• Yes, What if there was an emergency?

    Let's say a child was walking along the street and some man is following him. With a cell phone the child would be safe at all times. And they would not use them during class, teachers would not allow that. So the real question is, why should first graders not have cell phones.

  • Yes, but not use them in class

    It's okay for a first grader to have a cell phone to be able to instantly contact the parents, or authorities, if a need arises. It might give them a sense of security. But kids should NOT use the phones in class. No texting, gaming, etc. Rules must be very strict about that.

  • I believe that 1st graders should not have cell phones. Their TOO YOUNG!!!!

    1st graders are wayyyy too young for a cell phones. I mean my parents don't even allow us to have cell phones until we're in MIDDLE SCHOOL.
    1st graders may not know what their doing on the internet and get in HUGE trouble. And they could brake the cell phone that their PARENTS used their money for. PHONES ARE EXSPENSIVE!!!!

  • Heck to the no!!!!

    Some random person could call and tell them to go somewhere so they could steal them! Little kids are usually clueless, and they might go to that person and get kidnapped. Plus they are way to young, they need more time to mature and some guidelines. They should not have phones!

  • They don't NEED it!

    I'm 11 and I don't even have a cell phone! Why should they!? They aren't old enough to even tie their shoes, how could they keep track of it? Be honest, why would they neeed a phone if they are with an adult! They walk to school with an adult, they have a teacher at school and then they come home WITH AN ADULT!!!!!

  • First Graders are too young for cell phones.

    It's hard enough for a 1st grader to remember to bring their coats home from school. Having a cell phone is too big a responsibility for someone in 1st grade. They will either get lost or stolen and will end up becoming too great a distraction from the teachers and the school environment.

  • No 1 graders should not have a cell phone

    First graders are too young to have such a big responsibility. They are at the age wear they loose a lot of things. A freaking 1 grader is way to young. People are crazy too give there kids a phone its not like there going off into the city alone.

  • No, First graders should not have cell phones.

    First grade children are likely too young to be owners of a cell phone. At this age the child will likely be accompanied by an adult at all times, so the need for a cell phone is not very high. This is why a first grader does not need to have a cell phone.

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