Should 7th grade and up be able to watch PG13 movies in school?

  • I do say yes

    If you really think about it. All 7 grades are either around or close to be 13. The rearing is called pg13 which means it should be for 13 year olds. And if includes language that shouldn't be a problem. We hear it all the time in the theaters with are families and at home, so why not at school.

  • I believe that 7th graders should be able to watch PG 13 movies in school.

    Most 7th graders are already 13, so they should be able to watch the movies. If people are saying they cannot watch PG 13 movies, they are basically saying that the kids are not 13, even though they are. By doing this, they are taking away the kids rights, too. Most kids outside the classroom already watch PG 13 movies anyway, even if they are not thirteen. If their parents allow them to watch the movies, the teachers should too. Before schools decide on whether or not to show these movies, they should send home a permission slip to check with the parents if it is okay, or if it is not okay. The schools should not make assumptions about whether or not these kids can watch movies just because of it's rating.

  • I do think yes

    I believe if 7th graders are learning about breeding and all of that stuff, i think they can handle a little bit of cussing, etc. I am not saying yes because I AM a 7th grader, but i think they are old enough. If they aren't old enough now, then when?

  • Only reason they shouldn't is they shouldn't be watching movies

    I'm a former film student so I believe in the power of films for education, but not necessarily films as education. I think if you want to go ahead and show a movie to your classroom, you've got every right to, no matter what the rating. As long as you think the movie is relevant. But don't think for a second that cinema replaces good old history. Cinema is an art form, not science.

  • I believe that 7th graders should be able to watch PG13 movies in school because most of then are already 13.

    Teachers could also have a permission slip to send home to parents/guardians just to be sure its okay. Teachers could at least ask the students before just saying no. We as students should have some rights and this should be our decision. Most 13 years olds already watch PG13 movies at home, why not in school?

  • They are immature,

    Becuase kids need there time to become mature like in school. If the little kids cant have any pg13 then other grades should you know what im running for president right know can you guess what candidate am i and i really dont like you people talking about how you should so all the trump believers stand up and say no with me if you do you will get a billion dollars or even a trillion dollars you will see more 0's on that check you will freek out. Stand up and fight. Who's whith me.

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