Should a Huston prosectutor have put a rape victim in jail in order to force her to testify?

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  • No, victimizing a victim further will not help solve a rape case.

    No, prosecutors should not have put a rape victim in jail to make her testify. Evidently, they did not fully convince the victim to aid in their investigation. While we want justice for the person who harmed the victim and broke the law, neither does it make sense nor does it justify their attempt to further victimize her. The lady who was raped is facing enough mental and physical anguish while coming to terms with the brutal act. To add to this, she now has to contend with being locked away like a criminal. She is not in contempt of court and the prosecutor reached far outside the realm of law by throwing her in jail. The prosecutor should reexamine their techniques and power of persuasion before jumping to such extreme, strong-arm tactics.

  • No, a rape victim should not be put in jail in order to force her to testify.

    No, a rape victim is already a victim and should not be put in jail. To do so victimizes her further. Another approach based on common sense and compassion should have been utilized. Nobody should be forced to testify, especially someone who has been traumatized. Patience is key in cases like this.

  • She's been through enough

    If her testimony is crucial to stopping a serial rapist, then I agree that maybe the prosecutor could do something rather drastic, but not putting a rape victim in jail. That seems unnecessarily cruel and likely to cause her more trauma. Maybe house arrest or some other form of detention, but not jail.

  • No, this was torture.

    The Huston prosecutor was wrong to put the girl in prison. She was not safe in prison and was kept away from her family at Christmastime even though she did nothing wrong. This is a case of torture and false imprisonment. It is less likely that rape victims will step forward in the future.

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