• Requiring an ID is not racist and should be required.

    Voter ID laws would for sure help with voter fraud. It is not discriminatory towards blacks, anyone and everyone can very easily obtain a picture ID at the DVM. I do not even see why this is an issue, of course you should have to show an ID at the polls. We should be focusing on more important issues.

  • Photo ID gang

    Please help me i have to do a paper on this topic for govt and i really dont want to research this if you will help me dm me @erika_laboy thank you all of my wonderful african american brothers and sisters god bless africa and my amaxing race. BLACK POWER!

  • Yes yes yes

    You need a Photo ID to walk done the street , Why would you not to VOTE , DemoRATS know if this law is enforced they will never win another Election as they have to cheat to win and there easiest way to cheat is cry the an id is not needed So Obama can vote 5 time in each state

  • Prevents voter fraud and is not a poll tax.

    You need to have a photo ID for driving, opening a bank account, fly a plane and etc. Why not for voting? It will keep people from voting more than once and it is not for discriminating against people that is hyperbole used to keep people scared. I mean really it makes more sense to do this.

  • Voting MORE Than Once Is POSSIBLE without ID

    Is it fair that the same 10 people voting for a certain side get to go into the voters poll and vote for the same side 20 times over again? Most of you would say no. Every U.S. Citizen has the right to vote ONCE. No more than that. Without proof of ID or U.S. Citizenship, people can just go and vote over and over again without being caught. We all know there's no denying that it happens. Most of us have probably seen it happen. So, lets keep a running record on who's already voted their ONE legal vote. Say "yes" to ID requirement.

  • Voter ID should be required everywhere

    It doesn't exclude anyone getting a drivers liscense in in my state costs $26 and barely an hour of your time if you can't handle that then deciding who should be in government is way above your head. BTW every state I've looked at will also give a photo ID for about $10 there is no excuse.

  • Why is this even a question?

    Prevent voter fraud! You need ID for everything else but not to cast your vote for the laws and government officials? Ridiculous! Just got back from the polls - they did not ask for my ID. I could have been anyone as long as I knew an address. Who would be offended or put out by having to show ID?

  • Its needed to prove who you are

    Without an ID i could say i'm lexy mcIntosh and you wouldn't know the difference between me and the person i'm claiming to be. Their are many people now a days that are claiming to be people who are dead to vote more than one which is not okay with a photo ID you could get ride of the face people and only let the right number of people vote

  • Photo ID Will Definitely Help Fraud

    We need photo ID for nearly everything else that we do in this world. This argument that we shouldn't show ID because it is racist or goes against someone's rights. What a sham. Most of these people that supposedly would be affected also have to cash checks using a Photo ID. Why can't they use that? Also, as far as the expense, I believe another stupid argument because in today's world it would cost probably pennies on the dollar and there are many groups that would go to the people to get their ID done. I would be more than willing to help. Enough of this ridiculous excuses for not having a Voter ID. We need to start after this election getting it passed through the courts! I would think that verification would be easy now that we have the computer programs to help with birth certificates and such.

  • Need to show who you are to vote!

    You can have people who make very little get a free ID. Just offer it to them with their other free benefits.
    I'm sure they come up with an ID in order to get welfare benefits if a person is that poor.
    It's just one more way to keep voter fraud in check.

  • Voter ID laws are made to suppress votes

    During College I worked with my father who owned a drivers Ed in the state of Washington.
    We also handled Driving Tests and Written tests for adults

    Constantly I had to work with people who didn't have an ID either they had lost it or never had one. For many if you had just turned 18 and wanted to get your license it's not like you had a state ID.

    So I'd tell them how to get an ID in easy steps
    Bring Social Security card and you'll be good.

    The problem I have is to get an ID you need a Social Security Card. How does it make any sense for us to say a social security number is goof enough to get an ID but jot good enough to vote?

  • Poll Tax/Discriminatory to minorities and the elderly

    Voting is a right. Requiring voters to obtain an ID in order to vote is essentially a poll tax. Although some states issue IDs for free, the birth certificates, passports, or other documents required to obtain a government-issued ID cost money, and many Americans simply cannot afford to pay for them.

    As many as 25% of African American citizens of voting age do not have a government-issued photo ID, compared to only 8% of their white counterparts.

    18% of Americans over the age of 65 (or 6 million senior citizens) do not have a government-issued photo ID.

  • Popular vote does not affect the Electoral college

    Everyone should realize that the voting process is solely based on the decision of the electoral college. The votes that are placed have absolutely no impact on the decisions that the members of the college make. Not only is your vote irrelevant, but from the ideas coming from the yes, your vote should not count anyway.

  • No should not be required to vote

    I want documentation on massive voter fraud, I don't think I have seen any studies that show it. There should be proof that voter fraud is taking place before you can institute id requirements. Why is it that conservatives like regulation about voting but gun regulations are not needed. So I guess some regulations are good and some are bad.

  • It excludes many people

    Minorities make up a majority of inner cities. Many people that live in inner cities do not possess driver's licenses. The fact that minorities make up most of the democratic votes in America, makes me question the true reason behind this requirement. Between 2000 and 2010, there were only 13 cases of in-person voter impersonation!!! Mhmm. This is obviously "Voter Suppression".

  • It excludes many people

    Minorities make up a majority of inner cities. Many people that live in inner cities do not possess driver's licenses. The fact that minorities make up most of the democratic votes in America, makes me question the true reason behind this requirement. Between 2000 and 2010, there were only 13 cases of in-person voter impersonation!!! Mhmm. This is obviously "Voter Suppression".

  • Identified when Registering

    Your identity is verified when you register to vote. Requiring people to submit photo identification cards at the polling site is just a way to attempt to suppress voters who cannot afford to acquire photo id, either from the associated fees or the time off work required to obtain one.

  • Photo IDs cost money, so I say no.

    I understand the need for people to identify themselves so they can't vote multiple times, but as long as a photo ID costs money, I don't think it should be a requirement. There's no better way to stop poor people from voting than to require a ~$20 ID. If they were free, it'd be another thing entirely and I'd be fine with it. Most people have a photo ID, yes, but there are some people who are of the age to vote but may be having trouble getting one. Sure it's rare, but it happens.

  • No. I don't believe a photo ID is required. But...

    Photo ID should not be required to vote. But, some sort of ID is required. Be it rather hunting license or even a drivers license. A regular ID should be mandatory. The person that is voting could have committed a crime and you don't know that if you can't look up their registration.

  • No were need to make voting easier

    The more road blocks put into place to suppress voters the more people will become disenfranchised in our country.

    We need to do everything possible to make voting for all eligible residents as easy as possible so the voice of the people can be heard during our elections not suppressed.

    Lots of people may have issues being able to produce their photo ID when their information can be kept on file by the registrars from state to state.

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