Should a niqab (the covering of a Muslim woman's face) be allowed in our society?

  • So long as it is their free choice to wear it

    Each person should have the option of observing their faith, so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

    I disagree with religious groups pressuring, threatening, and mandating it. At the same time I agree with a person having to adhere to certain guidelines if they want to be a member of a given group. Would a person who is the CEO of a big business be acceptable in a group that takes a vow of poverty as part of their observance? Would a person who hates golf be an appropriate person to be accepted into a golf club?

    The problem isn't with the dress, it is with the mandate and consequences when you don't do what others want you to. Even looking at the idea of modesty in Islam. In and of itself, it is not a bad thing. In fact, there are many good things about it. It is when people shame and blame and persecute people for not wanting to do it that trouble starts.

    For that reason, I also support the idea of churches not conducting marriage ceremonies for same sex couples or polygamists. While I fundamentally disagree with their reasons for doing so, they have an exclusive club whose membership is optional.

  • It's their face. It's their choice. Let them decide how to dress their own body.

    If a women chooses to cover her face than that's her business and no one has the right to stop her from doing what she feels is right. If she is forced to cover up than that's a different story. I don't see why it's necessary to cover your face. It's not even in the Qaran. Your face is what makes you human and relatable. Otherwise it's harder to connect with you and understand you. Women are women and not blankets but stop they should choose how to dress their own body and everyone else should leave her alone.

  • All religious cultures should have their own freedom of choice , we choose to wear the veil because we want to please our creator .

    At the end of the day if we look at it this way we all are accountable for our actions so leave us muslim women to wear our veils , all cultures should have the rite to WEAR THAT WHICH God had ORDAINED FOR US TO WEAR !!!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE TO WEAR IT !

  • The niqab is just a veil.

    All the niqab does is cover a Muslim woman's face and does nothing to hurt society. As a matter of fact, telling a woman that she cannot wear a niqab is in and of itself a crime against humanity. Unfortunately, there are some that feel a woman should be required to wear a niqab and that is a horrible crime against women. It should be the woman's choice what she wears. Not her brother's, not her father's, not her family, and certainly not society.

  • It should be allowed anywhere.

    Why not? Then why don't we say "should masks be banned?" just because of the way someone dresses doesn't mean that they are suspicious. In addition, people should respect different religions and different values. Also, anyone would want to be free in choosing their dressing. Banning women from wearing their religious dress is like banning a Christian nun from wearing her religious dress.

  • Freedom of choice

    Of course Muslim women should be allowed to wear the Niqab, I think it is ridiculous that countries like france are banning them. People who are wearing the niqab are not doing this because they "feel like it", they are wearing it because they feel uncomfortable showing their faces in the presence of men, due to their religion. I believe that their believes should be respected, and that they should be given the freedom to wear it.

  • Of course not! Pure nonsense.

    You can't have a bunch of people walking around in public or at their workplaces hiding their faces.

    No woman should be forced to cover their faces.

    The niqab is a silly religious belief used to subjugate women. All Muslim women should stand up and fight this nonsense. There is no sane reason for requiring women to wear a covering over their faces.

  • It's not about freedom!

    People on the other side of the fence have a very narrow perspective on this matter. People! It's not about your freedom! Yes, we know you have the right to wear whatever the hell you want! But hey, what about our security? People have to be identified in sensitive locations like airports, schools and dense public property. Hell you can't even know if she's a woman or a fully equipped terrorist in disguise! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not okay with being surrounded with anonymous people covering their faces in a crowded area.

  • For me as a woman, this religious garments is a violation to my sexuality end freedom. So I say NO!

    And you don´t have to pay them a lot of money if the don´t take it off when it is needed. There is a word "Darura" and this is in the Koran, and it means that if a Muslim women needs to support herself and the job force her to take off the niqab, she has to do that.

  • Security, safety and interpersonal reactions

    More and more of America is afraid to offend the Islam faith people but disguising your identity is always a bad behavior. Some examples are Bank robberies in Philadelphia , terror suspect changing clothes in a London mosque, Day care worker wearing a niqab to abduct a 5 year old, acid attacks by niqab wearing people and the list goes on. You also have walking safety and liability to owners property, and finally just knowing how the person is taking what your saying by being able to see their face reactions.

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