• Yes is should be lowered

    Yes, Most people like to drink beer. Beer would raise our economy . Cigarettes are legal in the age of 18 and that is worse than drinking. Yes it might Not Be god for us, but is someones choice to drink beer. Not anyone else choice. His Choice. Drinking age should be lowered

  • Yes, 18 should be the legal drinking age

    At eighteen years old, you are an ADULT. You can live on your own, sign your own paperwork. You can have kids and you can be married by eighteen and yet you can’t go home or to the bar and buy a beer? Something is not right there. While I understand that Canada and the US are different countries, I’m Canadian and in Alberta, the drinking age is eighteen and it works. The government gives us all the responsibilities to upkeep and yet in the states you are not deemed able to have a beer or a glass of wine until you’re twenty one? There’s something seriously wrong with that.

  • yes 18 should be the legal age for drinking

    I feel 18 should be the legal age of drinking because the government clearly sees an 18 year old as an adult capabale of making his or her own decision. They are capable of being tried as an adult in our court system, They're capable of dying for our country, but not capable to buy a beer? It doesn't make sense

  • 18 year olds are adults.

    People are legal adults at age 18. You are allowed to marry, sign a contract, be drafted into the military, smoke (which is more health hazardous than drinking), vote, work almost any job, and drive (which is set at an earlier age) at that age. So why not be allowed to drink.

    The physical development of their minds and bodies should not be relevant. Females mature faster than males, so if that was the case than the minimum drinking age for females should lower than for males. But that would be discriminatory by sex, so we can not do that.

    In most other countries it is 18, and it is not as much of a problem. More laws only create more crime.

    The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 should be repealed, as it is more or less a violation of states' rights. The Federal Government also should not have the power to cut funding, or penalize in any way, states that have the minimum legal drinking age lower than 21.

    MLDA at 21 has robbed people of their own responsibilities. It has caused more harm than good.

  • The drinking age should be abolished.

    The drinking age has resulted in underage humans seeing alcohol consumption as a means of rebellion. The age is a prime contributor to alcoholism and alcohol consumption among underage humans. The age has also made it look like a "forbidden fruit" to humans who become of age. It results in excessive and potentially fatal consumption of alcohol among humans who become of age.

  • No

    18 should not be the legal age for drinking. It is bad enough that at the age it is set at, all kinds of accidents and deaths occur. I honestly believe that drinking should be outlawed. Many innocent people are killed all the time by inebriated drivers. Unfortunately, selling alcohol makes too much money for it to ever be outlawed again. I believe 18 as a drinking age would be disastrous if it were enforced again.

  • Wait.

    No, eighteen should not be the legal age for drinking. Drinking is a huge problem in our country that not even those of age can handle. Letting even younger people have alcohol is just asking for trouble. There is no reason to lower the drinking age, it's very dangerous. The younger adults can wait.

  • 18 should not be the legal drinking age.

    Eighteen should not be the legal drinking age. States are allowed to set the drinking age to eighteen but if they did so they would lose federal funding for roads. Statistics show that when eighteen was the legal drinking age the number of driving accidents and fatalities were much higher.

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