Should a person be allowed to sell their own organs?

  • Yes they should be allowed to sell their bodies.

    Prostitutes sell their body so what is the difference beside having a scar and less mass. Another reason is that people who need cash still sell parts of their bodies like their blood. They can put restrictions on it. Also you would still be able to donate them as well. People who need the money could sell them to be able to have a home to live in for a little bit longer. This would also let more people live more because there would be more organs that can be replaced. Also people have machines to keep the organ going till the are ready to do the transplant. Lastly people are already selling organs and other body parts on the red and black markets.

  • Need Cash? Sell Your Organs

    People should be able to do anything with their body that they want. Selling organs is a way to make lots of money for your family and friends when you are a destitute member of a broken world. Just think, in countries where people make less than $1 per day they can sell a kidney for $15,000 and have a lifetime of wealth.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that if someone really wanted to and really needed money then that person should be allowed to sell his or her own organs. It should be a person's choice if he or she wants to live with the organs, and since organs can make a lot of money selling them shouuld be allowed.

  • What's mine is mine.

    A person should be able to sell their own organs if that is what pleases them. It would provide funds to the living family members if they are selling their organs after they die. Right now, we are able to donate our organs. We should also be able to sell our organs.

  • No, i don't think so

    If a person wants to give away there organs then they would be fine with giving it to anyone that needs it and they will feel good about giving it to them because they will know that they did the right thing and saved a life to end there own

  • No, They Shouldn't

    If a person feels they really need to get rid of one of their kidneys or they would like to have their liver sliced in half, they should be willing to do it without compensation. There are many people in this world that need organs, but these people will not benefited if there is an open market for organs. Secondly, people should sell their organs for profit. Doing so would be a huge problem for the poor populations who may feel the need to do so to keep up in the economic world.

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