Should a celebrity's private life be open to the public?

  • Obviously. That's why they exist...

    So that we could exploit them. If the society's paying someone millions of dollars for seemingly undeserving fame or notoriety, they better do a job worth millions of dollars with the only talent they have - to be an interesting person, both privately and publicly.
    See in many cases, and in many occupations, the separation of public and private affairs are done so physically (ie taking off the uniform, leaving the company building..) and since the most noticeable aspects of their occupation happens to be their faces, unless they decide to wear a bag over their head they should bear the consequence of being famous.

  • A celebrity’s life should be open to the public

    Reason 1: Celebrities are paid for their private lives being exposed.
    Explanation 1: celebrities have a job to give a source of entertainment. If they want money, they should try to entertain people by at least exposing their privacy. It does not seem to be fair to be paid loads of money for doing nothing with no thinkable and hardships. They are just workers and they are people who need something hard to go through. They want to make money so they should actually their lives to entertain people. They are paid for their lives to be exposed; it is only fair that they should have a lack of privacy.
    Reason 2: celebrities want to be famous so their lives should be exposed.
    Explanation 2: celebrities want to be famous. In order to be recognized they need to expose their private life. It is their dream to be famous; and being famous has a price. If they really wanted to be famous, they should have known that most celebrity’s lives are luxurious but their lives have to be exposed to be like that. They chose to be famous; they should have realized the consequences. It is unfair that when they are so secret they can become famous. Many lives are exposed anyway even in politics. Being famous has a price too. They should suffer from the lack of privacy.

  • Personally, I think that it is their choice what to give out nobody is forcing them

    Celebrities are always getting harassed and that is a bad thing, but still nobody is forcing them to give out all this information, if they do not want to give it out then just ignore all the crazy fans and if it gets to out of hand then just stay out of the spot light for a while.

  • Everyone should have privacy!

    In my opinion, celebrities should have privacy like the rest of us, because i think that been an actor or an actress is a job like any other. One thing is taking photos of them while they are working or publishing information about their future projets and other things are taking photos of them with their childerns in the beach or at home. We should put ourselves in their positions. In your town if you see someone making you photos you can tell them to stop, but if a famous person told that to a reporter people start to attack them and many people start to tell them that they are bad persons. BAD PERSONS????? REALLY?? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO HAVE PRIVACY?? THEY ARE PERSONS! LIKE ALL OF US, AND THEY WANT THE SAME LIKE US BECAUSE WE ARE HUMANS! I think that they should have their space like everyone in these world.

  • Circumstances of being a celebrity

    They should know that being a celebrity, their private life would be leaked. If they do not want that to happen, then why you want to be a celebrity? I thought that is the circumstances of being a celeb wherever you are. You want to get famous? Your private life scandal would make people remember who you are. Circumstances of being a celebrity, remember that!

  • They willingly sign their contracts

    They are getting paid millions of dollars each year. These people aren't having what they do inside their house filmed. Its outside of their house. So if they want to cheat or get wasted, do drugs, break the laws they need to do it in the vicinity of their own house. What you do public property is the public's business.

  • They are also humans

    Suppose if you are a famous person and the media is taking a lot of photos of you. Some people fells that this effect their privacy as their privacy is no more. Just like in a market people are continuosly watched in a CCTV camera and people fells like as they are watched like a prisoner.

  • They're not forced into it.

    Their private lives being exposed to the public will help the fans, more especially those whom a certain celebrity is his or her role model. Once a fan for example finds out that his or her role model is on drugs, he or she will obviously lose interest on that celebrity if he she doesn't like drugs. This will however help that person follow the right path. They're public figures, so we as a public need to know everything pertaining their lives- including their private lives so that we can not be misled on who we want to follow.

  • They willing to sign their contracts.

    When the celebrities sign their contracts, they have to think about their private life being shown to the public. But they still sign their contract. This prove that it's ok to them. And if it is ok to them, then why do we need to be worry about if they like to show it or not?

  • They are humans too,,,

    Celebreties are humans too just like us.Just imagine your self being crowded or attacked by paparazzi while your eating, drinking , sleeping or even out with your family.I leave it there so you can think about it your self wehater celbreties should have privacy or not . Thankyou for reading.

