• Yes they should

    Yes if you think no too overprotective A 10 year old is mature and is a big kid. He needs to learn to stay home alone before he or she is even 10. Yes if you think no your saying you are overprotective . They are even starting puberty so yes a 10 year old should stay home alone,walk alone or even stay in the car alone

  • I really can't say...

    It depends on the child and the parent, it's not breaking the law if you do leave a ten year old alone, as far as I know. But again, it depends on the child and the parent, if the parent allows it, if fine, but the child's has to be mature enough and responsible enough to be trusted.

  • I have to say no

    I have to say no cause age 10, they are not safe to be left home unless guarded by a safe guardian that you trust. But if you believe its okay to leave a 10 year old at home on its own, thats fine, make sure you call him/her every 5-10 minutes to confirm she/him is okAY. If you hAVE an alarm system with cameras, i would use that. Im 16 years old living in my parents house and my mom always wants to make sure if im alright, no matter how old i am. Think about it

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