Should a carbon tax be part of plans to combat global warming?

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  • Yes for many reasons

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  • Yas gaga yas

    Im in debate and i vote yes. My school is doing this topic right now in debate and it actually helps us realize the damage without taxation there is actually a lot of bad things happening without taxation. Taxation is life and taxation is our best friends. Me and koon agree.

  • Because of Reasons

    To do things that are good we gotta do good things and carbon taxes are things that are good because at least I know how to FREAKING SPELL unlike the rest of these posts even though there's a GODDAMN SPELL CHECK IN THE BOTTOM LEFT. Go carbon taxes and stuff.


    The world is going to becom worse and worse if this keeps happening. Our generations are going to suffer immensley. WE MUST ACT NOW. Greenhouse gases affect us. We can not stand aroun doing nothing. That is why we can easily reduce carbon/pollution by paying carbon tax. We may not want to pay more money but it is for our own good. :D

  • The guilty should be chastised

    I completely agree with the idea of imposing a carbon tax so as to combat global warming. Sans this sort of hard and fast rules, developed countries of the world are today free to do anything they want and the entire environmental safety is at stake. The poor third world countries who are industrially deprived are made the scapegoat despite no involvement in the environmental deterioration mission. By imposing huge carbon tax on such countries, they will be discouraged to destroy the environment and the third world countries should be compensated duly so that they can restore the natural environment.

  • Yes, its a way to think before using

    Yes carbon tax makes people to think before consuming carbon contents. This can protect our environment and make our atmosphere less pollutant. People think before using carbon or buy carbon credits which is a good way to protect our environment. The law becomes as to pay or to reduce. This protects.

  • Carbon tax slows global warming and helps economy

    Carbon tax will not only slow down global warming but it will also help the economy because it will give the government a lot of money which they can use to pay off debt or invest in other global warming solvers like renewable energy. Carbon tax does not hurt anybody that badly, and it will reduce carbon emissions which drive global warming.

  • Carbon Emissions should be reduced in some way.

    There is always climate change. As opponents say, global warming may not be the right term, but changes and entropy within the environment is evident. We have increased droughts, wild weather, such as snowstorms and Hurricane Sandy, etc. Maybe the opponents say it is the natural cycle, but look at we do. Oil and fossil fuels are being used at an alarming rate (comparing to the 1600-1800s). Changes do occur, but under normal circumstances, they are gradual. However, the weather has became wild within the past decade or so, many areas have record highs, lows, and record precipitation. Maybe it may seem gradual for some, but to Earth, on a massive scale, years are like seconds. This is enough for me to assume that we people are playing a part and we must find incentives to curb our emissions.

  • We are not the biggest contributors.

    Our carbon footprint is increasing, but it is nothing compared to the natural world. A volcano erupting, for instance, is a large source of the carbon footprint. Also, as a green house gas, carbon dioxide makes up only .03% of the overall gases that contribute to global warming. Water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas that makes up 70% of the atmosphere.

  • Taxes do not solve problems

    Taxes are not going to work. Just look how it worked on stopping smoking, alcohol abuse and the rest. All companies will do is pass on the costs to the consumer. Governments need to take charge now and change their way of business, electric cars / solar heating, solar electricity supplementing all government buildings. Better water management projects, capture the rain of the rooves, mandate water tanks, encourage waste recycling, and so much more, once govts do this the rest of the world will follow. Stop protecting the oil companies no comany should get taxes incentives when making billions in profits.

  • A carbon tax would only hinder the economic recovery and, therefore, should not be used to combat global warming.

    Carbon taxes would result in higher costs of industry and production, and the increased costs would be passed on to the consumer. This, in turn, would hurt the economic recovery. Instead of making carbon more expensive, there should be an emphasis on making alternatives to carbon cheaper, so it saves everyone money and helps the environment.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Carbon dioxide is one of the most common elements in our atmosphere, and it is as absurd to tax carbon emissions, as it would be to tax oxygen.

    Human beings, not to mention every other animal, breathe out carbon dioxide. Carbon emissions occur naturally. In fact, volcanoes produce more carbon emissions in a few hours, than all the cars on all the highways of the world in a year's time. Carbon taxes are nothing more than a government effort to gain more regulatory control over commercial industry.

    Posted by: SadLamar85
  • No, there should be no carbon tax, especially to a foreign bank, based on a debate that hasn't even been settled yet.

    I do not think for one minute that we should impose carbon taxes. First of all, the global warming debate is not even settled. Many admit that there is "climate change", but the degree to which man is responsible is still up for debate. The climate on Earth has been changing for billions of years. Now with that said, of course there are some steps that should be taken for us to reduce pollution, But taxing U.S. citizens, and having the money go to a foreign bank (which is where the proposed carbon tax money would wind up) is not one of the solutions.

    Posted by: gwynisin
  • How is another tax going to help 'working families' Ms Gillard? A new tax for 'working familiess' but no tax hike for mining companies?s?

    A carbon tax Ms Gillard? When i voted you in you said you wouldn't. You politically backstabbed K Rudd with his tax ideas, and moved in with your own. I thought a Liberal government were for the rich and labour for the strugglers. As it turns out thats not the case. I do think global warming is a serious issue, but fuel prices are so high. Electricity prices are already taxed as is fuel. My water bill has doubled at a time when the drought has broken, food prices are ridiculous. Its already hard to make ends meet. You get enough tax out of us. Why don't you pay it on our behalf?

  • I fail to see a point in carbon tax in general.

    I understand how it works, but it seems to me that the richer a person is, the less the tax would mean to them. A lot of lower income people already try to conserve energy so they wouldn't have to pay high bills. Some people can possibly avoid the tax altogether by buying solar panels and wind turbines so they could produce their own power.

    Posted by: WeberCrazii
  • Since global warming has recently been shown to be an incorrect theory, a carbon tax is unnecessary.

    In recent months there has been new evidence that much of the data used to prove global warming (ex. NASA's overestimating the melting at the polar ice caps). Since global warming and cooling are a natural occurrence, a carbon tax would be ineffective and unnecessary. The only reason for pushing a carbon tax is to tax industrialized countries and distribute the wealth to less developed areas.

    Posted by: KourtneyB
  • A carbon tax should not be part of plans to combat global warming because it's impractical.

    A carbon tax should not be part of plans to combat global warming because it's impractical. It would be difficult to track, easy to falsify, and it encourages business with ethical lapses and big pockets to buy their way out of being responsible. How and who should collect it and the price for it would be endlessly debatable.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • Global warming is fueled by resource extraction, economics, and consumption, therefore any sort of economic solution is unlikely to combat the problem.

    When a company can pay a tax to avoid moral responsibility then it puts a price on something that no one truly owns. It's impossible to justify a person buying the right to damage the atmosphere and planet on which we all rely for our lives. Also, it would be impossible to say who should profit from the "carbon tax."

    Posted by: Wynn354

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