  • No discrimination with privacy

    Whether a person is a so-called 'common man' or a celebrity, his/her privacy must be respected. Having said that, if anyone wants to share his/her personal experience or private thoughts with the world, there is no censorship on that. And we all seem to forget that celebrities are also HUMAN BEINGS...They too have feelings, emotions and individual views. How do they feel when they are objectified everytime...By the media, by their fans..And by the society. Their personal choice-whether they want their lives to be viewed as a doze of entertainment to the world, or they want to keep FEW moments to themselves- must be given due respect.

  • Just because they're a celebrity, doesn't make them "special".

    Okay, look. I'm pretty awesome. But if I cheated one someone, or did anything like that, it would be bad enough privately. But consider you do anything wrong - hundreds of people will know you did it and judge you on it. So don't be a d***, leave celebrities alone.

  • Celebrities should not be idolized.

    Celebrities should not be idolized, period. After witnessing a tilt in the mass media of this nation to actually utilizing celebrity figureheads in order to promote political agendas and reforms, I have decided that a position against the exploitation-and thus, popularization-of celebrities in the United States as well as other parts of the world is an inherently bad concept. It provides a high risk of both moral and political corruption in this nation, because as we have all seen, the entertainment-industrial complex has become more powerful than it should have ever been allowed to become.

    The personal lives of celebrities are of no concern to us. The fact, however, that media will cover "butt thickness" and other otherwise personal attributes of these individuals should be a very simple clue as to the danger and overall disgusting nature of the infatuation with these idols. As far as I'm concerned, people of this population view them as seen Gods, and nothing less. Otherwise, they wouldn't be as rich as they are, for as little of a reason.

  • Celebrities are people too

    Think that all celebrities and well known people have a role to play in society but it is up to them whether or not they share their personal life. For example if a random person you have never seen before came up to you and forced you to reveal all of your personal information you would feel violated and invaded so how is that different to somebody that everybody knows !!!

  • Some celebrities aren't even famous on purpose...

    You say that celebrities want to be famous, that they exist to have their private lives exposed. But a lot of celebrities aren't famous on purpose, maybe they were born into a famous life, maybe they were part of a viral video or something. Anyway, it may not have been a choice. I know there are music groups and artists who never thought they'd ever make it big, but they did. Now, just because they enjoy doing what they do, there's paparazzi everywhere. Besides, famous people are pressured to be perfect, and they need some downtime to chill out and be a normal human being.

  • I said so

    We say that celebrity's should open private life in to public. But i say we shouldn't! What do you feel when you are forced by people when you are doing something private that have to deal with sexual relationship? What if everybody figures it out and call the the celebrity's bad and mean and stuff like that?What if the private life story spread but in a bad change? So i figure that we shouldn't open celebrity's private life to the public?

  • I said so

    We say that celebrity's should open private life in to public. But i say we shouldn't! What do you feel when you are forced by people when you are doing something private that have to deal with sexual relationship? What if everybody figures it out and call the the celebrity's bad and mean and stuff like that?What if the private life story spread but in a bad change? So i figure that we shouldn't open celebrity's private life to the public?

  • That's why they exist...

    Celebrities are clearly made for people to seek their private life. Some may have talents or whatever but if they wanted to have their life private they wouldn't share so much with the news or those stupid celebrity TV shows. Many people have said no but clearly the answer is yes.

  • Yeah nah bruh

    Celebs need privacy, that is something that you guys ought to know, think about going to the bathroom every time and worrying if there is anybody taking a picture, nobody would like a life like that bro. They live thinking what will the society think about them if they get caught, it is just sick

  • They're Human Too.....

    We've all had moments where we want to shut our selves away from the world, but celebrities don't have that choice! They have so much on their backs trying to look perfect at every single moment of their life, but they are humans. Therefore, they are not perfect. With the paparazzi stalking them all the time non-stop, it could be hazardous. For example, Queen Diane's car accident was a result of the paparazzi bombarding her and trying to get away from them. Sure they are the main source of our entertainment, and most are role models/ inspirations to kids, but yet again, celebrities are humans too.

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