• A woman has the right to control her body

    If a woman were to become pregnant, and it would effect her life in a way she wasn't ready for, who are we to tell her that she has to carry it anyways? Also, say she got raped? Forcing her to carry a child that she might not even love is cruel, both for the mother and the child. Once the child is born, it would become a constant reminder to the mother about the rape. She wouldn't love the child, she could spurn it and hate it, and take her anger out on in. No child should be subject to the emotional and physical abuse that could occur.

  • It should be Legal

    I think that abortion should be legal and for the people who want to go get an abortion can go get one.. And the people who dont believe in it then dont worry about the people doing it! Its their body and they should be able to do as they please

  • Yes, it should be legal

    For instance, suppose the person got raped? Or is not financially stable to take care of this baby? These are things we must look at, it is bad for ourselves to not have family planning but to be pregnant and not have a good financial background or not even have a father to help in supporting the mother .. So yes I think abortion should be legal.. Thank you

  • abortion debate

    No matter how you look at it, killing a baby in its mother womb IS murder in the FIRST DEGREE! NO taxpayer should be paying for murder of innocent babes, they should be funding a program to HELP POOR MOTHERS care for their child, or legally put them up for adoption.

  • Better not make a child than make his life miserable

    A child shouldn't spend his life knowing his parents are stuck with him. Also a woman has to have all the rights to her own body. If someone rapes you, do you want to have his child? I don't think so. Besides, there are already too much of us on this planet.

  • Abortion should be legalized

    Sometimes people make a mistake, but that mistake should not be able to ruin someones live especially if they have a bright future ahead of them. For example, if a teenager gets pregnant, I believe she should get an abortion. Teenagers aren't capable of raising themselves without a challenge, if they could, why would they still be living with their parents?

  • Here's a test

    I am holding something in each of my hands. In one hand, I am holding a two month old baby. In the other, an unborn fetus in a Petri dish. I am going to drop one of them, and you choose which one. Shot in the dark you choose the fetus, because you know there's a difference.

  • Abortion should be legal

    I think it should be legal because so many teenagers party and take ilegal substances which may cause them to sexual intercourse unpretected an make the young teenager pregnant. She should have an abortion if she is pregnant because she may have a bright future an this may ruin it.

  • Should Abortion Be Legal?

    Abortion should at least be given a chance because no one under the age of 19, is ready to have a baby yet. They just don't want to be lonely. Although people make mistakes, there is still a such thing called protection. They should always double or triple the condom.


    What if she gets raped? What if her life is at risk, or what if the baby has no chance in having a normal life? What if she is in no means financially stable to have a baby? What happens when abortion is illegal? That is about 900,000 unwanted babies.

  • It's her choice.

    I agree with abortion due to the fact that not every women has the ability to take control or take care of the baby and why through more kids in foster care? Also the saying about a girl willingly opening her legs isn't always true as some women become pregnant because of rape. If a women does not feel like she has the ability to carry the baby for 9 months or give birth or take care of the baby after then it should be okay. And as for giving the baby up to adopt, that's fine and dandy but as soon as a women becomes a mother by having the kid an immediate connection is formed. And baby has heard moms heartbeat for 9 months and mother has felt baby tumbling in her stomach. A bond is created even before birth and the ability to have an abortion can stop a bond from forming which can stop heartbreak later on.

  • Absolutely.

    As there is no way to scientifically define when “life” begins, this is nothing more than an issue of religious faith and individual beliefs. As such, adhering to the separation of church and state, there should be absolutely no legislation regarding the matter, at least until we can come to an unbiased, legitimate, scientific consensus about what “life” is. If you personally believe that life begins at conception, then don’t get an abortion. If you believe that life begins in the second or third trimester, then don’t get an abortion in the second or third trimester. It’s that easy. We don’t need the government legislating our beliefs.

  • Legal within limits...

    The central issue at hand is what the definition of "person" is, a fact that should be determined by expert medical opinion. I am of the opinion that a person is a person when they have the biological potential for cognition. This is roughly thought to occur Week 13 to Week 21. After the first trimester their is less risk of miscarriage and inducing one does carry risks. Roe v Wade has established that abortion cannot be restricted before the end of the first trimester. I agree with this, but I also believe that the courts must also establish when a person becomes a person and vest them with all the rights guaranteed under the constitution. Principles of abortion policy should reflect:
    1. The right of women to control birth.
    2. The safety and health of women.
    3. Define personhood and protect it.
    4. Limit late-term procedures dangerous to both fetus and patient.

  • Yes, abortion should be legal.

    Despite my personal feelings on the subject (that abortion should not be used as a means of after-the-fact birth control), I do not believe it is the right of any government body, nor any group of individuals to say what a woman (I am a man, by the way) can and cannot do with her body without resounding SCIENTIFIC evidence that a fetus, not viable outside of the womb, is a living individual being and should be treated as such -- and that evidence does not exist.

  • We Cannot Dictate a Woman's Rights

    Yes, abortion should be legal. It is wrong to tell a woman she has to carry a baby to term and will be allowed to give it up for adoption after birth. We have no right to dictate what a woman should do when it comes to her own body. When a pregnancy is unwanted, for whatever reasons, it is better for all concerned to make legal abortion an option.

  • It should be an own choice

    People should be able to choose whether or not they want to have children for themselves. If it was an accident or rape, it should be abortable. Therefore, I am convinced that it would be no good if abortion were to be illegalized, keeping it legal is the better end of the two.

  • It is and should be!

    The abortion debate boils down to religion. There is no scientific reason to believe that a fetus is a living human being - it is simply a group of cells. Until the fetus is viable outside of its mother it is part of her body, and hers to decide the fate of. To bring your own personal religious beliefs to the table is irrelevant, since in thsi counrty we have seperation of church and state, so aboprtion is and should remain so.

  • It should be legal

    If a woman get pregnant because of a hole in a condom, its not the woman's fault. She already tried to prevent the baby. Is an accident . What if she is not ready to have a baby? She should have a second choice besides birth which is abortion . Thank you

  • Women should decide whether they should have a children not anybody else!!!

    Women should be trusted and respected to exercise the choices about their bodies and lives that are best for them, and not be forced by the government into personal reproductive decisions that are against their will. And, many children grow up in poor conditions which do not give them any better chance to improve themselves both from a social side, as much as from an economic one.

  • Depending on the circumstances

    I think that abortion should be legal, but only in cases of rape, but certainly not in others. In cases of rape, the victim already suffers significant trauma. If she gets pregnant, this trauma is further exacerbated, especially for those who are younger. If abortion is rendered illegal even in this case, the mother will never be able to look at her baby in the same way as any other child. She will relive the rape every time she looks at her kid, and cannot love him or her as a mother should. Think about the consequences for both the mother and the kid- feelings of abandonment and agitation. To those who claim there is a reason why women get raped, I agree- they get raped because the rapist can get away with it- so what if a child is born? They don't have to take care of it as the mother has to. The victim is bearing the dire consequences of someone else's actions, when there can and should be a choice if she wants to keep the child. I'm not promoting abortion, I'm just saying that rape victims should have the choice of whether or not they want to keep the baby and whether or not they are ready to take care of the child of someone who has caused them so much agony.

  • What about the mother?

    It is true that at a normal standpoint we would see abortion as a horrible thing since it prevents the birth of a human being, however we must also have in mind the people that are bringing those people to life, just think about a mother that will have a 50% of dying during giving birth, naturally it should be allowed to abort the child thereby avoiding death and possible traumatic experiences. I know that abortion is seemed as a horrible thing in the christian religion for various reasons, which it is but please we should also think about the consequences of bringing this child to life. Life is the greatest gift and the ultimate punishment at the same time.

  • A person has a choice

    Sometimes its rape or incest that would facilitate this type of action - but some people cannot raise a child and do not want to try, and they should have a choice before they bring someone they cant care for into the world. Abortion should be available and should be a choice that someone can take - we should stop being so blind to the truth that some people just cant or won't raise their children, so we need to have facilities where someone can safely have this done.

  • we already tried making it illegal

    All the way back to the 1800's (yes 1800's) this has been a problem with people and remember the early 1900's when it was illegal to have an abortion women were going into back alleys and having some stranger do it anyways. These women were harmed in this process many even died. In short if there is a will there is a way. If they want it bad enough it will happen whether we like it of not. At least with it being legal a trained professional is doing it which keeps the risk of diseases and the death toll down.

  • Pro Choice.. We should not judge what we don't know.

    There are many different reasons to why a mother should have the option to have a baby or not. One is that there could be a financial situation that prohibits the child to be taken care of appropriately. Two the mother or child may have a medical disorder that could possibly harm her or the child's ability to function. The mother could be a victim of rape. The list goes on and on. Pregnancy is not meant to be a punishment for having sex but a way to procreate. Its your choice if you want to participate.

  • No! Ban not bang!

    It should not be legal! Its money making/wasting at your expense! People need discipline and self management more than escape! Human Rights is causing this disaster, human rights are causing inhumane behavior. And this is applicable to all spheres of life, the rapist thinks its his right while the victim thinks its her right while in both cases the final person would have no right! What sense is that!

  • Women have rights and fetuses don't have nervous systems

    Well, women deserve to have an abortion. If you have the kid, you would not want to give it up for adoption due to the special bond in which they feel when they give birth to the baby. Also, babies do not develop nervous systems until week 28, in which the time is illegal to abort the baby. Meaning the collection of cells would not be conscious meaning no pain and no suffering.

  • Restricting people's rights drives them insane.

    Just look at that Venezuelan teenager her killed her baby and went crazy because she was forced to become a mother without being ready. She couldn't handle the stress of knowing she had brought a kid into the world without being given any other options. She wasn't born crazy or chose to be, the impact of going through that whole pregnancy and child birth drove her insane and psychologically affected her. If her only her country wasn't so religious (96% of the population are Catholic and abortion is illegal) she wouldn't have done such a heinous crime nor would she have become so unstable.

  • Effects animals and health

    1st. If abortion were illegal then people who get pregnant after being raped couldn't get an abortion then the human population would increase extremely rapidly then it already has been. If the human population increases extremely rapidly then it already is then it would be harmful to animals and more and more animals would becoming endangered or extinct because taking there space and hunting more of them. 2nd. If a women were pregnant and didn't want to have the baby and she couldn't simply get an abortion for it then the women could try to kill it herself by maybe punching it, falling down on purpose stomach first to see if they could kill it, drinking or eating things that can kill the baby,etc. If the mother wasn't successful at killing it might suffer injuries such as brain damage that could effect the babies whole life and it will just suffer its whole life.

  • Abortion protects women

    Legal abortion not only protects women's lives, it also protects their health. For tens of thousands of women with heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anemia and severe diabetes, and other illnesses that can be life-threatening, the availability of legal abortion has helped avert serious medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth. Before legal abortion, such women's choices were limited to dangerous illegal abortion or dangerous childbirth.

  • Here's a thought...

