• Yes. I do believe so.

    I've been a girl scout for years and I believe that it's time for a change. I get that the title is "Boy Scouts of America", but I have plenty of guy friends who are always excited for a campout under the stars where they have to hike miles a day and carry 60+ pounds on their back. I want to be a marine, and doing arts and crafts and flipping through achievement books isn't going to help me. The same weekends I'm going around selling cookies are the weekends that boys go and set up tents and cook meals over a fire. Girl Scouts is all about arts and crafts and making sure everyone is included, but Boy Scouts are all about survival of the fittest. All of these arguments going on this topic are only about the title. I even saw one about the different interests. What if a girl (like me) really like survival-type things, and what if a guy really liked sleeping in cabins rather than tents? I think that equality should go both ways and that anyone can join any club they want.

  • This is a free country.

    Now a-days women can vote and be considered equal to men... So why can't a girl be a Boy Scout. I'm a Girl Scout and my twin is a Boy Scout we bake brownies for the poor, help elders and do charity work. My brother goes on brutal camp outs and gets to go to foot ball games and stuff wear he gets his hands dirty and if that's what a girl wants to do what's stopping her? Maybe all this hate online would stop her. Though
    its a free country and we girls have equal rights so let a girl do whatever she wants. Its great if a girl was to make this decision. Girl power.

  • yes, I think so.

    Sure, if they want. Why not? It's stupid to separate the idea of crafts and camping skills and art and fun by gender anyway. It's playtime, not survivalism - and even if were survival skills, why shouldn't girls learn them? o, yes. Ideally it leads to a merging of the GSA/BSA into Scouts International, a gender, sex, sexuality inclusive group where everyone is welcome and this stupid obsession with gender and sex just goes into the oblivion it so richly deserves.

  • Why not allow it?

    Girls don't just want to play with barbies, sell cookies, and make flower arrangements. If a girl wants to go on camp outs and cook on an open fire, don't hold her back! Girls sometimes want to earn badges, and most want the Eagle Scout rank, which shouldn't just be for boys! BSA is silly for not allowing girls.

  • I think boys could join girl scouts and I think girls could join boy scouts.

    Girls should be able to go to boy scouts! Girls are welcome to do anything at all. So what if a girl wants to join the boy scouts and maybe some boys would want to join girl scouts. It's not fair that girls ca't join right now at all. Maybe one day!

  • I'm already a Boy Scout (and a Girl Scout)

    Boy Scouts have been co-ed since 1971 with Explorers and Venturing in 1998. Granted with these programs they are offered to young adults, 10-20 for Explorers and 14-20 for Venturing, and we cannot recieve the rank of Eagle scout, but it is still co-ed. Boy Scouts including girls is nothing new, I don't see how it is such a big deal.

  • I am an Eagle Scout

    Getting your Eagle scout is a commitment that has many benefits that come with it, I was so proud when i achieved it . And i really don't see an issue with a girl being able to do what i did and feel the same pride if they are willing to put in the work. If there was an equivalently rewarding achievement in girl scouts i would say no but, the Gold Award (girl scout version of Eagle witch gets little no no recognition) Plus a simple fact is that the number of boys in boy scouts is going down drastically, and the only way for the organization to stay around is by opening up to more people.

  • Yes they should/

    Honestly, why the heck not. There are so many people who would enjoy boy activities. Girl scouts have limited options and girls would rather hike and travel like the boys do. Therefore, it would be considered sexist not to allow girls into boy scouts, Some may argue that boys cannot play girl sports but what guy do you know what would want to play field hockey with a skirt on?

  • It will be beneficial for the development of our youth

    A young girl once said, the only reason she wanted to join the BSA is so that she could achieve the Eagle Scout rank but isnt able to because the GSA ( girl scouts of america) didnt offer it or anything of that sort. Girls should be allowed to join boy scouts for a few reasons. One, take Denmark for example, they have a program for boy and girls called scouts, that way boys and girls can be combined and its not separated by gender. Two, if boys and girls were combined they are able to learn to work together in different ways that they might not be exposed to on a daily basis. And three, not only will they learn to work together, they will learn skills that they might not learn if they were separated. Boys could earn a cooking badge, and girls could earn a knot tying and other things that they might not be able to learn if they were just in boy scouts or only in girl scouts. Those are some of the few reasons that girls should be allowed to join the BSA.

  • Do it Trump you Wuss

    I am special ed so do it know or yea or else i will call upon my Lizard Feminist allies and storm the white house and put up a gender neutral flag not your male power flag you call the stars and stripes. So yea so watch out or we will put a flag and walk out.

  • Its called Boy Scoots for a ressoan


  • Feminist Steven the dumbest people alive.

    If you are a GIRL scout and want to join BOY scouts than too fucking bad you're not a boy, even if you're a transgender (no hate) you still go by the gender preset when you were born so if you're a girl and say "I'm a transgender I should be able to join Boy Scouts" no you fucking should not be able to join Boy Scouts because it's for Boys and you are still technically a girl and same visevirca, I'm pretty sure feminists don't even have a gender they're some kind of cancerous lizard.

