• Yes, 3D-printed guns should be banned.

    Yes, I believe that 3D-printed guns should be banned, and that 3D-printers should be regulated. It is not legal on the federal or state level for citizens to make their own guns, and neither should it be. 3D-printed guns are no different, and if it was legalized, the people of this country would be at greater risk of being shot or involved in some kind of gun-related incident. And for everybody who thumps the 2nd amendment in response to any gun-related issue, perhaps they should re-read the second amendment and realize that it does not apply to individuals on their own, rather to a well-regulated militia. The 2nd amendment was made to protect the people of the US from a tyrannical government, NOT so that every citizen could legally own whatever weapons they want.

  • Violence Will Increase

    The advancement in technology will be stained with blood if these 3D printed guns are allowed to be printed by anyone who fells like doing it. The printers should be be used by authorized government controlled authorities like the police if they are to be used for gun printing.
    The creators of this printer must surely be knowing how to edit the software that runs this machine, so they should edit it so that this machine which can be used in better ways does not cause harm to people and this will not only appraise the world of technology but will make those innovators legends in the advancement of technology, because such technology is indistinguishable to magic. Thank you.

  • Yes, these newly discovered weapons should be banned.

    Yes, these newly discovered weapons should be banned. In today's world there is already much debate over gun control; what is allowed, what is not allowed, etc. A new type of firearm (that can be replicated by anyone with the proper tools and know-how) could place more people in danger. Even if the guns were not banned, they would eventually be limited in some way by government law.

  • Guns that can be made by 3D printers should be banned

    Many criminals will have better access to 3D printers. They can misuse these in many different ways like making guns and weapons. There has already been a firearm created that cannot be detected by a metal detector. If there are 3D printers at schools this gives kids chances to make bad things and do something bad.

  • Of course it needs to be banned

    Do we need to remind that if you print your own gun your using plastic its undetectable what will stop a kid from printing a gun a coming to school and lighting up the school.Im from canada and for your information I've never heard a gun shot in my life and i'm proud of living in a safe environment . I couldn't imagine living in a place where you have o walk around with a gun to feel safe

  • No More Gun Regulation

    As studies have proven over and over again, puting regulations on guns only leads to more violence. People that don't have an issue breaking the law are going to continue to do so no matter what regulations the government enacts. The only people that suffer from regulations are the law abbiding citizens. I firmly believe that the only consitutional power our government should have over gun rights is limiting us from getting military grade weapons such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers, Howitzers, ICMBs those sort of things.

    Posted by: J4J
  • You're certainly welcome to try.

    You can't really ban someone from printing a gun without banning them from owning a 3D-printer, which would be throwing out what could be the next revolution in manufacturing. Think about everything that we'll be missing out on. Besides, if I'm worried about someone breaking into my house with a 3D-printed gun, I can just print one of my own.

  • Violence Will Increase How Crazy

    If you think that Violence Will Increase because of that than you are wrong. From the great state of Texas everybody got a gun and there is not very much crime at all. Chicago has some of the toughest laws against guns and they have the most violence in the entire country. Your probably from california and don't know anything.

  • No, 3D-printed guns should not be banned.

    Banning 3D-printed guns puts a heavy burden on regulating the use of 3D-printers. Guns themselves are not illegal, so it should not be illegal to have a similar tool created from different materials. It may be necessary to ban them in airports and such due to security difficulties, but changing legality based on materials, not function, is not valid.

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