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  • No, they should not have been promoted.

    Violence is not a trait that police departments should be looking for when the hire and promote officers. The tendancy to promote officers like this is what causes tragedies like the recent shootings in LA and other parts of the country. By weeding out voiolent police officers, the police force can help stop these shootings.

  • No, violence should not be tolerated by a person who works to uphold the law.

    In today's society, violence is a pervasive problem and as citizens we look to the law to help solve it. All human beings who are fortunate to live in a free and peaceful country have the right to trust law enforcement to protect and model non-violent behavior. If we promote violent police officers, we contribute to the problem not only by silently congratulating those who do not embody the beliefs and values we share, but by creating acceptance of violent behavior.

  • No, he shouldn't have

    Violent police should not be promoted because they do not show an ability to monitor and control their own behavior. Only people who excel at careful, measured police work should be promoted so that they may pass on the patient and responsible approach to future officers. This would ensure fewer incidences of police violence toward civilians in the future.

  • Violence Is Not Promotable

    I don't believe a violent person changes sufficiently over a short period of time ie less than 5 years enough to warrant receiving a promotion in any job position. Certainly is not merit worthy in the field of law enforcement. We have rules, policies, etc for a reason and when the leo breaks those that they are sworn to uphold they are criminal in behavior.

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