  • The Boy Scouts Is For Boys

    A girl should not be allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America. If the Boy Scouts were to form a club that was simply Scouts of America then all would be free to join. Sometimes the concept of equality can go too far. Let the boys be in the Boy Scouts and let the girls be in the Girl Scouts, where each can celebrate their unique abilities and interests.

  • Boy Scouts is for boys

    Girls have an alternative to Boy Scouts available to them. That alternative is Girl Scouts. If girls did not have an alternative available, then maybe there would be a good reason that Boy Scouts should be available to them. When there is a comparable alternative available to the opposite gender, then the Government should not step in and force an organization to be open to both genders.

  • No, a girl shouldn't be allowed.

    Girls have their own scout club. There is no reason why a girl shouldn't be allowed however, since they have their own club, it makes the point of a "Boys" scout rather senseless. The directors of a scout club should have the power to allow girls or not into the club, but they shouldn't be forced to accept girls.

  • Yes they should

    My wife and I are very active in my daughters girl scout troop. My wife is the troop leader, and I volunteer. I believe it should just be called "scouts". Alot of other countries have it that way. Some people let nostalgia get in the way of common sense. Just because something has been a certain way for 100 years doesn't make it ok. If that was the case women still wouldn't be able to vote. I hate the fact that the girl scouts put such emphasis on selling cookies. They profit $2.75 on every box , they give the troop $.75 of every box. Then they offer no support to the troop. Their main goal is to set up more troops to collect dues . They went up again this year by $15 . They even charge volunteers, but the council didn't increase their own dues. They offer no support whatsoever to the troops. Me and my wife do it for the kids . I just hope it changes so my daughter can join the boyscouts.

  • You're Kidding Me Right?

    This is the dumbest thing ever. To start off with, I am a girl, if that makes a difference. Girls should not be allowed to join BOY scouts, and boys should not be allowed to join GIRL scouts. Quit trying to change age old rules just because you think you're a boy/girl. This kind of feminism is the dumbest bullshit ever. Girl power my ass .It legit says "boys" in the title and you're trying to put a girl in it. Wth? And vice versa. Damn, the 21 century is messed up. This is ridiculous. If your little girl doesn't like baking and selling cookies and stuff in her girls scouts, then fucking take her out of Girl Scouts! If she wants to join Boy Scouts, too bad honey, you have 2 "x" chromosomes, you're a girl. Also, if your little girl wants to get her hands dirty with mud and shit like you think Boy Scouts do, you don't need to put her in Boy Scouts to do that, I'm sure there's a military school around here for girls. I'm sure she can handle it, after all, girl power right?

    Fuck feminists like this damn.

  • Why should we pretend?

    Throughout history we have used the terms male and female to help classify. This was done with good reason since their are very clear distinctions between males and females. The same distinction is applied to the title of the program so it wouldn't make sense to start blurring the lines between a distinction so clear based on something so difficult to understand and subjective.

  • It's called the BOY Scouts of America for a Reason

    First off, boy scouts are for boys. Most boys like to do the things they do in boy scouts. That's why they join. Most girls like to do the thing they do in girl scouts. This is because girls and boys are different. If a girl doesn't like girl scouts, she should either quit, or if she wants to do things boy scouts do, she should join the Venture Program. Also, if girls would join boy scouts, they'd be separated anyway because the parents would be scared they'd have sex, or get raped(the scouts aren't only for 6 year olds if you didn't know yet.)

  • Girls should not be allowed and we need to accept that

    Before you say anything I want you to know that I am a girl. I am kind of a tom boy also, I like to do boy things to. In Boy Scouts sometimes boys do different things. I am fine with that. In Girl Scouts you do different things. If you want to do some more adventurous stuff but you just so happen to not be a boy, well maybe you could talk to the councilor for the Girl Scouts team to add more of that stuff? Some people are saying that it is not fair, and that we didn't choose this gender! Bla bla bla. Stop your bitching. I didn't choose my gender either but I'm just fine! Am I the only one here that has learned to accept their gender and just go with it? Why live your life being someone else when you can be you. Boys have a penis and are different so that we an reproduct. Girls have a vagina and breasts so that we can give birth and feed the baby. This world is simple. I'm not going to go up and yell and argue with someone who is like this, but I'm not going to go out and wave a flag while patting on the back saying Oh, GOOD FOR YOU!! No, I'm not doing that. We need to teach children that you can only be one gender and that you can't change that. That is why people are doing this in the first place! Because kids are growing up thinking it's normal and ok! Don't think that I'm mean to these people and hate them and want to avoid them. My BEST FRIEND is a transgender. Do I like it? No, not much. Am I going to make them feel uncomfortable for it? No. You can only be one gender. It is in your blood and it is proven. Even if you get the surgery it is still in your blood.

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SirFred200 says2017-10-11T23:30:54.887
"Can she sleep in our tent?" Said every boy scout.
pett.debater says2017-11-20T04:18:47.540
Are you seriously that insane??? Just read the title, “Boy Scouts of America” BOY SCOUTS, BOY, B-O-Y. Boy meaning male, not female