Should a teacher be fired if she cannot teach her students?

  • A truly terrible teacher who cannot explain

    My argument is different from the recent ones on the opposing no side. I am in a high school honors level math class, so the other kids in my small classroom of 23 students are motivated students that work fairly hard in school and take it seriously. They are quiet in class yet and respectful to the teacher, but the teacher cannot explain anything. He simply does not have the capacity to do his job. He is perfectly healthy, yet he never explains anything correctly, wastes time in class going over things that are not included in tests or homework, and is overall an unskilled teacher. He simply stands around without explaining things when students raise their hands for help or replies with answers like "Play around with it." and usually gives out a worksheet without any explanation and expects us to do it for the period, without ever going over it to make sure students understand how to do the problems or to see if the students got the right answer. Any kids doing well in the class spend their own time studying and might as well not even go to class. At least it prepares us for the college life of studying on one's own but teachers like him are not teachers, they are simply supervisors who are not doing the one thing teachers are supposed to do, teach. Frauds like him should be fired.

  • They're not prepping students for advanced levels.

    If your teacher does not teach you what you need to know how will you be able to use those skills later on. For example if a French teacher always speaks in English, how will you use French in the real world or even in just harder French classes, it's not the student's faults for not being taught.

  • If you can't teach what is the point?

    Teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach if they can't even do a good job of what they're meant to do. Especially when their job is about supporting the future generation of adults! My English teacher is plain lazy, she only teaches by PowerPoint and Internet. If I have to listen to one more video of a monotonous voice talking about Romeo and Juliet, I'll scream! She only gives the same homework every day, and doesn't even properly read it. I know that because I wrote about Romeo, Juliet and Friar Lawrence destroying their diaries (which doesn't actually happen) and she just ticked it. My friend did her history homework in her English copy and our English teacher just ticked that as well! She should be fired!

  • Physics Teacher Cannot Teach

    I have a physics teacher and she just cannot teach. I've managed to keep my GPA above 3.5 and was able to keep A's and B's so I know that it can't be that I'm just not willing to learn, especially since I love learning. I really fear that after her class I either won't pass it or I'll barely pass it off make up work with a plummeted GPA. I'm not saying it's entirely her fault as I'm still trying to grasp it, but she only shows us videos with guided notes. She doesn't let them get to the explanation of the problems, just the notes. And when you ask her to explain she does the problem but doesn't teach what she did. But her speaking fast presenting a new nearly every day isn't helping. She asks at the end of each lesson "who doesn't get it" and the majority of the class raises their hands. She promises to go over it every time but never does. In order to pass her class I basically have to have school at home and try to teach myself to the best of my ability stuff I have no clue how to work out.

  • Teachers shouldn't be paid for students to have sleep time

    I have a teacher that can't teach. So my grades are so low because all he does is give you a mark on how he likes you. If the mark is out of ten then he'll give you either 10, 5, 0. He sometimes changes the corrections to what you had before. He get's mad and says it's our fault so I'm worried because my parents will see my marks and be like what the f**k. Plus my attitude to school has changed.

  • Mme FREAKING Boguardi

    That's not her real name. I have a teacher that fills me with rage. If she would be in college she would be kicked out for plagiarism she copy's and pastes from the book and puts it on a power point and makes us take up to 14 pages of notes PER CLASS then she says she taught it. I have a friend who was struggling and the teacher said she could take notes off the book that she teaches off of and our notes match. This teacher has so many more flaws, that I can't even begin to explain or I might turn red and blow up like a bomb.

  • Yes, they definitely should be fired!

    I'll give you an example of a teacher who should be fired: My maths teacher, he can't explain for jack shit, he's THE worst at explaining stuff, whenever I don't understand something, he explains it the EXACT same way just because he thinks that the only reason I didn't understand it is because I didn't listen. I have more horrible teachers but he's the worst.

