short forms that you don't understand, bad designer did. Ok have a deal?

    You can think about this subject as visual art then we can look from different angles. For example they are very comics and funny, nice, colorful.. etc.

    Of course we must be use long sentenses from time to time but for example when I was writing on whatsup with my lovely friend, this idea is able to very funny. We can have fun, laugh. WE NEED TO LAUGHT. You know. Please we just laugh.

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