• Deez nutz for president

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  • Students should be able to have a job at this age

    It prepares us for the future. By us making money if we save it or spend it on something very important that we really need we wouldn't have to ask our parents about different things. I realize that because I'm in foster care that I will need alot more now and since I will be reunited with my mom soon this will be a huge chance for me to start preparing now for the life ahead of me. And plus, we all know when we continuously ask our parents for money the give us the answer we all hate... NO!

  • Yes We Should

    I think we Should be able to have jobs because your family is poor then you can help support your family. Or instead of waiting till you are 16 to start saving for a car or a house you can start now and get a nicer car or a bigger House. And if you have some left over you can buy your own food or clothes and things like that so you can help your Parents. :)

  • Should 14 year olds be allowed to have jobs.

    I think 14 year olds should have jobs because it will make them get ready for the adult life. And 14 year olds should have jobs to get money to buy there own things. Also if parents of a 14 year old are poor and cant work there kid(or kids) could work and earn money to pay for food and supplies for there family.

  • Getting Ready For Life

    I think they should be able to hold jobs and get paid because. They are getting ready for the real world and it teaches them to to work hard. If there family was not doing so well their son that is 14 could help small shops. They could start saving up money to pay for a car, collage, and even more things so your parents don't have to buy every thing for you.

  • Yes yes definitely

    Because young teens should be able to work because it helps with there responsibility, there family's wealth and preparing them for the future.Because there are teens that don't get to eat and them working and having a job can change that so that is my reason why teens should be able to work

  • Yes we have to do it

    When some people's job is poor, all of there family have to work. Only if they can live. Even if rich person, they can be work too. Because that person can want and like that work.
    And teenager want to do man thing and buy man thing. But there's parents doesn't want to give to child, We have to work and get money.

    Posted by: asdd
  • Should have job.

    I think When parents is poor, all of family have to working. Only if they can live. Even if someone is rich person. They can want to do work. Why? That person like work. And teenager want to do many thing and want to buy many thing. But when we doesn't have money. We have to worki and get money.

  • 14 years olds shouldn't have to have that street on them

    I am 14 years old my self and I think with school we have so much on our plates that it wouldn't be fair for us to also have the stress at having a job. Plus it leaves us no time to ourselves if we have a job and to be honest we need that time to discover who really are not working at some job that is paying us less then minimum wage. Since we have to work though then we don't we get paid the same amount? Did you know that employers can pay 14 and 15 years old $4.25 the minimum wage is $7.25. We have the same hours and we are working the same job but we get paid $3 dollars less with working 8 hours that is $24 dollars that someone got paid when I did the same job and got nothing. A person that works 8 hours for minimum wage gets paid $58 the and the 14 year old gets paid $34.... How is that fair?

    Kids should not even think about jobs until 16 or 17 not 14 and 15 we just got into junior let us live a little before you push us into that harsh world of work and college and savings and things like that. Let us have a life first.

  • 14 year olds deserve to earn money

    Jobs can provide individuality andmake a person feel good about themselves. Also I bet almost every kid has heard a parent say,"pay for it yourself", and with a job you can save up enough for that thing you wanted. If you are always looking for something to do after school, you can get a job to pass the time by and earn some money in the process. Overall I think 14 year olds should be allowed to hold a job.

  • 14 year olds SHOULDN'T have jobs

    I'm 14 years old and I don't think we should have a job because we have school to worry about and then we get home and most likely have homework. If we have jobs then we don't have any time for ourselves. School is more important than having a job at such a young age. This is why 14 year olds SHOULDN'T have jobs.

  • To much stress

    WAY TO MUCH STRESS. They need to study and spend quality time with parents and or family. They can wait two years! Sure they will become more responsible but they could get that same knowledge when they earn an allowance. They are also going through puberty so it just adds more stress and that doesn't go well with teenagers

  • No work for kids

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  • Should 14 year olds hold jobs

    No because they need to get good grades in school to graduate. If they don't graduate from school they won't get a really good job they want to do in life. High school you have to graduate or you dont go to college or a university you really want to go to.

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  • Kids need responsible to hold jobs

    What makes it right to give 14 year-olds jobs? 16 year-olds are barely old enough and responsible enough to hold a job let alone drive. Only 26% of 16 year olds hold jobs. 14 year-olds are definitely not responsible or mature, definitely not mature enough to hold a job. That's my stance on it.

  • Kids should NOT work at 14!

    I think that 14 year olds should not be able to have a job simply because they should focus on their education and their parents should be able to provide them with what they need. Also if younger people start working then the jobs for people that actually have to pay for rent or anything will be taken. People will not be able to pay for there recorces and children will buy toys and gadgets that are not relevant.

  • Yes I think the should

    I believe that 14 an 15 year old kid need to start on they future an get they need to get ready on there college an make there life better . But they can keep themselves motivate an learning how to take care there responbal have a better in higher income

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