Should a modern day Robin Hood be allowed to steal from the rich and give to the poor? Would it be good or bad?

Asked by: LeahTheGreat
  • Wtf this would be good helping poor people

    This is retarded if you are poor u can atleast have food or a house and at least you have a life to live and imagine your a kid out in the strrets about to die stupid people i swear the poor have nothing no money food or shelter all they have is cloths

  • Robin hood didn't steal from the rich.

    He stole from the king who was unjustly over taxing the people. He didn't rob merchants and hard working people.He fought a corrupt government the whole steal from the rich and give to the poor has been missconstrued the king was rich and just about everyone else was very poor due to over taxation.

  • Not in modern society.

    Stealing is morally wrong. If it has to be done, it must be done because of the exigence of circumstances. I don't know enough about Robin Hood's days to tell if his actions were justified, but it is certainly not helpful nor justified in modern society (at least in the developed world).

    There are grave injustices during Robin Hood, Song Jiang or any other similar hero's times. The poor struggled to make ends meet while the rich enjoy extravagant lives of luxury and often debauchery. In modern society, we have welfare as a safety net and often other means of providing aid to the poor, like charity and social security. Rather than stealing from the rich to give to the poor, we should look to institutional ways to reduce inequality.

  • Of course not.

    People need to make their own living. We already have an evil version of Robin Hood stealing from the responsible and giving to the poor. It is called the gov't. The billions upon billions of dollars used by the gov't on means-tested programs is sickening.

    Yesterday I saw on TV, a mother uses Section 8 voucher and is renting a 3 bedroom apartment! (Only she and her son lived there.) Even the judge said, just you and your son in a 3 bedroom apartment? Must be nice. The judge was not impressed.

  • Let's use an example.

    Hello. I am a retiree who toiled all my life. I earned a comfortable retirement and look forward to seeing my children and grandchildren. Some modern-day Robin Hood just stole my savings and distributed them to some bums who look like they've never earned a dollar in their lives. Well, he just ruined the rest of my life. Thanks a lot!
    Another one.
    I am an up-and-coming businessman. I'm working towards proposing towards my girlfriend of six months, I'm slated to pick up some very lucrative contracts, I plan on meeting some very nice capable people for a charitable foundation I donate to and... Wait, why did that check bounce? Where did all my savings go? Someone took my money and gave it to a bunch of regular folks? I can't take it back, or I'll look like some kind of monster. I hope I can pull through.
    *A month later*
    Great, everything's fallen apart. My business collapsed after its accounts were drained, my personal life has been destroyed, and I'm up to my eyebrows in debt. And to add insult to injury, they never found the guy.
    No. Robin Hood is a guy who takes from people, usually by force, and gives it to people who didn't earn it. In the olden archaic days of nobles having more rights than the common folk, maybe. Not now, though.

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