• If they choose to this it's a not a bad idea to be a stay at home mom.

    I'm not saying that all mother's have to be full time stay at home mom's and there's nothing wrong with a mother having a job. However if a mother works she needs to make sure that she is still properly fulfilling her God Given Role as a Wife and Mother as being a keeper of the home as God's Word say's and also to be the type of Wife and Mother that Proverbs 31 describes. Therefore wants to work she should be a teacher since you get a lot of time off, work a part time job or work from home. Some of you may say why can't the Man be the keeper of the home. The reason is because God assigned Man the Role to be the Primary Provider of his Family and God assigned Woman the task to be the Primary Caregiver since she's the one that can bare Children. A Man should not put his job over his family but he should work full time since he's the primary provider. A Man also has a different but equal responsibility in raising his Children. God will hold the Man accountable too if he doesn't spend enough time with his Children.

  • Believe it or not, kids do better with a stay at home mom

    "A strength of the study is the laboratory-based assessment of maternal support during mildly stressful conditions, which very nicely mimics the challenges parents regularly face in child rearing. Maternal support at neither preschool nor school age emerged as a significant predictor of hippocampal volume, a finding consistent with cross-sectional studies showing that variations in maternal influences do not necessarily emerge as main effects in studies of neurodevelopment (2, 3). However, the unique, longitudinal approach of Luby et al. (1) reveals a compelling association between maternal support and hippocampal growth trajectories: hippocampal volume increased faster with age among subjects with higher levels of maternal support. In addition, hippocampal growth trajectories predicted emotional regulation, an important endophenotype for virtually all common mental disorders"

    I don't see why, when I do get a wife, that she should work if I make/made more than enough money to support the family. Considering the benefits of a stay at home mom, I would ask my wife stay home; and, not work to earn money we likely won't need.

  • If possible yes.

    The mother should be at home at least until the children are school aged if possible. There are many studies that back up the advantages for children who are taken care of by a stay at home mom. My wife who was a kindergarten teacher could tell within a day which kids had been left in pre-school and which ones had stayed at home. That is why we are making sure with our children that my wife stays at home with the kiddos.

  • Yea I think a mother should stay at home until the child/children can be home by theirselves

    Mother should stay at home to look after child so it can be raised to healthy and smart. Wouldn't want to see a fulltime baby sitter watching after my kids when my wife could do it because its our creation not someone elses. I can understand a baby sitter from time to time. Also when the father is off work he does his part in raising the kid(s) too. When the child is developed and still receives adequate support and attention, then I think the mother can purse whatever she wants. Under normal circumstances I think this is the best way to go about it

  • Did we just time travel back to the 16th century?

    Hey you guys on the other side, its 2016 dudes. The husband can stay at home and the mother can go work. The wife can stay at home and the husband can work, Both husband and wife can go to work and the grandparents can look after the children. When you start by saying, 'the woman's place is at home' I just think another crazy has been let loose into the world.

  • They are humans too they can do what the they want.

    Seriously? Why does anyone have to do anything? On the basis of moral values, it is not immoral for a mother to not raise her kids necessarily. It is also not immoral for a mother not to sacrifice her time for her kids. The reason being that they can sometimes have a better upbringing elsewhere. During our more tribal times no everyone looked after the young and they passed down knowledge to a child as a community not as an individual. This is arguably more likely to create better people than, one person who can be good or bad with children as well as a host of other things - All imposed onto a child as their parents are one of the most dominant idols. But raising kids as a community could allow them to come to their own, better conclusion drawn from group of people/

  • We all choose for ourselves

    My opinion- NO. As a mother I would like to have a career as well as time for my child. However, if someone would like to stay with their child full time- wether its a father or a mother- it is their own decision and they shall not be judged! Good day all!! :)

  • This question is dumb.

    What's the situation? How many caregivers are there and how old are the children? Can the caregiver/caregivers afford daycare? Why is the focus of this question on the mother and not the father or other potential caregivers? Does the asker of this question have essentialist beliefs about the sexes? What if the mother in question is not good with children? Heck, what if the mother in question has abusive tendencies? This is silly.

  • She has a choice!

    I have two moms- one stays at home, but wants a job. She takes care of 3 of my siblings. My other mom is old school, but still goes to work because she wants to. They both had a choice, but they didn't have to stay at home, or have to go to work. People say that 'oh but its better for the kids' or 'its the moms role'. We have choices, just like men do. The country already discussed this. We have rights, and we have choices. No we should not just be a 'stay at home' mom. (By the way, my dad is a 'stay at home' dad. What will people say to that?)

  • No, she shouldn't!

    If a mother wants to become a stay at home mom, then that's fine! If a father wants to become a stay at home dad, then that's also fine! If a mother wants to be the breadwinner, then that's fine! If a father wants to be the breadwinner, then that's also fine! Let families and individuals do whatever they want to do that pleases them and satisfies them, as long as they're not harming anyone! Not all mothers are caregivers and nurturers! Not all fathers are workers and providers! Please, for the love of God, let's all STOP using gender roles because they're sexist, oppressive, and outdated!

  • Not by force

    If a mom wants to stay home and not work I don't really care, that's their choice. However I don't think its correct to say that they should. Really gender roles are just absolute garbage, the Rabbis made it up and the Christians followed suit, nowhere in the Tanakh asre gender roles specified except that men and women asre equal.

  • Being a stay at home mother does not automatically make you a better mother.

    Most of the people o the yes side seem to think that just because you stay at home automatically makes you a better mother. This is completely untrue. Stay at home mothers can be just as neglectful to their children as working mothers. There are pros and cons to both. Children raised by working mothers tend to be more independent and determined than those raised by stay at home mothers and sometimes socialize more- especially if they went to daycare. Children raised by stay at home moms may tend to have a closer relationship with their mother than those of working mothers. Again, this is not always the case. I hate it when people say the world would be better if women would just stay at home. This is completely untrue. Some women are better of staying at home yes but some woman are better of working outside the home. It all depends on the individual. But don't men out there think you get a free pass on taking care of your child just because you did't give birth to them. You are their FATHER and they need YOU just as much as they need their mothers. After all, they most likely have YOUR surname so don't you think you should help take care of them not just financially. No wonder many dads can't remember their child's birthday or when they took their first steps. It's because they DON'T SPEND TIME WITH THEM. They think they don't have that responsibility. Ridiculous. You DO have the responsibility of caring for you child- even if you are the breadwinner and the mother the primary caregiver.
    In conclusion, no. Not all mothers should stay at home just like not all should work. But if staying at home is what works best for the woman and her family, I have no problem with it. It is HER choice and no one has a right to tell her how to run her family or her life.

  • She doesn't have to

    Of course, mothers are allowed to stay at home to look after their children if they choose to- if so, more power to them. But the expectation that mothers *should* stay home is outdated and misogynistic; there is little data to suggest anyone need stay home all the time, and even if there were then there's no reason the father couldn't stay home and look after the kid, or for both parents to share that role.

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