Should a rating system be used for song lyrics?

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  • OF COURSE We Should!!!!!!!

    Some music is not appropriate for some kids yet they still listen to it. It could change the way you think about yourself. It can also influence children to do certain things in life. A lot of people think about this and say no but think deaper about it and then let me know.

  • Yes they should!!!

    According to Kars4Kids. Org, "When lyrics are degrading to women-they can have a terrible effect on how boys treat girls. Such lyrics can also impair a teenage girl's self-worth, which in turn might lead to a poor or distorted body image, eating disorders such as anorexia-, depression, and even drug or alcohol abuse." Come on now!!

  • Just commen sense

    Everyone should be free to listen to there own music and not have to worry what other think, if there is rating sytsem then kids will only listen to the bad song becuse the parent or gardian tells them not to listen to the music, so no there should not be a rating system

  • That's not only unneccesary, it's weird

    For one music, unlike movies and TV, is something you can't see, so it's not as open. So all you need with music is a label with explicit lyrics. But it's funny. How is a movie that has only s--ts PG, yet a song with only s--t still has the more R-rated parental advisory?

  • Of course not

    They shouldn't have ratings because if parents don t want their children listening to it then maybe they should be the parent instead of relying on other people to tell their kids it's inappropriate. I don't see why stores and everything should have to be the one to aware the kids that they shouldn't listen to it because it has explicitness. It's called be a parent! Maybe if parents these days would watch their kids then they wouldn't be shooting people inspired by rap!! But don't even think of censoring rap because that would start strikes and riots. It's called freedom of speech! It's just he rappers way of letting out maybe bad memories as a kid.

  • We tried this with the PMRC stickers

    Back in the 1980s. It was a joke then, its a joke now. So much of a joke that I had the "Parental Advisory" sticker as a flag in my dorm in college.

    All a rating system does is encourage people to buy it based on its controversial or "edgy" nature. I fail to see how this will help elevate discourse when all you're doing is attempting, albeit poorly, to restrict what people can listen to.

  • Why ever bother?

    If a rating system is used for song lyrics then kids will be all about listening to the "R" rated songs just because it's "cool" so i say why bother if kids are just going to try to get around what they are listening to? I believe that song lyrics should not have a rating system.

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