• Being a proud homosexual

    Yes people should be proud of who they are especially if it is something like this that they can not help or change and also if it is not hurting any one else. If they can accept their selves other people will do the same. If they are proud they will build their self esteem.

  • Be proud of who you are.

    This is question is almost insulting. Even coming from me who is not a homosexual. Whether you are strait, gay, a plumber, photographer, sportsman, whatever, you should always be proud of who you are. And if you are not, then get proud and if anyone dislikes it, it is truly there loss.

  • Absolutely! A gay person should be proud!

    Yes. Gay people should be proud of who they are; not hide who they are or pretend to be something they're not. A gay person should not be ashamed of his sexuality.

    I believe that being gay is perfectly alright and that the happier one is being gay, the better life decisions one will make. Now, I think we have to distinguish between over-sexualization and being gay. To me being gay is being attracted to the same sex and having enough respect for oneself to make safe, healthy, beneficial decisions.

    We should never associate gayness with unrestrained promiscuity. That perception is dangerous and can have long-term negative effects.

  • I'm proud to make a difference

    A person's sexuality shouldn't be a burden, so why is it that only gay that are being objectified, being the outcast and perceived as unnatural? Until straight come to learn we are born into this world without choosing who we love then they can start to realize we are born as one. LOVE IS LOVE!

  • You are who you are.

    Everyone is different. Some like men, and some like women. Some like both. People shouldn't be judged by their beliefs, but by who they are. Some think that being gay is a sin, but people were born that way. People don't get to choose whether they're gay or straight, and they should be proud of themselves, gay or not.

  • Proud to be gay

    I am very proud of this I am married to a wonderful man we work and pay our own way just like everyone else does our families support us as well as our friends our church is also behind us we have a lot of straight family and friends an they don't have a problem

  • Proud to be Human

    I don't understand why a person would not be proud of who they are. I am a bi-sexual person. I am proud of who I am. When you do not love who you are, it causes you problems. I see us all as human. If you love a man, women, yellow submarine, you should be proud of it.

  • No, a person should not be proud of being a homosexual

    No, a person should not be proud of being a homosexual any more than a person should be proud of being straight. I believe that it is things like this that prevent people from accepting alternative lifestyles as normal. If we are celebrating alternative lifestyles by having parades and such, we should be doing the same for people who are straight. If not, we are advertising that this lifestyle is "different" and that will not lead to complete acceptance.

  • Gay people are disgusting and they all deserve to die of horrible diseases i hope that every single one of them gets leukemia

    Gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay gay is not okay

  • Homosexuality is unnatural

    Life was created male and female. This is recognized even in the lowest of creatures, for this reason, a male fly seeks to mate with its female counterpart. Frogs and snakes all adhere to this natural order. Humans, however, that claim to possess advanced wisdom are the ones prone to sink to the lowest depths of depravity, in which there is no rational justification>

  • That's just stupid

    It makes no sense, just like proud to be american/black/spanish/italian etc, it's all stupid, what's there to be proud of? You didn't achieve anything you were merely born that's all, say ''I'm proud to be a scientist'' or ''I'm proud to be a surgeon'' because that takes allot of effort, but proud to be gay/american/black/etc? Get outta here you didn't do shit

  • No - it is a sin against God.

    The answer is no; being homosexual is a sin against God, and that is not good. People will think it's "okay" and they can just live on with it, but what is really happening is that they are giving into the sinful mindset of being gay. I get it, many people can't help those desires, but there are actually certain things you can do to stop them. There are Christians who sometimes do have these feelings, but they can't help it. Many do things to stop those emotions. Now, many LGBT people will say Christians or people who disapprove of gays are "hating" or being "homophobic" (The word isn't even used right, because "phobic" means scared or fear of something, but people say those are people who hate homosexuals and feel negative against them). We do not hate LGBT and gay people, we only hate the sin they are choosing to give into.

  • I think George Carlin said it best, you shouldn't be proud of being 5 foot 7

    And that's basically what it is, now I saw a few people on the no side of things who don't like gay people in general, now I'll say right now that this isn't the case with me, I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi, pan, or whatever. Fact of the matter is that you're born gay, or born black, or born whatever, you didn't work to achieve that, it isn't an accomplishment, just like, in the words of George Carlin, you didn't work do be 5 foot 7, so why are you proud of it? Now that's not to say there aren't certain aspects of being gay that you should be proud of, coming out to your friends and family? Yeah you can be proud of that, that's an accomplishment, I know it was for me, coming out to my folks that I was pan took a lot of work to build up the courage, and it took a lot of time to convince them after I first told them, it took work to come out, and I'm proud of that, but not just being pan. You can be happy to be gay, you can love being gay, but don't be proud of it, don't hold gay pride events, hold gay celebratory events, where you celebrate love and life, but straight people should have those too, why? Because if you want to hold an event for your group then all the other groups should get to have fun too, but this is getting away from the main point, be happy about being gay, scream it from the rooftops if you like, but don't be proud of it, because you didn't have to do a pick of work to be gay.

  • Of course not.

    Exactly as one of the arguments says. Being gay is not an achievement. This is why Gay Pride parades are absolute nonsense. They can say they're ok, happy even with being gay, but so what? Their statements, feelings, are between them and God, the creator of humans. But then we also have Black History month, Black Pride etc. Are we then to celebrate White History and give it a month? All nonsensical except for personal achievements of individuals and then not because of their colour but because of their achievements as humans. But more? I mean we can recognize achievements of people or a group of whatever order but only celebrate these achievements IF the achievement was achieved as a direct consequence of them belonging to that group or system; for example, Martin L.King Jr's. So, yes, as opposed to this level of achievement, to be 'proud' of being gay, is like being proud of being whatever. It's hardly worthy of the utterance. Keep the thought between yourself and God and see what He has to say about your practices of choice. End of story.

  • Gay isn't an achievement

    I don't think we should be proud of anything we didn't work for. You can be proud for coming out, but being gay...? Of course not.
    The same applies for anything else you didn't work to become/achieve. Not being proud also doesn't mean being ashamed, so people also shouldn't be ashamed of being gay.

  • No- hell no

    I am very much offended by homosexuals. As a child in a small town I was sexually abused by a gay doctor for over three years. The whitehouse displaying rainbow colors for homosexuals makes me see red! I tried several times over a ten year period to commit suicide - spent two weeks in a hospital and underwent therapy ALL BECAUSE OF HOMOSEXUALS.

  • Consider the following..

    The answer to the question is unequivocally no; I reject these feeble constructs about a person having a "sexuality" and it comes down to people having sexual perversions, fetishes, and extremely abnormal lusts. I don't see any rational reason why we must boost the self-esteem of individuals because they have taken to sodomy nor does it require a celebration because like many bad behaviors they can't seem to refrain from indulging their behavior. What I find troubling is the lack of coherent thought and the other side have offered no legitimate validation of their argument.

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