    To people who think abortion should be illegal, why don't you just become surrogates for women who want abortions and keep the child too while you are at it since you believe that all life is precious from the moment a sperm and egg combine, even a fetus with no brain function until 34 weeks. I think this would be a better solution than forcing a 13 year old girl who was raped go through all of mental and physical pain of child birth.

  • Forget About Any Religious/Biblical Reasoning.

    Women should have a right to choose if they get pregnant because it is their body and we cannot dictate what they do with them. In most cases it is safer for a women to get an abortion than give birth to the child. Especially in the case of women who are sick health wise already and in cases of incest and rape. To every person who argues that it is selfish, aren't you being selfish for your own belief? If you are personally against abortion, that's fine, but it doesn't mean you should control others lives because in the end you are NOT, I repeat NOT the one who will be affected. Think of the child first of all. They would be put up for adoption and or in the foster care system. Not everyone can be a foster parent. How many people who preach that adoption should be illegal go out of their way to actually adopt a child? If it were illegal the government will be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of new foster children the states would have to support. Then consider the woman and her family. If they can't afford to take care of the baby they should have the choice to abort. Do we really want to force more kids into poverty? It wouldn't be fair to them or their mothers, especially to mothers who give birth and are forced to give up their baby for adoption because they are too unfit to care for them, but still love and want their children because pro lifers think giving up your baby that you can't take care of is so easy. Or to a woman who was raped and suffered through depression until ultimately killing herself because she couldn't bear to bring her rapist's child into the world. Abortion should remain legal because if you think about most people who try to argue against this in government are MEN when WOMEN are the ones that are affected. A fetus is only able to live because it is attached to the womb of the mother; therefore, any claim to a "right" to live must necessarily be at the expense of the woman. It is not independent. I believe that after a certain amount of time such as after the first 3-4 months when the fetus is beginning to take human form and eventually move around that abortion should be restricted and limited then. Would you rather save an embryo in a petri dish or a crying 1 year old baby?

    For every person who argues that abortion should be illegal, are you willing to be responsible for the health of the woman or help take care of her child?

  • Stop trying to control women!

    If a woman gets an abortion it in no way affects your life in anyway what so ever. Pro-lifers preach adoption but how many babies have they adopted lately. Whether it is rape or not a woman has the right to CHOOSE. Stop trying to over turn Roe Vs. Wade. If we make abortion illegal then women will have "back-alley" abortions which can/will harm the woman as well.

  • What is personal should not be political

    Government and society have no right to force a woman to go through a pregnancy that she does not want to go through. Everyone has different circumstances, whether they be rich, poor, single, married, raped, etc. Women should not even have to justify their reason for doing so, it is THEIR life, THEIR future, NOT anyone else's. It is absolutely ridiculous that people could be so ignorant as to say that a fetus has superior rights to the woman that is carrying it. There is no proof that person-hood begins at conception, therefore, it is the woman's right to decide for herself. And besides, IF abortion were to ever become illegal, desperate women would unfortunately resort to hazardous methods, which more than often lead to death. It is not whether abortion is right or wrong, it is about the woman's right to decide and make a choice for herself.

  • It's the woman's choice!

    Even if it wasn't legal, women would get back-street abortions which aren't as safe as professional. And also, it would create more businesses and jobs. Look at history because even if it's illegal, women aren't going to stop! Just legalize it already! Just because one person is against abortion doesn't mean another person is - it's their choice and it's what they think is best! I'm pretty sure a man hasn't experienced pregnancy and birth.

  • Should Abortion be Legal

    Yes, it should be a woman's choice. It is a woman's body and her place to make her own decision, whatever she wants. I would prefer a woman to have an abortion than to have a baby and not have time to take care of it. This sometimes leads to abuse for the child.

  • Regardless of your opinion...

    Look, regardless of your opinion on the morality behind abortion, women will still get abortions even if it is illegal. Much like people still consumed alcohol during Prohibition, a law can't change the attitudes or actions of an entire population. So, if you really cared about the well-being of the unborn child, you would certainly realize that abortions are more harmful to the child if they are illegal. With no government regulation, women would undoubtedly resort to unsafe procedures, perhaps harming herself or aborting a baby late in a pregnancy. The only way to make sure abortion is to keep it legal and safe. If you're against abortion, remember: your opinion affects you. I wouldn't make eating apples illegal because I think they're gross.

  • In certain cases

    It should be legal only in certain cases as in rape or incest. The mother shouldn't have to carry the child if she was raped because its a constant reminder of what happened to her and she shouldn't have to go through that its not fair for the mother and the child. Also the mother wont have that same bond a mother should have with her kid and that could lead to a bad life for the child. A mother should have a bond with her child the very first second she feels it kick and maybe before then, but if a mother doesn't love the child it could lead to abuse and that shouldn't happen. But if adoption is a option I would consider it but I believe that its the woman's body and she wants to get rid of it under the circumstance's I just said she should be able to.

  • Make abortion legal

    A fetus is like a brain dead baby with no emotions. It scientifically isn't alive, therefore not murder. And sending a child to adoption can be hard, and do you really want your child to grow up in an adoption service? It's a women's right. Making abortion illegal will increase teenage pregnancy, and it may lead to illegal abortions which will lead to death or serious health problems.

  • Yes abortion be legal under all circumstances

    Its the mothers body and she should be able to do with it what she wants to. If the mother cant afford the baby even the hospital bill then they might have an illegal abortion which could put the mothers health in danger because they are dangerous. Having the baby may not have been the mothers choice that she couldn't control that's not really fair

  • It may reduce the number of abandoned babies

    If a woman is pregnant she should have the option of the abortion, because if she already decided don't to have her baby but for certain reason she continues with the pregnancy what would happen with the baby if her mother don't want him. The mother can abandon her babie leavin the child in a strangers or church doorstep or she can even through him to the garbage. How many cases of childrens found in the garbage are in the news. We should thing in what woul happen to baby, cuz sometimes bring a baby to this world can be worse than abortion.

  • The government cannot control whether a woman has an abortion or not, but they can control whether its safe or not.

    Although I believe that abortion is morally wrong and that there are other options available, I think that abortion should be legal. When abortion is not legal women abort their babies illegally and in unsafe ways like using coat hangers, knitting needles, penicillin shots and more. Abortions have been done since the beginning of time. By legalizing abortion we are ensuring the safety of women who do not want or cannot have their babies. Unwanted children have a higher risk of child abuse. People who are turned away from abortions and forced to have their child have a 76% chance of being on welfare, unemployment, and twice as likely to be victims of domestic violence.

  • Abortion case 101

    For one:
    God has not got your back. Stop saying that it's god's will, because that simply makes you sound like a bigot. There are other religions as well, you realize that, right? It's not all god.

    A woman should have control of her body. I hear many people saying that she should pay for her mistake. Not only is this a completely horrible thing to say, but think of this: You get an answer wrong on a test. Maybe you didn't get a job from a job interview. These are both mistakes. But should your entire life be ruined because of it? Of course not. Neither is it with a child.

    I hear some people saying if you are raped to give the baby away. Not only is this also a completely bigoted thing to say, but when a mother has a baby her brain feels a rush of chemicals saying, 'keep it. Keep it'. Also, why should she have a baby in her womb for nine months filled with horrible memories? Why would you put her through that?

  • It's the Mother's Choice, Not the Governments

    Women should be able have the choice to have an abortion if she wants/needs one. Yes, it is killing a human embryo but at that stage its just a clutter of cells. You could take a piece of dandruff and use it to make a human. Even if abortion is legal or not, women are still going to get them. If they aren't legal they're just going to seek out unsafe options to have an abortion. Everyone gets rights as a whole, rights don't go to certain parts of us. You can't take away a woman's choice just because a formation of cells inside of her could produce a human.

  • Some circumstances are hard to get out of

    Abortions should be legal because some women are put in certain circumstances that they are not able to get out of and results in a pregnancy, for example rape. Rape is one of the biggest reasons why abortions should be legal, it's a circumstance that some woman are not able to avoid. Another circumstance is health issues, some woman don't want to bring a baby in the world with a lot of birth defects because they don't want them to get bullied and things like that. But yes abortion should be legal, it's better for the women who has had things done to them. If they do keep a baby in a circumstance like the ones I just stated then they grow up to hate the baby, put the baby up for adoption because they don't want or just send the baby away because of the defects that it has. People should think more about that

  • Some circumstances are hard to get out of

    Abortions should be legal because some women are put in certain circumstances that they are not able to get out of and results in a pregnancy, for example rape. Rape is one of the biggest reasons why abortions should be legal, it's a circumstance that some woman are not able to avoid. Another circumstance is health issues, some woman don't want to bring a baby in the world with a lot of birth defects because they don't want them to get bullied and things like that. But yes abortion should be legal, it's better for the women who has had things done to them. If they do keep a baby in a circumstance like the ones I just stated then they grow up to hate the baby, put the baby up for adoption because they don't want or just send the baby away because of the defects that it has. People should think more about that

  • Abortion should be legal because its a woman's choice!

    Woman are going to have abortions whether its legal or not. If its not legal it will likely end in death or severe injury. What if it was rape, what the man left, what if the condom broke, or what if you just simply don't want to have a kid, Its not anybody elses choice but yours.

  • What if the girl/woman was a victim of incest or rape?

    If a 14 year old girl was raped by her father she should be able to get an abortion. If a girl is raped in general she should be able to get an abortion. It's ridiculous to take away a woman's right to her own body when it belongs to HER, not the fetus or the father but HERSELF. You cannot "just get over" being raped and she should not have to carry around a baby for 9 months and be reminded of it everyday because pro-lifers think it's selfish and a sin.

  • Abortion is a personal choice, not a legal debate.

    Given that I am pro-choice I believe that women have rights to their bodies and should not be denied these rights. Although it is not listed in the constitution, the case of Roe v. Wade states that it is a fundamental right. The government should not invade in a women's personal health choice. And if abortion were to be made legal it would only cause more issues. Examples like; Unwanted babies, women seeking abortion elsewhere, which is usually the unsafe way to do an abortion. Like Jessica Vanlenti stated in her blog post about abortion, "Women wouldn't (and shouldn't) have to prove that their abortion is of the "acceptable" variety."

  • It depends on which Country and it's Culture

    Killing a life is definitely a murder but this depends on each and everyone culture. In the West where modernization is vast, it is acceptable but in Asian culture is is considered a disgrace for the family if it is a out-wed child. Yes, one might support to say that we saved a life at that time but how about in the long run? The child is deprived of many things...The child has to go through many obstacles and humiliation. My theory is 'When you are in Rome do what the Romans do'. Act according to the situation. People can say many things but those people are not the one who will stand by you when you have problem..It is YOU who has to face the world.

  • Abortion should be legal

    1. Abourtion may be seen as murder because of the potential of the baby but with that logic condums and birth pills would also be murder
    2. The fetus may have rights but the women has rights also she should be aloud to choose her future
    3. Yes abortion may cause health problems BUT giving birth has a bigger chanse of causing life fretting problems.

