Should abortion be legal for teens who are 16 and older?

  • Abortion should be legal with parental consent for teens who are 16 and older.

    If parents are willing to consent to an abortion, it should be legal for teens who are 16 years and older. The decision to get an abortion, though, is a mentally challenging one even for adults. It is important, therefore, that some form of counseling also be mandatory prior to and post abortion to help teen girls who undergo an abortion to get back on track to a healthy mentality.

  • Yes, abortion needs to be legal for anyone who can become pregnant.

    A pregnancy is a serious medical condition that can impact one's life forever. Even when the mother decides to use adoption, she still is at a high risk of death or health complications from pregnancy alone, and thousands of children in the foster system who do are not adopted live dangerous lives that make them perpetuate the cycle. Everyone should be able to terminate this life-altering condition.

  • Abortion should be legal, but only in exceptional circumstances.

    Abortion should be legal for teens in exceptional circumstances. For example, if a girl in high school was raped and she got pregnant as a result, she should be allowed to abort so that she can continue in high school and get her diploma. However, abortion should not be recommended as an option as a matter of convenience due to having sex too early.

  • Abortion for teens 16 and up should not be legal.

    Teens who are under the age of 18 are legally still minors in the eyes of the law. Teens under 18 are not legally allowed to do many things that adults are allowed to do. Teens need the emotional support of their parents to make such a huge decision as having an abortion.

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