Should a two-child policy be implemented in the Philippines?

  • The country is overpopulated ... We need it right now we have no time to waste!!!

    I greatly disagree on the top right, God wants us to populate is to fill and rule the earth, but as I said PHL is already overpopulated, and the fact that God WASN'T AGAINST AT LIMITING birth. He didn't said that it was wrong, nor order us not to do it.
    AND YES, family planning decreases poverty, having more children means more mouths to feed like what the person above said.
    Take this as an example:

    If a LOWER middle class family has 7 children, do you think their parents would still have enough money to support them to their daily needs? Do you think they would still be classified as middle class family? Of course not!

    You can't also keep on blaming the government why they are poor! They're poor because they barely have enough money to support their 5+ children! Also most poor people are barely willing to do their jobs anyway, and the fact that some THEY USE THEIR own children to do their own jobs! Example are children are out there and they're "nagbobote" while their dads are just staying inside on their house, doing nothing but drink beers and crap. Plus you are saying that education should be the focus, which I disagree again, LOTS of LOTS of children stops going to school because they lack the money to commute their way there! They have no money because their parents are spenting it for foods to feed their 5+ children! This policy should be the PRIORITY especially for the poor people! Because they're always the one that has the most children, because they don't have planning at all! I will show you how bad for them for not implementing this policy.

    No 2 child policy = The poor people will make more children as usual
    More children = more mouths to feed
    More mouths to feed = financial problems
    Financial problems = little to no money for education and other needs
    No education = miserable

    and when the policy is implemented
    With 2 child policy = poor people are forced to have only 1-2 children
    Lesser children = lesser mouths to feed
    Lesser mouths to feed = more money
    More money = higher chances of children would not stop on going to school, (because they have more money for commuting)
    With education = Higher chances of getting a legit job
    Legit job = better life

    So implementing this policy would be GREAT for them! And as I said, its their own fault why they are poor, not the government. I know these things because I've seen these myself, I used to grew up on a slum area in Metro Manila, our lives didn't become miserable because my parents planned of having only 3 child! Plus they are wiilling to make our lives better! Which is what happened, this is a trait that lacks to the most of the poor people.

    Also, I apologize if there are any grammar and speling mistakes

  • This is what we need. RIGHT NOW!

    Two child policy will help lessen the birth rate and thus provide more opportunity for the economy to grow (in terms of GDP per capita). In 1970, we are third in the region in GDP Per Capita but now we are dragged to fifth, overtaken by Indonesia and Thailand. We need to control population growth now. More people means more mouth to feed, more families living below poverty line and setting up shanties in the center or suburbs of our capital.

  • Should be implemented

    I am for the implementation of two-child policy however, I will have to disagree that we have to blame the church for the intervention because we're all responsible for our own actions and decisions to better our state of living in the Philippines.

    The only time the two-child policy would work if the president would implement a Martial Law in order to put this policy in motion, other than that regardless of the fact if this policy will be approved by the senate it becomes useless if the law shall not be fully enforce.

    I believe that the church will just have to contently and completely segregate itself from any intervention in terms of government decisions to better the living conditions and let the government guide the Filipino citizens into a new era towards prosperity of one nation.

  • It is a good advantage

    Making this law to be legalize will help our country by gaining lesser population and that means of lesser out of school yoiths and decrease in rate of Filipinoes who do not have jobs.These relates to the topic of two child policy because the government will have to prioritize lesser people that will also improve our cleanliness and discipline in your country.Families will not need to suffer because of problems in financial outcomes and supplies for their families.That is only one opinon on legalizing this rule and their are many more.

  • Say NO !!

    I say no because its not in the bible. There are saying "Humayo kayo't magpakarami" so Jesus want us to become productive. Its not about the child its all about the government . Many of the person who inclined in politics are corrupt. If the 2 child policy passed do you think that the poverty will decrease if some politicians are corrupt and not well oriented. There's a lot of aspects and program need to improve specially the education here in the Philippines that's why instead of 2 child policy they must focus in Filipinos need.

  • "They Don't have the Right"

    Think about it. 2 children, hm. Let's say this policy was implemented years back when the Spaniards took over the Philippines. Rizal wouldn't be born, whereas he is the seventh son of the eleven children of his parents. Limiting the number of children will be the same as limiting the opportunity of a country. As what Rizal had said "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan."

  • Government should not regulate number of children.

    The government should not be involved in the family planning of anyone unless they are the ones paying for the upbringing of the children involved. It is wrong to tell a family they are only allowed two children. Putting this pressure on a family leads to a higher abortion rate as well as a higher infant mortality rate.

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