Should a civilized society have the right to use capital punishment on its citizens?

  • Capital punishment is good

    My first point is that if you kill a criminal then you are saving thousands of innocent peoples lives. Every night we hear on the news how innocent men women and babies are killed,because of a serial killer or something. Let me explain it a bit better. If a criminal was freed out of prison and then takes another person's life, then obviously they would go back to prison, if they get caught. By the time the authorities catch up to him or her, the person could have killed a lot of people.

    My second argument is that prison is not enough for the people that commit crimes. First of all prisons don’t make sense and I dont know why police keep on sending criminals there. Also, one in every two criminals leaving prison will commit another crime within one year walking out the prison gates. If the aim of prison is to stop people from doing crimes then it’s not really working, is it? From a cold look at this point, sending people to prison is not a successful way to reduce crime so therefore they should be sentenced to death.

  • People are disgusting!

    A civilised society does have the right to use capital punishment because the fact is that people are completely disgusting by the fact that they will go out and stab someone. Capital punishment is the only thing that will make people think about theirs actions before they kill someone. This is because most people don't actually want to die, and so knowing that they will be executed may make them re-think their plan to kill

  • There's nothing civilised about our society

    What is civilised about a society where a man is beheaded in public whilst walking to the shop? Where children are raped? If we lived in a civilised society then I would probably say 'no', but we don't. We also need a deterrent. What incentive is there for criminals not to commit crime?

  • Yes human life is sacred but why cant someone killing another person

    An unjust law is no law at all.Someone feels good about about murdering another person but when it comes back to them in court they want to plead for mercy clearly showing that the didnt care how the deceased felt ,the fear and all but they want tobe locked behind bars for a couple of years thats not fair

  • I strongly believe that a civilized society should have the right to use capital punishment on its citizens whenever it’s necessary as a crime deterrent or punishment.

    I strongly believe that a civilized society should have the
    right to use capital punishment on its citizens whenever it’s necessary as a
    crime deterrent or punishment. The use
    of capital punishment is one of the best ways for a civilized society to make
    sure that it remains civilized long term.

  • A civilized society should have the right to use capital punishment on its citizens.

    The death penalty should be reserved for the most heinous crimes. Although execution is indeed drastic, it is necessary in order to send a message to potential criminals in the future. The government should not be soft on crime, but should punish offenders harshly. This is the best way to keep the country safe.

  • Death Penalty is Ok

    The death penalty provides a means of punishment for those who commit heinous crimes. These crimes strongly demonstrate that the culprits are a threat to society. Their rehabilitation potential is laughable, and the alternative is to allow them to sit in jail for the remainder of their lives at the tax payer's expense.

  • If the Punishment Fits the Crime

    Unfortunately we live in a society that has actions and consequences. Even in a civilized society, consequences for actions that people do to further themselves (as they see it) may result in untimely and potentially gruesome and usually uncalled for death of innocent bystanders. The "eye-for-an-eye" adage could apply here. Without the use of the death penalty, civilized society lacks the ultimate dissuader of illegal activity and the use of that consequence for a meaninfgul purpose cannot be realized.

  • Justice is a mark of civilization.

    Capital punishment for the most heinous of crimes, such as acts of terror, is a just and apt sentence. Civilized societies are well within their rights to use such a punishment if they see fit. Besides the United States, capital punishment is used in Japan as well, which is widely recognized as a advanced and civilized nation.

  • Death Penalty cant be justified in any means

    CP isn't civilized as you cant kill someone for killing someone else, its like fighting fire with fire and doesn't really deter people either as they don't think they will get caught also I believe that people with religious backgrounds are the reason we have them and its shown they aren't civilized at all.

  • No, executions are not truly civilized

    A truly civilized society recognizes the sanctity of human life. Because human
    lives are sacred, such a society would not take the life of the most depraved
    criminal. Every human society has the right and duty to protect its members
    from crime. However, executions are not necessary to protect the innocent.
    All that is needed is a high wall and a locked door.

  • Capital punishment should not be used on a civilized society.

    Capital punishment should not be used on a civilized society. Capital punishment should only be used in time sensitive situations such as knowing a location of a bomb before innocent people get killed. Otherwise, it should be banned from being allowed. As just a punishment, capital punishment and torture should not be used.

  • Death Sentences Don't Deter

    Death sentences seem to be unable to deter criminals from carrying out heinous acts of murder. For that reason, we should eliminate the death penalty and focus on rehabbing criminals and reducing crime. Capital punishment is an antiquated way of thinking in terms of "eye for an eye." However, the more civilized thing to do is to have life sentences without parole so criminals can think about what they've done for an entire lifetime.

  • Death penalty has no place in civilized society

    If they killed some one why don't they put him her life in prison why murder that makes you criminal as well because you killing someone as well. I would say no death penalty. Death penalty has no place in civilized society. Cost more for death penalty. Better kep them in prison to life

  • There is no crime fitting for execution

    A criminals way out is death, they should just get a life sentence so nobody ever has to deal with them again and they pose no risk to society. Also if they are proven innocent they can be released. Capital Punishment is not civilized and no man, woman or child deserves to have there life taken away, the worst ones deserve worse

  • No to Capital Punishment

    No, a civilized society should not have the right to use capital punishment on its citizens. Capital punishment is nothing more than revenge cloaked in respectability. Taking a life serves no purpose. It does not bring back the victim(s). A criminal who has been sentenced to die should, instead, serve life in prison without any chance of parole. He should be left in prison where he can reflect on his actions and maybe one day realize what he did and feel remorse for it.

  • Contradiction

    I think this is essentially a contradiction in terms. The society claims to call itself "civilized," yet it believes that it is acceptable to kill its citizens. I am not against the idea of bringing criminals to justice, but I feel there is something inherently uncivilized about the death penalty, so, any "civilized" society would naturally eschew it.

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