  • In development it is not a life

    When most abortions are done, they are done in the first trimester. At this point, this developing "baby" cannot survive without the mother, as compared to say a 7 month old baby in the womb. These zygotes have less cells than the head of a fly. To claim that you are taking a life that cannot maintain itself without the mother womb present is preposterous.

  • Abortion should be legal.

    Think about Abortion should be legal because what if you were raped or accidentally got pregnant at such a young age what would you do?If i were in charge id put an age limit to where abortion should be legal but after the age limit for you has passed then the baby is your responsibility.

  • Abortion should be legal!

    Basically our generation is getting bigger and bringing bad influences to our world , having to kill a baby its not as men our choice its the women because she is feeling the pain , plus what if a child become unformed or you gotten raped. We would not like to have a baby unwanted or make him suffer.

  • Abortion Needs!!! To be Legal

    I am a Man that has had to deal with my wife and another man that has constantly sexually abused her, she got pregnant, I told her I would take care of it, but she didn't want to remember the man who Raped and sexually abused her, so she didn't want it, it is every right for a woman to do what she wants as a mother, killing is bad but it hasent been born yet so it never had a life so therefore it's not alive, All those mothers or future mothers should have a right to "THEIR" body not urs!!!

  • Pro choice. It's a personal choice and a right we should be granted!

    A woman has the right to choose. Not everybody agrees with it, and if you are one of those people then don't get one. Making abortion illegal is taking away a woman's control over their own body. The law should not be based on religion which is the main reason people resent abortion. Nobody should be forced into an unwanted pregnancy!!

  • Abortion is a human right

    Every woman has the right to abort their fetus. It is their body. And no, the fetus does not feel pain. It hasn't developed the nerves yet at the time of abortion. And what if a woman is raped? Or a teenager is raped? It would be a daily reminder of the trauma. I don't understand how this is even an argument. And religion has nothing to do with it. And yes, contraception can help with unwanted pregnancy, but contraception doesn't always work and some women don't have access to it.

  • Adoption is not the best Idea.

    A lot of the pro lifers say that if you don't want the baby, put it up for adoption. But what if the baby ends up with a child abuser who only adopted them for the money they receive? And by putting them up for adoption, you force them to go through life never knowing their parents, and possibly feeling like they rejected it, thus despising them. Another thing I'd like to point out is that while pro choice gives a variety of reasons, the pro lifers can only give three: Murder, God, and "you wouldn't like it". Life begins at birth, because birth is the only time when a fetus is developed to the point where it CAN be alive. Yes, there's a heartbeat. Yes, there's functioning organs. But the stuff making the fetus is only preparing it for activation. And perhaps we're wrong, maybe it is alive, and abortion is murder. If that's the case, then abortion is the murder of a very, very, very big parasite. A baby can bring joy to your life if you want that joy. A fetus only brings a gigantic stomach that gets in the way 80% of the time.

    Another thing: Drugs are illegal, but we use them anyway. Certain weapons are illegal, but some people have them anyway(Ex: ak47). If we outlaw abortion, people will get them anyway, and if they don't get them from professionals with a degree, they will get them from backstreet potheads with cloths hangers that could puncture the womb, thus killing the woman. I's rather they get them from professionals.

    One last thing: If you believe abortion is murder, THEN DON"T GET AN ABORTION. Problem solved. A government has many roles, but taking away a woman's freedom just so rich men can control her is not one of them.

    Besides, It has better things to do.

  • Think of the Long Term Results

    Abortion should stay legal. Women deserve full rights to their bodies. Abortion is only an option for women WHEN THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS. Do you think a women would want to abort her unborn child? No. But if they are not capable of caring for that child, it is what must be done. My biggest concern is (big shocker I know), for rape victims. If a woman is raped and is forced to still deal with the pain of childbirth because abortion can’t be an option, I have lost all hope in humanity. That is sick and inhuman and simply put, WRONG. Women who are raped will only be left with the reminder that they were raped when they look at their child. That kid will spend the rest of their lives knowing they were a mistake. Besides, even if they were to put the kid up for adoption, adoption centers would be too full and wouldn't even be able to take in more children. If abortion becomes illegal, thousands of innocent children are unwanted and unloved with nowhere to go and no one who can care for them. Especially if the biological mother is incapable. The kid will be born with literally NOTHING. And that’s a lot more cruel then aborting an unborn FETUS. Have some common sense and think of the long term results.

  • To condemn a woman's right because of pregnancy is unjust, to accuse murder in the abortion of an unborn fetus is balderdash

    Whether or not science proves the child within is truly alive, I cannot stand aside while such accusations of murder and religious nonsense oppress the right of a woman's body. If one is so sensitive in the death of an unborn baby as oppose to a fully grown human's death being equal, then fine. However, in doing so, this will become a device for limitation of women rights. And for all the religious response regarding God or sacred life, the bible, a controversy, yet widely known method of argument has this to say about women and if life really is equal and sacred,
    "Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control." 1 Timothy 2:11-15, even in the holy book of life, it is excepted by historians that women are heavily oppressed in that era and only perceived as child bearers. So the 'baby killers' who are getting abortions are insulting the lord's plans of life while she herself, has very little rights. I do not condemn the descendants of 'Eve' if they want an abortion, especially under the circumstances of rape. To pin them as murders of 'children', unborn fetuses, is practically comparing women who chose abortions to Albert Fish, an actual cruel murder as opposed to a doctor performing a procedure. Call me cruel for allowing a killing of a 'child', but find yourselves at hypocrism when a young woman is rejected from a clinic, forced into early motherhood. Arguments about sex regarding 'responsibility' and 'condemns' is not an excuse to ban abortions, if anything, it is actually supporting abortions since teenagers in this generation are quite 'loose', but one cannot change society nor condemn freedom.

  • Abortion reduces crime

    Abortion has been shown to reduce crime rates by Stephen Levitt and Steven Dubner in their book Freakonomics. Making abortion legal means less unwanted children are born, kids who the possible parents aren't prepared for. These kids are then going to live their lives as 'accidents' rather than the mother having an abortion and then having a child later on when she is in a better position to have one. This means that the kids that are born are going to be loved and cared for and will be far less likely to commit crimes. The statistics prove this. Also, people make mistakes and making abortion illegal is like giving them no chances for one small mistake. Their whole life could be ruined. Also the fetus isn't alive yet. It cannot think for itself and is not getting hurt by abortion. It cant feel anything. And if a woman gets raped, how is it fair for her to be forced to care for a baby she didn't want and she has to live the rest of her life knowing that her child was made by a rapist.

  • All life is sacred, but the woman bearing life owns her body and has free will.

    To berate the mother for 'killing' the life inside of her is equal to downgrading her as an object that is fully enforced by the 'Religion's philosophy ' of life, not to mention, how every old religion tends to see women as inferior beings to men. Even the bible seems to head in this direction, "Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control." - Timothy 2: 11-5. Thanks God! Now I know I need to bear children and be submissive in order to enter thy holy kingdom! Awesome! So for all those people who think "Women are murders if they abort because life is equal and unique," remember, a fetus isn't an excuse to force a young woman with free will and passions into young, unprepared parenthood. Religious answers opposing legalization has it's downsides, such as how most religions see women as objects and those who believe all life is sacred, especially an unborn fetus in the body of a woman who may be at fault or not (considering rape), you might as be forcing the young girl to throw away all of her freedom. Humans can adapt, yes, but that is not an excuse to limit a woman's freedom. And about self control, don't say that to any person's face. You nor I are 'God' or Kevin Bacon for that matter and she has the choice to 'self control' herself. Plus, this is the twenty-first century, the era of sex, open racism and online pornography at convenience....Don't be a troglodyte, folks.

  • Religion should not be brought up into the law

    People are always bringing up that abortion is a sin, but that is THEIR religion. Women who choose to abort should have the freedom to make her decision without having religion forced upon her. Not only that but bringing up the argument that abortion is equivalent to murder is false; the fetus won't feel anything and it has not yet developed to even know about "being killed". That's like saying not letting sperm inside a woman is murder.
    Needless to say if you don't want to abort your child, good for you, but don't make a decision for others when it's their body and not their morals.

  • Yes, abortion should be kept legal.

    At the moment of conception, the embryo is indeed alive, but it doesn't have a conscious mind, and it is nothing more than a collection of cells. It doesn't even have a gender until about 17-20 weeks after conception. A woman has the right to choose whatever she wants to do with her own body. She shouldn't be forced to have a baby if she merely isn't ready for it. Also, it isn't fair for the baby if it is born into a family that doesn't want or love it. Humans desire love and companionship. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, love and feelings of belonging are necessary in order for an individual to stay motivated to reach the self-actualization phase. Self-actualization includes morality, creativity and problem solving skills. Aside from unwanted pregnancies that spurn from intimate sexual relationships, many women become impregnated as a result of rape. If a woman is raped, then she should undoubtedly have the right to abort a child that was a product of sexual assault. She shouldn't be forced to give birth to and consequentially raise the baby of a rapist. These are the reasons why I currently am, and will continue to be Pro-Choice rather than Pro-Life.

  • Society is still slightly misogynistic.

    If men could get pregnant I think this wouldn't be an issue at all. Women aren't just incubators for children, they have lives and bright futures too! People make mistakes every now and then, but it should not rob them of their dreams and aspirations, especially when it doesn't have to. I mean, no rational women is happy to have an abortion, but if she wants one, c'mon, she has got to have the option to do so (after thorough consultation). After all, it's her life and body and does not concern anyone else at all. Speaking as a male here, and this is my two cents.

  • People have the right to choose.

    I just want to get this out of the way: I do not support abortion being used as birth control. I do support it if there are foreseeable life-risking complications, or if the women was impregnated in a rape. I don't think people should use abortion if they made a mistake.

    But at the end of the day, my opinions don't matter. I'm a man, I'll never know what it's like to be put in that position, so therefore I have no right to judge. So while I am not like the decision they make, I will always support their right to make that decision.

  • Abortion is private

    Abortion is a private medical procedure. Women uterus is not up to debate for a another human to override it. It's a simple case that a 'human' can't use a 'human' without proper consent. Life began millions years ago and won't stop within a women uterus. Murder has two meanings. 1) illegal killing and 2) opinion base. I could say "killing sperm is murder because it's a form of a life". People should stop with the 'moral' concept what murder is. Murder have different meanings when it comes to people morality. Abortion involves with laws and being a medical procedure. It has nothing to do with people morality of something. That's what abortion is..A medical procedure. Abortion is a private act and it's no one business to know about it. A women uterus is not a government play toy nor are women government property. Women are no one property. There bodies is there own, not someone else. If she wishes to deny a another human to preserve her own health then that's her right. She has all the same rights as everyone else to deny any human from using there body or there health. If you can deny a cancer person from using your blood, or taking a organ from you. So, can the mother deny another human to use there bodies.

  • It's a human right.