  • Yes they should be fired

    Why pay someone to do a job they can't do? We are paying tax dollars to hire teachers. That's our money. Plus if your a teacher shouldn't you be able to TEACH?! It's crazy that there are so many teachers who do absolutely nothing and are getting payed for it

  • I have a teacher that doesn't even try

    My "Engineering Teacher" Taught us the first 3 days of school, all basic stuff like "This is an isometric and this is oblique" The rest of the year he expected us to know EVERYTHING about engineering and all this other crap. He reviews the first 3 days of school every now and then. But never anything new

  • Yes, of course

    Without a proper teacher, students will never acquire the knowledge necessary to pass their exams. Essentially, the students are being deprived of knowledge and are being minimally productive over the course of 1 school year. Additionally, their grades could plummet and their attitude towards school will forever change. They may become hopeless in their future educational endeavors. Concluded.

  • I believe the students should get punished for their behavior.

    I had a teacher that has many health problems and sickly mother to take care of, as well as many problems in his past like his dead father and girlfriend. Then one day in class No one paid attention to his lesson and everyone was just sitting there on their phones till he just snapped and got emotional and said if no one is going to pay attention then their is no point in teaching and just went back to his desk and did nothing for the rest of the period.Then the following day he apologized for his actions and explained that this will be his last year working for our school because parents called in and reported about him to the office causing him to get fired for something the students pushed and pushed out of him. He began to break down and cry in front of the whole class apologizing about his actions when it was clearly the students fault

  • It is not the teacher's fault if the students fall behind,

    Because it may have been a way they were taught, and it is the student's jobs to advocate for their own learning if they actually want to go higher and progress in school. Also, a school cannot ban a teacher under unnecessary conditions, even if the don't like her or if she doesn't teach well.

  • The children should be the ones that get the punishment for their behaviour.

    If a teacher cannot control her students, the STUDENTS should be the one who get in trouble. I personally am a high school student, and even I believe that! What, if for example, you were a teacher and you could not control your students? How would you feel if you were fired? Would you happily pack up your bags and walk away? Think about it. It would be the students faults, and therefore they should get the punishment. And if you can't believe a year 7 student who goes to high school HERSELF, then you should learn to think about going into the teachers shoes yourself. As for those of you who think that that is their job, clearly you don't under stand what a teacher does. They are meant to teach, not to be infuriated or depressed by students. Teaching means making them learn skills, not making them calm down. When a student is bad or obnoxious, the parents should be dealing with their behaviour at home rather than the teachers telling them at school. I leave you with one final statement- 'WHY DONT YOU TRY STEPPING IN THEIR SHOES?'.

  • This is a what if question and answer.

    I don't think a teacher should be fired if she can't teach her students. However, if there is a plausable reason behind her not being able to teach, then the matters change. If it is her fault, she can't get the subject across, or she has bad teaching habit, then she should go back to school. If it is because she has an unruly class, then she should be transfered.

  • Her contract should determine such a thing.

    A teacher should not be fired if she cannot teach her students, if, for example, she has a contract and has an accident that prevents her from teaching. If teachers are allowed to be fired willy nilly, that is not a good thing. Eventually, someone who can't teach will need to be terminated, but I don't believe it's a black and white thing.

  • Students need to focus on LEARNING.

    Teachers giving study guides and simple comprehension tests are loved by students. Teachers requiring students to search the content and develop their own questions. Teachers who teach students how to learn by using their own brains are hated by students. "Thinking" deal takes too much effort. This teacher can't teach!

  • Teachers Can't Teach Is a Contradiction in Terms

    This is a contradiction in terms. All teachers in public education today go through rigorous training beyond the scope of a bachelors degree and often additional coursework, testing and observation is required for licensure in any teaching field. I think this is why many arguments here are referring to behavioral issues in the classroom because people are aware that learning is extremely complex, involving many factors outside the reach of teachers in the classroom. In conclusion, people should stop biting the hand that feeds them and start working together to lift that source up and give it as much support as it so deserves!


  • Now is that a single student, or occasional students or repeated classes of students each year?

    If a teacher is incompetent in her job repeatedly and after further instruction well she should be fired just as an electrician who electrocutes himself (repeatedly) or a taxi driver who can't drive. However if your speaking of the students in the class who refuse to listen, don't do homework, don't care, and when they get home their efforts are not rewarded or have consequences then they can't be fired. The teachers can only TEACH even with the best tools when students are willing to LEARN. NO amount of money thrown at a school, nor rules regulating teachers will motivate a student to do the work. They are not miracle workers.

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