• No they don't

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  • The President Should Have Experience in Politics

    The President should have experience in politics because:
    1) He runs the Executive Branch, debatably the branch with the most power
    2) He is the leader in politics and must decide what to do, not only for our country, but for the world
    3) He represents the country internationally, so he should know what to do

    Why should the President, the leader of America and the decision-maker for our country and it's foreign relationships, go into office with no experience with power in our country? The President needs experience before taking on a major leadership-position. Would you trust a man who was a store clerk with no military experience be the General of the Army?


  • At least some.

    The President should at least have some experience in politics because they really do need to know how the political machine works. There would be too much of a learning curve otherwise for them when they first get into office. I think we do need President's with different previous professions though.

  • President Needs Experience

    It's heinous to think that a person could be elected president without prior experience in politics. Of course, they need this experience in order to prepare themselves to lead the country. Only an idiot would think otherwise because a lack of experience would quickly lead to the country having problems.

  • The President should have experience in politics.

    The President should have experience in politics. They are faced with politics constantly in their position and should be able to be knowledgeable enough to handle the important issues. Politics play an important role and handling them makes a difference in the way that the President chooses to run their office.

  • It is not good

    The President of the US should not have a serious backing in politics because they will very quickly forget what their job is in order to focus on making the lives of people in their party and that they've known for a long time more comfortable. Politician shouldn't be a goal.

  • Let's Find One That Doesn't

    For the most part almost every president that has been elected has had political experience prior to their presidency. Some have had more than others. I think we can agree that being elected usually takes political experience. However, I would absolutely vote for someone with no experience if they seemed to understand the needs of the country and the people.

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