    The problem is is that no one agrees when life begins. Some say at conception, others at birth. Personally, a fetus is a baby the second it can live outside the womb. Until then, the fetus is just a parasite, and the woman has the right to remove it. Not allowing a woman is this right is basically giving her less rights than a dead person. See, theres this concept called "bodily autonomy". Its generally considered a human right. Bodily autonomy means a person has control over who or what uses their body, for what, and for how long. Its why you can’t be forced to donate blood, tissue, or organs. Even if you are dead. Even if you’d save or improve 20 lives. It’s why someone can’t touch you, have sex with you, or use your body in any way without your continuous consent.

    A fetus is using someone’s body parts. Therefore under bodily autonomy, it is there by permission, not by right. It needs a persons continuous consent. If they deny and withdraw their consent, the pregnant person has the right to remove them from that moment. A fetus is equal in this regard because if I need someone else’s body parts to live, they can also legally deny me their use.

    By saying a fetus has a right to someone’s body parts until it’s born, despite the pregnant person’s wishes, you are doing two things.

    1. Granting a fetus more rights to other people’s bodies than any born person.
    2. Awarding a pregnant person less rights to their body than a corpse.

    And that is why abortion should be a womans choice.

  • It's better for all of us

    The argument for rape victims has been used constantly, but I feel the need to address it too. Adoption is not always the answer. Did you know that children could wait for years just to find a loving family, if they ever get one?And raising the child to be better than the rapist is a horrendous idea. That just reminds you all the time of the trauma the victim went through, and it's not fair.

    Now I want to address the ''use protection'' argument. Contraception is never 100% effective. Even if you use a condom, an IUD, and take the morning after pill after you have sex there is still a chance of getting pregnant. It's very small, but still there. And a person should have he right to have sex for pleasure and/or emotional bonding without wanting children.

    And by using the logic that aborting an embryo or a fetus which has the potential to become a life is murder, millions of men and women globally are homicidal maniacs, including me and you. Because egg cells have the potential to become a human life, yet they are killed off every month. And men would have it worse. Their sperm cells die constantly, and each of those sperm cells has the potential to become a human life. Therefore, in order to prevent killing possible lives, we must find a way to preserve sperm cells and women must not have periods.

    My source: Science class!

  • YES in some cases

    What happens when abortion is illegal? That is about 900,000 unwanted babies.There would be so many unwanted children. Its that persons life if they're not ready and cant afford the child then its okay. If they know they cant take care of a child why make a child suffer. I know I could not afford to take care of a child now. I know my parents could help me and be there but now every one is lucky enough to have that.

  • YES in some cases

    What happens when abortion is illegal? That is about 900,000 unwanted babies.There would be so many unwanted children. Its that persons life if they're not ready and cant afford the child then its okay. If they know they cant take care of a child why make a child suffer. I know I could not afford to take care of a child now. I know my parents could help me and be there but now every one is lucky enough to have that.

  • Mothers un able to support a child impose on americans

    When an unplanned pregnancy occurs and the mother is unable to support the child, then it will cause an imposition on society, and cause higher taxation. Be that as it may of abortion was legal then the mother (being emotionally able) could have an abortion performed and then there would be no imposing on society.

  • Of course It should be legal.

    I think it is ridiculous that people want to deny these rights to a woman. If you yourself do not want to get an abortion, that's good for you. But women should not be denied abortion options based on what OTHER people want. Stay OUT of the lives of OTHER people. Every woman should have the right to do what they want to their bodies. There are thousands of women who get abortions because of personal situations such as rape, financial issues, family issues, health problems, and so on. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it can also be a heavy burden placed on some women, physically, emotionally, and/or financially. Every child should come into the world feeling wanted by the mother. With this being said, women should have the right to do whatever they want. Women should have the FREEDOM to make her own choices, regardless how good or bad her actions may be. People should never be denied their rights. And women should most definitely not be denied rights to their OWN body.

  • Free country... Why not ?

    A women should be able to do it as long as the babies not 1 month or something away from being born to the point where it must be ripped from the vagina and chopped up. If i was raped i would not want that child if it got to that point of pregnancy seriously. Just wait till you get raped then see how it feels like.

  • Free country... Why not ?

    A women should be able to do it as long as the babies not 1 month or something away from being born to the point where it must be ripped from the vagina and chopped up. If i was raped i would not want that child if it got to that point of pregnancy seriously. Just wait till you get raped then see how it feels like.

  • Provided the circumstances are correct

    If someone willing chooses to get pregnant, than I have a hard time seeing an abortion as anything other than murder. However, if it comes as a result of rape, then it's completely moral. Look--a zygote cannot think, cannot feel pain, and therefore is not a person. As for anyone using the "what if it was you" excuse, my answer is that I simply would not care, because I wouldn't be able to care, because I wouldn't even have a brain or a nervous system or any way of really existing! Of course, if the abortion is extremely late-term, to the point where the fetus can feel pain and actually is identifiable as a human, then I would call that murder--but you can't kill what never was even technically alive.

  • Yes it should be legal.

    There is a difference between a fetus and a baby.
    A fetus does not breath or eat and is within the mother and dependent upon her for oxygen and nourishment. It does not feel pain until the 24th week of pregnancy (5 months). The brain does not become active until the 28th week of pregnancy. This means it can't even think. It is not a person.
    A baby is a birthed living creature which has been born into the environment and detached from the support systems of the mother. It must breath on it's own for oxygen, and consume foods to digest them for independent nourishment. It can feel pain, happiness, sadness, frustration, etc. It is a human life.

  • Life long decisions

    Abortion should not be used as birth control, by any means. Never. However, if an individual was raped saying that God planned that is not right. God would not plan that. Someone deviated their path and ruined another's. Yes adoption but the life long consequences on the mother are not going to be supported by the government. Are YOU going to help raise a child that is deformed beyond high hell and cannot live unless on a machine? Are YOU going to support that family and be there for that victim as she relives her rape in labor? It does happen to EVERY victim. Are YOU her foundation?

  • Abortion should be legal.

    If abortion is illegal that will not stop women from from doing an abortion on their own and hurting themselves. Also, if there are abortion clinics then there will be therapists and counselors consoling the women and giving them other options such as adoption. In the long there could be more adoptions with this law being legal then if it was illegal and women took matters into their own hands.

  • Life starts before conception...

    People on the "no" side of this argument says that life starts with conception.. The sperm organism is a living thing, the egg cell is a living organism. According to this logic, masturbation should be illegal and NOT getting pregnant should be illegal because the egg cell dies.

    And do not bring up God in this argument...

  • Two lives not one. It should be legal.

    If such a law is passed to make abortion illegal, think of how many children would be abandoned, How many women would turn to unsafe procedures and die just to abide the law. How many children that would live a difficult life with say, a young mother who is not ready to give everything to raise a child. Because that is what it takes. Raising a child is NOT easy. Especailly as a single mom in the state of the economy today. The need for financial assistance would increase. The list goes on. There are so many problems to making abortion illegal and the only defense is because of life? There are TWO lives involved. No one should be forced to bring a child into the world if they are not ready.

  • It would be immoral to NOT legalize abortion.

    There's this thing called Body Autonomy. It's essentially considered a human right. It means that you get to decide what another person uses your body for, and for how long. It's the same reason we aren't forced to donate blood, organs or other tissues, even when we're dead. When you're pregnant, the fetus is under body autonomy because it's using your body parts. You should have the right to abort the fetus, the same way you can deny a full grown person your blood even if it would save their life. By making abortion illegal you would be saying two things;
    1. A fetus has more access to a person's body than any born person on earth and
    2. A pregnant woman has less say in what happens to her body than a corpse.

  • Should be legal

    Yes, the woman can put her baby up for adoption. But I think that its not fair on the woman to have to live through her whole life knowing that somewhere out in the world is a part of her and she has no idea what they are up to. I think that a woman should have rights to her own body and even if it is illegal if a woman wants to get rid of her baby she will just go underground. Its not fair that one mistake a woman made should ruin her life like this forever. People say that instead of abortion she should "just give her baby up for adoption". But its not a simple "just". She should have a right to make her own choices.

  • Yes...I believe abortion should be legalised

    I believe that women should be trusted and respected to make decisions about their own bodies. Also, if abortion is made illegal, women will turn to various shady methods of abortion which have known hazards. A woman should be allowed to have the right to bear children when and how she wants.

  • Abortion should be legal

    Fetus is not a human, it is a potential human and at some points not having an abortion may lead to the death of mother's. So why should a potential human lead to a REAL human's death? And eventhough people make abortion illegal, people get it at backstreets, without enough conditions. So, ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGAL!

  • It needs to stay legal

    Remember a brief part of American history when alcohol was illegal? But it didn't out an end to alcohol, it did put an end to obtaining it legally though. People just created an underground network to get it. The same thing will happen with abortion. You'll put an end to safe, painless, legal abortions that will insure the mother will be safe. People will resort to illegal, painful, and unsanitary methods of getting rid of this fetus. If you really are 'pro-life' you'll want to protect the mothers life as well.

  • It needs to be legal

    My abortion does not affect you. If I'm some random stranger living on the other side of the country my abortion does not affect you. THE FETUS IS NOT YOURS, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Unless the baby is yours, you don't have any say in that.

    It's my body, my rules.

  • It should definitely be legal

    A fetus isn't a baby. When we have an abortion we aren't killing a human life. A fetus is for us what a seed is for a plant.
    Imagine that the mother was a 15 year old girl what would happen to her if she didn't have an abortion?

    - She would probably have to quit her school,
    -Her parents would raise the baby, not her, because a 15 year old isn't neither mentally or physically ready to have a baby,
    -She would have an unhappy life, seeing her friends have a normal teenage life, while she was stuck at home with a baby.


    -If a woman wants to have an abortion, she doesn't want the baby, so the child would be raised with a mother that didn't want him/her,
    - Life in orphanages isn't the same as a life with a mother, dad, siblings, etc. While the child could get adopted, most don't.
    -Contrary to most people think, the mother may not love the child after giving birth to him/her, holding grudges, because the baby was the reason she stopped having fun/ quit school/ etc.

    While I don't agree that we should banalize abortion, because it shouldn't be used as a contraceptive method, we should definitely legalize it, in case like rape, high-risk pregnancies, teen pregnancies, etc.

  • Please consider the future generations

    Yes abortion is terminating a potential human being and that is a very good reason to oppose it, BUT if you can honestly and objectively consider all the the reasons abortion should be available and legal you cannot say that it should always be illegal. No woman wants to have an abortion. We need to stop putting our focus into trying to stop abortions and focus on the real problem: the need for abortions. The world needs better availability to birth control and sex education. We need to support women better, not tear away the last safeguards that the most vulnerable, desperate, and victimized women use as a last resort. Studies have shown that the legalization and availability of abortion has led to a decrease in crime. There are 7 billion people in the world. Humans consume more than the world's ecosystems can sustain. We do not need more people. I value human life, but I also value the opportunities and resources that make life worth living. Allowing for women to chose abortion when they really need it might end some lives, but it will benefit many more lives, and particularly the lives of the unborn. If you really care about the unborn, then allow abortion for women who really need it.

