Should a guy go to jail for defending himself against a woman?

  • Yes he should.

    He should because he has no right to hit a woman. I dont care how bad she hurts him or how much she hits him. He should just take the beating. I remember when i punched my boyfriend in the face as hard as i could and he raised his hand at me, i said "hey you cant hit me, if you do, im calling the cops". He put his hand down after that. Listen ladies, if your beating your man, threaten him with calling the police so that he wont be tempted to defend himself because he should never put his hands on you.

  • Men are inherently dangerous

    Women are called the fairer sex for a reason, the only time a women will ever feel the need to hurt another human is when she feels antagonised by males. Unlike males we don't feel good for beating each other up, they literally live for hurting each other.

    Women are a lot weaker than men, it would be like beating up a helpless child. Men should just take it on the chin and apologise for whatever they did.

  • Yes he should.

    Because r9k is always right, normals need to realize how privileged women are nowadays. If the girl wants something, she will get it. If a man wants something it's technically rape. If a girl punches a man she's defending herself, if a guy punches a woman... That's rape, even he she started it.

  • No he shouldn't if he's defending himself.

    Those who are saying yes are stupid. Guys please defend yourself. Just because women are weaker than you are doesn't give you a license to hit a guy. Women have abused the privilege for men to hit back. Pretty soon she could kill you. I don't care if she's bigger or smaller than you are. This double standard really pisses me off. You can't have gender equality just when it's convenient for you.

  • Yes, but only because it's law.

    Obviously self-defense is necessary, and he should be charged with simple assault, though she should be charged with assault and battery. Even according to the Self Defense Law, he should be indicted as well. Not because he is a man, or because she is a woman, but because law is law. He can fight his case in court and more than likely, if he can prove it's self-defense, the he will get off with no lasting charges.

  • Really?????! WHY is this a discussion

    Feminist are taking over thinking that they can do just about everything and why should a man go to jail when a women beats him. It states in the law that everyone has equal right which means that man have the same right to defend themselves just like women . GET WITH THE TIMES

  • Stop crossing that line

    And stay in a women place, you know dam well you can't beat a man so why put him in a position to be fighting you. If a man is walking away allow him to do so, stop provoking him into hitting you. Women always trying to be the man and the women. Some of them discuss me especially the ones who manipulates the man and I'm sorry that there's no sign on women forehead to say beware I'm the idiot who will pick a fight with you so that you can hit me and go to jail. Men y'all just need to stop looking at a women body first before you see what kind of person she really is so that you guys won't get yourself into bull crap that would whine you in jail. Remember this when a woman start an argument and start pointing her finger in your face hurry up and get the hell away from her Please!!!!!!! And don't get back with her under no circumstances. She will be trouble all through the relationship. Arguing and pointing is a sign of manipulation, fighting and jail time for the man with a women. Stop putting yourself in a situation like that to do that time. Um!

  • Absolutely not. Can't have your cake and eat it too

    Women are fighting for equal rights that is very admirable. But equal rights mean equal and that should expand upon all spectrums including child custody litigation and letting a woman wooCan't have your cake and eat it toop you just because she's a woman. Equal means equal right down the middle on all and any circumstance regardless. You have to take the good with the bad .

  • Justice is blind.

    Justice is blind. If you are a man, or if you are a black person, you have the right to defend yourself against white persons or against women.
    Also, we have the duty to defend prenatal persons. Women who have killed their offspring in abortions should be punished as murderers.

  • F*** this double standard

    I honestly could make a long post about it, but the others do that for me, bonus points if they happen to be women saying it. Honestly, women are not some precious delicate little flower that needs to be safeguarded like its some sort of animal den (although funny enough, many animals have it to where the FEMALE is stronger and BIGGER, no joke look it up!).

    Honestly ladies, I wouldnt go around looking for an excuse to hit anyone, and im not gonna pummel a guy or girl just for assaulting me, but if you touch me, you have no right to get pissy if I hit back, because you brought it upon yourself.

  • HE is DEFENDING himself

    His is a person, and people have the right to be happy. Just because you're a man doesn't mean you're not a person. That's doesn't mean beat her to pulp, that means you're allowed to stop abuse and call 911 if needed. People lose lives this way, so it's important that EVERYONE can defend themselves.

  • Bitches are fn crazy

    You let them cunts hit you long enough you will see stars. If i start to get dizzy from bombardment she going get a one good slap in order for me to get away. After that, next time i have probable cause that she could make me dizzy in future fight...So she put hand on me 1 tIme after that, i not waiting to almost get knocked out. Its a quick slap to wake her emotional ass up.

  • No. 😑 😑

    Women are so entitled now days 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

  • No, absolutely not

    Everybody has the right to defend themselves. If a woman attacks a man, the man has every right to hit her back. All you feminists saying yes shut the fuck up, you're the ones being sexist. If your being a bitch and decide to assault a man, he can hit you back

  • We should not overlook this before it is two late.

    My friend died because he was trying to be chivalrous. In my opinion we need a revolution for men who are victims to these attacks. We need to all speak up so we are not victims anymore. If we tip the balance, there are going to be consequences. Please make this madness stop.

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I think your header is a little misleading and she with you 100%