  • Here's a test I am holding something in each of my hands.

    Here's a test I am holding something in each of my hands. In one hand, I am holding a two month old baby. In the other, an unborn fetus in a Petri dish. I am going to drop one of them, and you choose which one. Shot in the dark you choose the fetus, because you know there's a difference.

  • Abortion should stay legal.

    If a baby isn't born yet, the mother should choose if she wants a child or not. If the mother is poor, and can't provide for the child, the baby could be saved a life of poverty. A condom can break so even with protection, they aren't completely protected. If a victim of rape and the mother didn't want to have a child, then why should a man she never met decide if she will have a baby or not? Without an abortion she is forced to have that baby. It is also part of the woman's body until it is born, so what gives others the right to stop her from deciding what to do with her body? The baby cannot remember anything and therefore can't feel pain, until it is born. The mother should choose if she wants a baby or not, not other women. If you don't like abortion, don't have one, but don't take away the choice from others.

  • Abortion should be legal.

    Abortion is a woman's choice. SHE IS THE ONE THAT HAS TO GO THROUGH THE STRESS. The woman may not want to give the baby away because they have created a bond at birth. Anyway there are way to many people in the world. There is even a one child policy in china. The woman has the right to chose.

  • Abortion should be legalized but....

    Abortion should be legalized, but should only be used under extreme circumstances.
    For instance, if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant she would be
    allowed to have an abortion.
    However, if the woman was under 18 she would need parent's consent, and if the say no
    she would not be allowed to an abortion.

  • In case of incest and rape.

    If the female doesn't want the child, she doesn't have to carry it all term. Yes, once it is in the fetus it is given life, but, if the woman was forced onto have sexual intercourse, she shouldn't be forced to have the child. It is not murder. You may think it is because it is ending one that hasn't been delivered. I been raped, but I was lucky enough not to get pregnant. I was 12 when it happened and it would have ruined my life and body. I would have been humiliated and let alone, no place to have a child. But, I am pregnant right now and I am keeping it. I would not end my baby's life because of a mistake. This is something, I have to work through but, the father is staying by my side and is willing to help me through it. I think I will be a fine mother for my child. But, at 12, I would no have been able to do the things that I can now. I can get a job, raise it and provide for it. 12, I wouldn't have been about to even support it. I wouldn't have been able to provide for it...

  • I support abortion

    I support abortion because it would lowers the world's population. Also some people may accidentally get pregnant and they never had any intention of getting pregnant. There are also people out there who are to young to get pregnant or are not ready to become a parent at such a young age.

  • Its your choice

    Ya abortion is depressing and makes me feel sick but if a girl wants to get one its her choice. Plus maybe there was something wrong and the child was going to have a lot of health problems.. So why would she put herself through that? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But bottom line its their body and people don't need to be dictating these girls's choices.

  • It needs to stay legal

    Abortion is a woman's choice. Make abortion legal, and you are endangering the life of the potential mother. Making it illegal is only going to lead to unsafe abortions that could end with the mother's life. Also, saying that something has the potential of life means nothing. That's like saying that the eggs in my body have the potential of life, so I should have sex every time that I'm not on my period so that I can have that baby. No matter what, abortion is the choice of the mother and father. Forcing someone to have a baby is a terrible thing to do.

  • It needs to be legal

    Ultimately this isn't your child. No one is asking you to abort your own child and you don't have to, this is someone else's decision. If you don't want to have an abortion you don't have to, plain as that. A women has the right the decided what happens to her body.

    What if you were raped? The rapist can try to get partial custody of the child, can you image how traumatic that would be for the victim? No one should have to go though that.

    What about teenage pregnancy? A 17 year old is no place to take care of a baby, we can all agree. And what about the father? They most likely a teenager too and when they find out they'll leave the girl. This child could potentially ruin a girls future.

    What if you aren't in a position were you can take care of that baby? What if your a pore family and can't support someone else. You might say 'just put them up for adoption' but you fail to mention hospital and doctor visits involved with giving birth that you would have to pay for.

    Just because someone regrets their abortion doesn't mean everyone will.

  • Yes, it should be legal

    Not everyone is in a position were they can raise a child. Rape victims, teenagers, and people who aren't ready for children are a few. Even with the option of adoption hospital bills are still expensive. And not everyone is in a position were they can take time off work.

  • Abortion should be legal

    SO many reasons I won't get to all. One is Abortion is much safer than going through pregnancy. You say "why doesn't she just go through with the pregnancy, give the baby to someone who wants it" well maybe that woman feels more comfortable not because of the risk involved with going full term on a pregnancy. Two, who is anyone to tell a women she has no right to her body? Who are you to tell me I am forced to hold a baby in my uterus when I REALLY DON'T WANT that baby there? Who are YOU to tell ME what I can and cannot do with MY body. There is a being in MY BODY, and I DON'T WANT IT THERE. Why should I have to deal with it because YOU think so. Oh religion? WELL the whole world doesn't cater to your religious beliefs. And you should not impose YOUR PERSONAL beliefs onto TAKING AWAY THE RIGHTS OF A FEMALE TO THEIR OWN BODY.

  • Abortion should be legal!

    Abortion should be legal, not everyone has the financial means to take care of a child, also even if you are on BC there is still a chance to get pregnant why should that person have a child when she was trying to prevent one? I know if I was raped I would want a abortion, I'm sorry but I am not about to carry to term a baby I did not want and it was forced upon me, the constant reminded would kill me. I also believe it is our body and if we strongly believe that it is not our time to have a child then we should have a choice.

  • The opposed are stupid.

    You will debate legalizing the removal of a creature that hasn't even been born yet, but don't go saving those people that try to kill themselves. Either way it's your body, so why do you care more about someone that isn't even born yet more than someone that's been living?

  • How does Abortion affect me?

    Okay so I don't understand why people think abortion will affect them in some way, it's not like it's anyone else's child they are aborting. First of all it has nothing to do with you or anyone except for the one deciding to keep or abort the child. Somehow people think they need to tell others what they should or shouldn't do with "THEIR" Body, yes it is the females body and she deserves the right to choose what is best for "HERSELF" the way I think of it, as long as it doesn't affect me in some way, let them make personal choices for themselves.

  • Why ruin a young women's life?

    The fetus is just a lump of cells. It's just dumb forcing a young girl to suffer. No women in this world would be able to stand knowing that her kids father raped her. And what if the baby is sick and the parents don't have money to help her then the best thing to do is get an abortion. I respect that you guys find it wrong but you gotta understand that we need to let a young women have her rights and do an abortion if she really needs to. Peace out mofos!!

  • It needs to be

    Well to start off, many women aren't financially stable and don't want to bring a child into that. Others already have children so why should they have to suffer because the baby couldn't be aborted. And what if she was raped? Everyday she would be reminded of it just by looking at the child and may even take her anger out on the baby/child. Another thing is there may be something severely wrong with the baby and it might not live anyway.Adoption is an option but it's psychologically damaging for the mother and an immediate connection is formed between the mother and baby after the it is born.

  • What about rape?

    What if your twelve year old daughter was beaten and raped? Since her body could not shut down properly, you voted for laws that make her undergo the grueling process of giving birth to the baby of the monster who damaged her, who stole her innocence, and most importantly, threatening her health during birth. Abortion isn't selfless. I full heartedly think that the termination of a fetus should be up to the woman, not the government.

  • What about rape?

    What if your 12 year old daughter was beaten and raped, and since her body hadn't "shut down" you're voting for laws that ban her from undergoing a process that would save her from having the baby of the monster who stole her innocence and childhood. Case closed, I fully believe that under the right circumstances, the government does not have the right to control the women's fetus's fate.

  • YES it should....

    Abortion should be legal because it is a freedom to choose what happens to your body. If we let the Government decide what woman do to our bodies... What's next? Forcing religion.... Abortion is all based on opinion... Yes I don't agree on why some people perform abortions... Like in cases of mental disorders. But in case of rape and teenage pregnancy... It should be the mother's choice in what to do to her body...

  • It's women's right

    When a fetus is inside of a mother's womb. They are living off the mom's body and taking away most of her nutrition like parasite. A fetus is simply not the same as an individual human being. If a woman is not ready to have a baby, then they have their fundamental right to do what they want to do with their body. Nobody should have any right to force any woman to carry a child when the woman is not ready for it.

  • Yes it should

    Nobody think that the decision to have an abortion is an easy one. But in certain situations it may be the only one. If its because the birth mother cant afford it then of course there is always adoption. But sometimes the health of the mother is at risk and therefore putting the health of the fetus at risk. There is also the chance that the baby may have a birth defect and the birth mother decided it be best not to bring the fetus to full term. There is also the case of rape and incest which should be one of the main reasons why it should stay legal. If abortion was to become illegal then "backyard abortions would start happening. Which is unsafe and deadly to the mother.

  • We don't have to agree on the ethics of abortion,

    All we have to agree on is that abortion is a personal and private decision. Its not anybody's place to tell another what they can an cannot do regarding such issues, including the government. Its also important to keep in mind that if a woman has decided to abort and it is illegal, it does not mean she won't. Woman will still get abortions illegally and dangerously, whereas they could have safe operations if it is legal.

  • Know the facts before you post.

    A fetus is not a living thing until the 23 week mark. It cannot survive without tubes, machines, etc. Prior to that point, machines and tubes would not sustain the fetus. If a fetus in born prior to the 23 weeks, hospitals will not attempt to keep the fetus alive. Some consider the fetus to be human at the very moment of conception because it contains "human DNA". In that case, shouldn't the sperm and egg be humans, too? They contain human DNA, even if it is only half the chromosomes. However, if left to survive on its own, sperm or an egg could not survive and should not be considered human.

  • Yess it should be aloud

    Some people cant take care of a kid. And if they have a baby and give it to foster care they can end up in a bad family home. They could have been raped or parents having sex with a family member. You never know they need to be able to make a choice on it. It is up to them.

  • Only for girls under 18

    Once you turn 18 you are considered an adultyou chose to live this life so LIVE IT! ! Whether gou like it or not you are an adult and do the responsible thing, keep it let it be born then give it away!! I know its scary but if you didnt want it then DONT HAVE SEX

  • Yes, abortion should be legal

    Abortion should indeed be legal. Most people are against it because their religion is. This threatens the vital separation of the church and the state. Also, a person becomes a person at birth, not conception. Fetuses are also incapable of feeling the pain brought upon by an abortion, so in no way would you be harming the child. Also, this has an effect on mothers. Even if abortion is illegal, what makes you think that the women won't do it illegally? Illegal abortions can cause the mother sickness and death, while a legal one is perfectly safe and won't harm the mother. And what if the mother has no way of supporting the child financially? Even if she gave up the child for adoption, it still may take the poverty stricken mother years to pay off a medical bill that would take the middle class citizen a month or two. There's also the bringing up of the child. What if the mother and/or father beat or neglect the child? You wouldn't want that... Would you? Also, if a woman is impregnated through rape, what makes you think she'd be willing to keep the child? The baby would become a living, breathing reminder of the unjust act done to her. Even if she gave up the child for adoption, she's still going to have to deal with the fact that somewhere out there is the child that was made by a cruel, heartless man. Even during the nine-month pregnancy, she's going to be reminded every day that that "small bump" is the result of rape growing inside of her womb. It's a woman's right to choose what she does with her body, not yours.

  • The 21st century

    Women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies. Point blank it is the 21st century.
    Okay no one tells a man to do what he wants with his body. No one tells a man how he should take care of himself, why tell a women?!

  • Its up to the mother

    Abortion should be legal and should remain legal. Some may say that humans are just playing God, but I completely disagree. Mothers cannot always carry babies for several different reasons varying from health risks for the mother herself, to rape, to financial instability. If abortion were to be illegal then women would start to search for back alley ways to abort their babies and there is more chance and risk for death if it is done that way. Everyone should have a choice in regards to their body and a fetus is not aware of whats going on or feelings or emotional distress when it is still just an embryo. There are to many factors playing into this topic that cannot be determined.

  • Legalization of Abortion, yeah

    Some mothers are not mentally or physically healthy to carry and nourish a child for nine months in their bodies, whether they be too skinny, on drugs, mentally ill, etc, and it can begin causing birth defects on the fetus, that will soon become a child. If being pregnant puts the mom's or child's life in danger, they should be able to let it go, with proper medical care. In the case of abortion being illegal, women will perform unsafe abortions themselves anyways, which puts their lives in more harms way. Having abortion legalized allows women to remove fetus's that they cannot provide for and prevents them from performing at home abortions.

  • Yes, that is her baby and her right

    I believe that abortion should be legal because what if the women is raped? Then she has to drop out of school and wont be able to care for the child like they deserve. If the woman has to drop out of school there is no chance of getting a good paying job to be able to support the baby.

  • We have our rights!!!

    Women have their rights to be able to decide whether they want to keep the baby inside of them. Whether it is money problems or a rape case it should be legal. The government doesn't have the right to tell us women and/or families whether they can abort heir baby or not. It is their choice and their bias in whether they want to abort their baby or not. If government forces someone to have their baby and they don't have enough money to support it they can put him/her up for adoption. But, it won't be guaranteed that this orphan will be adopted.

  • Marnesha V. Darden

    I do believe abortions should be legal because people never know what type of situation a person might be in. I don't think anyone should be able to dictate wheather a person should have a child.They may or may not be able to provide for. They might not want children. They might know there is a high chance that something could be wrong with the child. There are numorus reasons for this but these are only a few.

  • Babies are not conscious until they are born

    Abortion should definately be legal. The world is over-populated as it is, without adding to it with unwanted children. Women that are raped, or whose life is at risk, have every right to want to get rid of an unconscious fetus that has no emotions and can feel no pain. It is better to terminate a pregnancy to save the already living mother than to continue with it for the sake of something unconscious, like a growing plant or bacteria. The woman will have to provide for the child for the rest of her life, and if she doesnt have the means or desire to be able to, more harm will come to the child than if it had been aborted at a safe stage.

    Posted by: hd91
  • Abortion should be legal

    Women have the right to choose whatever they want with their bodies. No one should have their say so on what someone else is doing. If you don't want an abortion then don't do it. Just don't say what someone else shouldn't do! Just simply MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. It shouldn't matter what someone else is doing with their fetuses. It doesnt affect no one else but them. Motherhood is a choice not an obligation.

  • Women's rights on abortion

    Women have the right to chose if they want to get an abortion. No one should be able to tell them what they should do or not do to there body, also religon has to do with womens rights too because some bevleive that it was ment to happen, and if you were to get one, it would be agents gods will.

  • My body, my choice

    As a young women who has been a victim of sexual abuse, I like to know that if I were to get pregnant I could get an abortion. I believe that if a women uses contraceptives properly, is raped, or will be harmed during child birth, she should be allowed to right to give up that child. Many people argue that the child could be adopted, but we already have thousands of unwanted children in foster homes.

  • Every child an unwanted child

    If woman are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies the result is unwanted growing up these children are often disadvantaged or inclined toward brutal behavior to others. Among societies most tragic cases often uncared for un loved brutalized and abandoned are these children. Children need love and families who want and will care for them

  • Abortion is Murder

    At the moment of Conception a life is created. When a woman has an abortion she is essentially murdering her baby. If the child is not wanted there are other options such as adoption, if you can not love your own child there are others than can and will love them.

  • Personhood and Babies

    Abortion should be legal if the babies are not persons. What is the difference between a baby in the womb and a 2 year old? There are 4 basic differences, they are the size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.
    Is a fetus a nonperson due to its size? Is a 4 foot person any less a person than a 6 foot one? No, so the size no matter what of the fetus should make the fetus or any human a nonperson.
    The second thing is level of developement. Is a 17 year old more developed physically and mentally than a 2 year old? Yes. But is that 2 year old any less human? No. Level of developement had nothing to due with the nature of personhood.
    Thirdly is the environment. How does a change of location classify a human as a nonperson? Does moving to a new state make you not a person? So how does living in a womb make a baby not a person, and quite simply it doesn't.
    And finally is the degree of dependency. Are diabetics living on insulin or a man living on life support make them nonpersons? Would it be right to kill them based on their condition? No, so why would it be right to murder a baby in the womb.
    The abortion issue isn't about the rights of the mother. It's about the rights of the baby. Murdering a human being is never okay. And. Based on the evidence above I have concluded that fetuses are persons and shod therefore have their own undeniable rights.


  • No no no!!!!!!!!

    Abortion kills living children that could one day grow up to be an important part of the world. What if Abraham Lincoln's mother decided to get an abortion? Slavery might still be a part of our lives. Abortion is horrible and kills our own people. How would you feel if you had to die without a say or an argument. Your parents didn't abort you, so don't abort your child.

  • No, not right

    I understand that people on the yes side continually bring up rape, but you guys have to know that God knows everything that's going to happen to you before it happens. He might have planned it to where he wanted you to raise the baby (if girl) to be a respectful young lady and (if boy) to be a way better man than his father was. And not being ready or having it not be the right time excuse? Well.... Was it the right time when you spread your legs? Or when you forgot to use protection? Or when you "thought" he did? Those excuses are your own mistake, if you did the deed, then you should be responsible for the life that YOU created instead of taking it away.

  • No, no, no!

    I don't even understand how this is a debate. Abortion is never the best choice. It is murder whether people want to admit this or not. Life begins at conception as the fetus starts to develop immediately and its cells contain HUMAN DNA different from their mothers immediately after conception. Homicide is forcefully ending a life of another human being. A fetus is a human being. Therefore abortion is homicide.

  • What if it was you?

    What if you were the fetus in the womb? What if your mother chose abortion? Where would you be today? You wouldn't be here to read this. So choose life for your children's sake and your child's children's sake. Because when you take away one life, you take away many. My mother chose life and I'm glad she did.

  • PRO LIFE always

    A baby is living in the womb and deserves a chance. If your raped give the baby away. Pro-abortionists say that outlawing abortion would restrict a woman’s right to privacy. Is that right absolute? Does somebody’s right to privacy exceed another’s right to live? God created life and it is a sin to take it away.

  • As long as adoption is an option, abortion is selfish

    Another life should not be wasted because someone did not choose use protection. I know many will argue about rape, but those make up 1-2% of abortions. I think abortion is just a shortcut. It doesn't make people deal with their problem like adoption would. Adoption would ha a bigger effect because people would have longer consequences to deter them.

  • It is Murder

    There is a tremendous consensus in the scientific community about when life begins. This is hardly controversial. If the claim were made that life was discovered on another planet, for example, there are well-defined criteria to which we could refer to conclusively determine whether the claim was accurate. How do scientists distinguish between life and non-life?

    LIFE cover photo A scientific textbook called "Basics of Biology" gives five characteristics of living things; these five criteria are found in all modern elementary scientific textbooks:

    1. Living things are highly organized.

    2. All living things have an ability to acquire materials and energy.

    3. All living things have an ability to respond to their environment.

    4. All living things have an ability to reproduce.

    5. All living things have an ability to adapt.

    According to this elementary definition of life, life begins at fertilization, when a sperm unites with an oocyte. From this moment, the being is highly organized, has the ability to acquire materials and energy, has the ability to respond to his or her environment, has the ability to adapt, and has the ability to reproduce (the cells divide, then divide again, etc., and barring pathology and pending reproductive maturity has the potential to reproduce other members of the species). Non-living things do not do these things. Even before the mother is aware that she is pregnant, a distinct, unique life has begun his or her existence inside her.

    Furthermore, that life is unquestionably human. A human being is a member of the species homo sapiens. Human beings are products of conception, which is when a human male sperm unites with a human female oocyte (egg). When humans procreate, they don't make non-humans like slugs, monkeys, cactuses, bacteria, or any such thing. Emperically-verifiable proof is as close as your nearest abortion clinic: send a sample of an aborted fetus to a laboratory and have them test the DNA to see if its human or not. Genetically, a new human being comes into existence from the earliest moment of conception.

  • Abortion is murder, the killing of an innocent human life

    Scientifically, the life of a human begins at fertilization. This is agreed upon among embryologists, but debated among those who are not experts in the field. (For some reason, people seem to assume they know better than embryologists.) Thus, killing the fetus is killing a human. This is called murder.

  • It SHOULD be illegal....

    But it never will be because according to America's rights, women have the choice to kill their babies. Even if someone agrees that the baby actually is a lifeform in the womb (which is still a human lifeform no matter what stage it is at), they may say that women who are raped or unplanned should be allowed to abort their babies. I say they shouldn't for two reasons. The first, because their babies are their own and even if they didn't expect it, they still have an orphanage or anywhere else they can go to live the rest of their lives. And if it was unplanned, it's simply being selfish and cruel. The second is because most women who abort their babies because of rape is a small percentage compared to those who abort because they didn't plan for it. If a teenager gets pregnant and doesn't want her parents to know, that person is being selfish for the wrong that she did. It's wrong for her to end her baby's life before it starts because of her secrecy. It shouldn't be, but it nonetheless will continue..

  • No, it shouldn't and Here's Why

    Let's say a 14 year old child gets raped, whats she going to do if she can't abort? Drop outta school and have the child or stay in school, get ridiculed for the rest of her life and still have the child? Either way her life is RUINED. If she stays in school every one will bully her for being pregnant when it wasn't even her fault! This poor child will have no future life because she'll drop out of school due to every 1 calling her names and picking on her when all that happened was the simple fact that she got raped and couldn't do a darn thing about it...Think before you speak plz!

  • Killing a baby

    Abortion should not be legal cause your killing your own child before its born. If you don't want your child just give it up for adoption. There's people out there who want kids and cant have any so why kill a kid when you can give it up to adopting. Its their fault for spreading their legs

  • Its killing a life

    You do not kill what god created because of your mistakes. Unless it is because of health problems etcetc, it is not morally right and it will leave an impact on both the father and mother. You do not know what you get yourself into when you do something like this.

  • Life begins at conception

    Life as we know it starts at the point of conception. Wether you believe in God or not. By allowing abortion we are starting 2 things
    1. We are allowing murder to occur simply because a woman does not want the "burden"
    2. We are dividing ourselves into a double standard nation
    if I shot a pregnant woman I would be charged with 2 murders not just one. So why aren't abortions murder. The fact that you don't "want" something does not take away the value of life. We are not requiring a woman to care for the child post birth, there is adoption, but she does not get to play God and determine whether or not her child dies.
    Also, the idea that "it is a woman's body" is bull crap. A fetus even when it is just an early embryo is not the woman's body. It has an entirely different genetic code.

  • When is a child a life? Is someone else's life your choice?

    Why can't a mother kill her 3 year old? Or even a 3 weeks old? Because, in most cases, a child is consider alive or a human life as soon as their born. But tell me, what is the difference between a developing child in the womb and a born child? Isn't birth just a necessary part of child development? Children are continually developing throughout there young life, and even into their adult life, until their brain is fully developed. In this case wouldn't it only be consistant to say a mothers right to choose goes beyond birth? Abortion is just an early point on the scale of child murder. The choice isn't whether or not to keep a child once it is conceved, that's too late. By then you have already created new life, even as an accident. The choice is whether or not you will chance pregnancy all together. Will you show restraint and self control? Or will your developing child pay the price? Is it your choice when another person's life is on the line?

  • It is taking an innocent life

    No matter when you believe a life becomes official, it is still taking the seed that God planted and taking it for granted. Abortion is murder however you look at it, it is taking an innocent life that could not have had the chance to experience life like everyone should

  • No more abortions

    Abortions shouldn't be legal, because I believe that life is given at the point of conception not birth. The same as in if a mother baring a child was killed and the baby died to DA would charge either murder or involuntary manslaughter. So with that being said either way Abortions are inhumane and should be illegalized.

  • Its considered murder

    When young teenagers or adults get pregnant i beleive that she chose to get pregnant so she has to carry the problems and issues with being pregnant. Imagin this, your baby,or their babies are alive and have fingers and toes they are already alive and you are murdering it. I beleive you should go to jail for murder like any other KILLER for killing a helpless baby. It it would be able to see you and look at you with fear would you still kill it?!?

  • No good reasoning for why the unborn aren't human.

    There is not a single argument for why the unborn aren't human. They only differ in areas of Size, Levels of Development and Dependency, and Environment. None of which are good measures for "humanness." The whole premise that we can kill the unborn because they aren't aware is faulty. That insinuates that the reason we can kill them is because they don't know they are dying, don't know they are being killed, and don't feel the pain. Following that logic, a boy knocked out for five minutes could be killed.

  • Abortion is murder of one of God's creatures.

    In the Bible, God says that he creates everyone in his image. He also said in the ten commandments that there should not be murder. Abortion is the murdering of God's creature that is made in his own image. Imagine what God would say if you were murdering his children.

  • Abortion is Murder!

    No matter how far along a woman is in her pregnancy, it is still murder. Taking the life an innocent human being is wrong. If you can't take care of the baby, there are always couples who CAN'T have children and would love to adopt! Murder is murder, no matter what the situation.

  • It's only fair

    It doesn't matter if it's the mother's choice or someone else's to abort a baby: IT'S MURDER. Think about it this way, if you say that it's the mother's choice, you're saying that a certain living creature's life is a choice of someone else. I definitely don't want someone to have the legal option to kill me, even if they are family.

  • I think that abortion should be illegal

    This has served to make surgical abortions safer than they have ever been before.
    The vast majority of pregnancies occur at 8 weeks gestation, when the fetus is the size of a small pea. The tube is big enough to allow the fetus to pass through whole. It is only with later pregnancies (most pregnancies after 12 weeks are performed for a legitimate health, life, or genetic defect reason) where the suction may remove the fetal limbs instead of the whole.
    Saline abortions have not been performed since the 1970s. Abortions during the 3rd trimester, where a health or life reason must exist in order to be able to have the abortion, are either labor and delivery abortions or C-sections. So if people get an abortion they should go to jail because technically they are killing another human being because they are alive in the stomach.

  • You made a mistake

    You made a mistake and should own up to it. You should have the child instead of killing it to keep yourself happy. If you have some reason not to have the child, put it up for adoption because babies are the future and if you get rid of one, imagine what they could have been. Ruining future society because you made a mistake.

  • No, in know way should it be legal.

    You are murdering a child who does not have a fighting chance to stand up for themselves. It is not their fault you accidently got pregnant without wanting it. Whether or not you believe that a life begins at conception or birth you should give it a chance. If you do not want the child why can you not give him or her up for adoption. That child could be the one person to one day make the world a better place, they could do great things and if abortion is legal young women who are not fully sure what to do get out under pressure and never give that one soul a chance in this beautiful world.

  • Abortion should not be legal!

    Abortion is so wrong for many reasons. You are killing an innocent human being for no good reason. Why are you punishing the baby? Is it because you had sex and can not face the reality of the outcome of sex? There are other options. Many couple today can't have children, go for an adoption, its legal and there is no murder involved.

  • Abortion not legal

    Abortion is the removing of a fetus from a woman's womb. The fetus the moment that it connects with a sperm it becomes a baby. If it is not a baby then you sure as hell are not pregnant. Which is the reason that if you wont an abortion there is such thing as giving up the child for adoption.

  • If abortion is legal why isn't murder

    I believe abortion should not be legal in any states in America. A drunk driver can be charged with two counts of murder if he kills a pregnant women; but under many arguments said by Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion people it is not a "living human being". so why is it that someone can be charged with taking two lives if women are doing it with no consequences everyday? It is because our country recognizes a fetus as a person. I am not religious so I am not Pro-Choice because the bible said or because my God thinks so, I am Pro-Choice because each life should be valued i should not be allowed to take anyone's life and as soon as doctors can tell your are carrying a life is when i believe you lose your right to do what you want with your body. Unless in extreme medical conditions where mother or child could die i don't think women should be killing babies because the rent is high this month and they cant afford it or because they didn't use protection. its a life and the only reason people pretend its not is so they can feel better at night.

  • Abortion should not be legal.

    Having an abortion is taking away an unborn child's life. Did they ask you to take it away? I think not. If you think you're not able to be responsible enough to take care of a child, put them up for adoption. You've mistakenly gotten pregnant when you weren't ready and you need to take in the consequences. Don't make a baby take on full responsibility for your actions.

  • Doctors break the Hippocratic Oath by performing abortion

    God's law: Thou shalt not kill.
    Abortion is murder, and Doctors by doing this are "Playing God" (which is still in the oath today), not to mention that the baby feels pain after 20 weeks.
    The baby is a human being, regardless of it's size or age, and it should be natural for abortion to be illegal in a country which allows every human being to have rights. In fact, for abortion to be legal is ridiculous and hypocritical. If you really cared about human rights you would be pro-life.

  • Doctors contradict the Hippocratic Oath by "Playing God" and ending the life of a human being.

    God's Law commands, "Do not kill". But for those who reject God, I will also state that doctors break the oath that they've taken to never kill or harm another human being and by "Playing at God" (which is still included in the oath today). The baby can definitely feel pain after 20 weeks gestation, and life does not begin at birth, it begins at conception. What is the difference in killing the baby 30 seconds after birth, or 30 second before? There is no difference. Abortion is ending the life of a precious human being. It is discrimination.

  • Abortion is murder!

    The fetus has the right to live, and we should not take it from him. There are also better alternatives to abortion if you don't want to keep the baby. This includes adoption. Many childless couples are looking to adopt babies, so why don't you just leave the baby for adoption?

  • Should not be legal

    I personally do not agree with abortion, It SHOULD be illegal.... But it never will be because according to America's rights, women have the choice to kill their babies. Even if someone agrees that the baby actually is a life-form in the womb (which is still a human life-form no matter what stage it is at), they may say that women who are raped or unplanned should be allowed to abort their babies. I say they shouldn't for two reasons. The first, because their babies are their own and even if they didn't expect it, they still have an orphanage or anywhere else they can go to live the rest of their lives. And if it was unplanned, it's simply being selfish and cruel. The second is because most women who abort their babies because of rape is a small percentage compared to those who abort because they didn't plan for it. If a teenager gets pregnant and doesn't want her parents to know, that person is being selfish for the wrong that she did. It's wrong for her to end her baby's life before it starts because of her secrecy. It shouldn't be, but it nonetheless will continues long as adoption is an option, abortion is selfish. People should be able to choose whether or not they want to have children for themselves. If a women does not feel like she has the ability to carry the baby for 9 months or give birth or take care of the baby after then it should be okay. And as for giving the baby up to adopt, that's fine and dandy but as soon as a women becomes a mother by having the kid an immediate connection is formed. And baby has heard moms heartbeat for 9 months and mother has felt baby tumbling in her stomach. A bond is created even before birth and the ability to have an abortion can stop a bond from forming which can stop heartbreak later on. I just feel that Another life should not be wasted because someone did not choose to use protection know many will argue about rape, but those make up 1-2% of abortions. But, I'm not goanna push my opinion on someone if they get it. But I won't support them. That's just my opinion.

  • Fetus feels pain

    It is not the babies fault it is brought to this world. Every fetus has the fundamental right to life in this world. There is no excuse why it should be aborted. Simply it could be put up for adoption if the mom does not want the baby. It can also be costly to abort, so why abort and pay money when it can be worth the money and give the baby to a family that wants a baby? Everybody has the fundamental right to life, there is no excuse to abort, actually abortion should not be an option!

  • Abortion Is MURDER

    If a woman were murdered by her husband (or whoever...) the husband would be charged for the murder of one person, his wife. If it was later found his wife was pregnant when she was murdered, the husband would be charged for TWO deaths. It is irrelevant whether she had been pregnant for a week or nine months, she was with child. So how does it make sense to say that abortion is not murder? It doesn't.

  • Adoption adoption adoption

    If you are stupid enough to have sex, if its not rape, then you should have to deal with the consequences. You are the one who did this to yourself. If you don't want to keep it, ADOPTION! Maybe you're not stable, then don't have sex. It's a way better choice!

  • Abortion should be illegal!

    Many women don't understand the risk of aborting a fetus. After a woman gets an abortion she runs a high risk of infertility, major health issues and even death. It is so easy to just not care about getting pregnant because someone will just say "oh I'll get an abortion". But do they really know what they are getting themselves into? Abortions can also take away sex drive and cause psychological damages. There is the huge debate about whether or not abortion is legal and the truth is, it is. Many women don't know when they are pregnant so they have given the fetus time to grow and in some states it is still legal to perform an abortion when the fetus actually becomes a child. Abortion is wrong and should be illegal.

  • Stop passing the Blame

    That baby shouldn't have to suffer or have its life taken from him because of a mistake you made. Stop passing the blame off and start taking responsibility for your actions. If a teenager thinks that they are mature enough to have sex then they should be ready for the responsibility involved with it.

  • Abortion should be illegal..

    That baby you just murdered could have grown up to be the change in the world, could have created the cure for cancer. Yes, people have unwanted pregnancies but there are so many couples out there who cant have children due to medical problems and they would happily take your child into their hands and raise him/her. There are options people. Murder is not the answer. If a 13 year old gets pregnant, well that's her mistake, she shouldn't be having sex. If they make the choice to have sex, they have to deal with the consequences, simple as that. If we had a choice to get out of mistakes, this whole world would be crazy. Everyone would be getting out of murders or robberies and many more. C'mon people. Abortion is a terrible thing and you all know it.

  • Abortion should not be legal

    They are human beings who can't defend themselves!!!!! That is just not fair for them !!!!!!!!! It is a gift from god that should be prized for ever!
    They haven't seen the world and they should get the chance to at least see that mothers if u didn't want to have a baby and want it dead then why did u have it in the first place?

  • It should not be legal

    Those are gift from god. Even if she got raped but it was god who plan it. Because there's a reason why she got raped. And maybe this newborn have something more important that the world need. Maybe this newborn is going to save this world. But who know?? ONLY GOD KNOWS

  • No no no!

    Abortion is killing a human baby! Life begins at conception, not at birth.. There is no way anyone should be able to say that they are just getting rid of some tissue. When a baby kicks, the mother doesn't say "Oh the fetus kicked" or "Oh the mass of cells that isn't a human yet kicked" she says "the baby kicked"

  • Abortion should not be leagal

    If you are going to get pregnant don't kill your child put him or her up for adoption. You know how its considered a double murder if a pregnant woman dies and just murder if the child dies but yet its perfectly acceptable to kill your own child. What about that makes any sense?

  • Legal in some cases

    It should be legal if you're 12 - 20 years old, the fetus is conceived in a rape, and babies with abnormalities. You can't use abortion as a form of contraception. If you could have a punch card for how often you go in there, then it should be illegal.

  • It kills the baby, it harms the mother

    First of all, the meaning of abortion is to kill an unborn baby. If a women decided to do abortion, of course, it will kill the baby, but what people doesn't quite seem to notice is that IT CAN HARM THE WOMAN AS WELL. It can cause physical side effects as well as phycological side effects. And believe me, there are so many side effects!

  • Please don't do it

    No, because women are killing babies. You never know if the baby going to become president or the baby might be rich. So don't have a abortion. If you do you'll be sorry. Trust me. Life doesn't begin at birth it begins at the time you found out your are pregnant.

  • Please don't do it

    No, because women are killing babies. You never know if the baby going to become president or the baby might be rich. So don't have a abortion. If you do you'll be sorry. Trust me. Life doesn't begin at birth it begins at the time you found out your are pregnant.

  • Abortion Is Murder

    There is no difference between a fetus and a baby they just look different. Do not kill it. As soon as a baby is born would you stab it with a knife. Do not have an innocent child pay for your mistake of getting pregnant. Over fifty three million babies have been Aborted.

  • Abortion Is Murder

    There is no difference between a fetus and a baby they just look different. Do not kill it. As soon as a baby is born would you stab it with a knife. Do not have an innocent child pay for your mistake of getting pregnant. Over fifty three million babies have been Aborted.

  • Abortion is Murder

    Abortion should be illegal because if someone thinks the are old and mature enough to create an innocent child then they should be mature enough to either take care of that child or put it up for adoption. You may think that its your body, your choice but you are wrong. In the NIV bible in 1 Corinthians 6:19 it says,"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;" therefore that means it is not your choice to kill the innocent baby. One of the 10 Commandments says,"Do NOT murder" and abortion is killing a human being. I have read several comments that says," If someone is raped they shouldn't have to carry that baby for 9 months if they dont want to." but in my opinion I think they should take that responsibility instead of killing the child. It may have not been their choice for that to happen but it wasn't the babies choice either.

  • We've Already Decided

    Everyone here can agree that murder is unjustifiable. But here, we are trying to allow it simply because "it's my body" or "it's not human yet". We've already decided if this is ethical and legal. If a man murders a pregnant woman, he will be charged with double murder, even if the woman planned on having an abortion. Rape is wrong, and it's something we carry with for the rest of our lives, but that doesn't give us the right to murder. And if sex was consensual, you especially have no right to have an abortion. You can't smoke cigarettes and expect not to get lung cancer

  • Step out of your bubble

    In an era of great selfishness, it is not surprising that many people are willing to compromise morality for their own convenience. If you had sex, there is a probability you will get pregnant. It is as easy as that. If you don't want the burden of a baby than use protection or better yet don't have sex. But once you are pregnant, you have the moral responsibility to protect that baby against all cost and against all peril and complications. That baby is yours and religion aside and moral relativism aside, it is homicide to kill another human being and the same can be said about foetuses. Moreover, I know that there are women how get pregnant from rape. This is very unfortunate obviously but I do believe that these women should separate the baby from the rapist. The baby is innocent and as painful as it may be, he or she deserves a chance in life. Abortion is an issue not about the mother but about the baby.

  • Abortion is murder

    When you first produce this living thing its a cell and cell are a living thing. At 2 weeks old it has a heartbeat. Therefore its a living thing and when you get an abortion you're killing an living organism which is murder and murder is illegal. The 14th amendment protects the unborn because they cant speak for them self. If you couldn't use protection or get your life together that your fault so don't kill someone because of your mistakes.

  • Abortions should not be legal.

    When you get an abortion its murder therefore is illegal. At 2 weeks old the fetus has a heartbeat so, that means that is living. If you want an abortion think about all the family's that cant have babies and would die to have yours. Just think before you kill.

  • Fetus is Alive

    Scientific studies state that a fetus start to feel pain as it reach 20th week in the womb. This shows that the fetus, indeed, will fell the pain during the abortion process. After all, an unborn child also considered as a being, and killing a human being is a homicide. Therefore, abort a fetus shall fall under the same category too. On the other hand, abortion also bring harm to the mother, I mean that nobody could confirm that the abortion will succeed and it's possible for the mother to feel unbearable pain or even die. Besides, the mother will be having a phobia to pregnant again. Thus, abortion shouldnt be legalised as it will cause more harmful effects.

  • "Her body her choice"

    That's all everybody agreeing with abortion is saying. How is this possibly ok if it has a brain and a heart, IT'S OWN BAIN AND HEART! It's not her body it's sombody's else's body. "What if she was raped", That's a valid argument however just put it up for adoption. In my opinion the only time abortion should be allowed is if the mother would die otherwise.

  • An inconvenience doesn't justify killing a human being.

    Life begins at conception and a baby shouldn't be viewed as an item you can just throw in the garbage. They are beautiful creations and no need to worry about the population getting too big because the united states only just has enough kids to keep the population going and that's only because of people from other countries who come here to make more money.

  • Abortion is murder

    If its the man and womans fault for getting pregnant than why should the baby get the consequence, and also the woman suffers so much psychological damage, because killing is killing. The baby shouldnt have to suffer the consequences of his parents. Every life is precius, a baby is a baby

  • It just wrong

    Everybody is put on this earth for a reason so no body should be taking anybody else life. And if a women become pregnant they should accept the responsibility that comes with producing a child. I think abortion is just a shortcut. It doesn't make people deal with their problem like adoption would. Adoption would ha a bigger effect because people would have longer consequences to deter them.

  • Babies are equally human and have rights, abortion is MURDER

    “The fact that fetuses can feel pain is really quite obvious. Since newborn babies can feel pain, fetuses can feel pain. There is no pain switch which suddenly switches to "on" during the journey through the birth canal. The only question is when do fetuses feel pain? The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act places a fetus' ability to feel pain at 20 weeks from fertilization, about half way through pregnancy. Twenty weeks is a conservative enough estimate that even some prominent abortion supporters have conceded it's reliability. “

    “Allowing abortion conflicts with the unalienable right to life recognized by the Founding Fathers of the United States. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."Abortion takes away from the unborn the unalienable right to life that the Founding Fathers intended for all human beings.”

  • It's a child, not a choice

    The child inside it's mothers womb has a right. A right to grow old and have children. A right to learn. A right to love. A right to live. Abortion is murder. It's against the word of God. And I don't care what everyone else thinks, a child is a gift only to be destroyed by some woman who decides that she can't handle it? The least they could do is put the child in an orphanage. Your killing maybe the most beautiful thing in the world. It's a child, not a choice

  • Abortion is murder

    As long as adoption is an option, abortion is selfish Another life should not be wasted because someone did not choose use protection. I know many will argue about rape, but those make up 1-2% of abortions. I think abortion is just a shortcut. It doesn't make people deal with their problem like adoption would. Adoption would ha a bigger effect because people would have longer consequences to deter them.

  • Don't have sex!!

    If a woman gets pregnant, that is her responsibility, the baby should not have to suffer for a stupid mistake the mom did. Instead of aborting find other solutions, but most of the time if you were ready for sex you were ready for the consequences that are yet to come.

  • Abortion is a sick thing

    You are Killing a baby! What if that baby was YOU. Its not the babies fault the dude couldn't pull out or wear a condom. I can see its ok if the mother is really not able to have the baby and could die if she goes through. It says in the bible to not murder. I hope when you stand infront of God someday he tells you it was okay to kill that person.

  • Abortion is killing a person that could have a future.

    If you kill a baby (fetus) in abortion, that is basically killing a person. Even you may think they aren't alive yet, they could have had a life that could impact the world. That baby that might have lived deserved to be alive and abortion just throws that all away. Abortion is not acceptable.

  • No it should not!

    I Believe that it is unmoral and anti-human. It doesn't matter if you think a fetus or an embryo is human life, but that embryo or fetus (if not aborted) would someday become a human. Abortion policy relays on "oppressed women" and there lack of "choice" when it comes to having a baby

  • Abortion is never the answer

    When people say they are "Pro-Choice" they are too self absorbed to even consider other options. What most people do not understand is there are 1.5 million families wanting to adopt. So if you do not have the money, its a bad time, or even if you got raped, do not punish the innocent child. God always has a plan, do not try to play God

  • Abortion is murder.

    Their is a baby waiting to be born to live a healthy and full life. Another life shouldn't be killed because one didn't use protection, its your own fault. In cases of rape, THEIR IS SUCH THING AS GIVING BIRTH AND PUTTING IT UP FOR ADOPTION. YOU ALL ARE MURDERERS IF YOU DO ABORTIONS

  • This is wrong.

    Life is precious. It's the best thing God gave us..And it shouldn't be taken away form anyone if life is possible. Adoption is always an option and if you can't love your own baby than someone else will. Suck up those 9 months for the baby's entire life. You can still go to school..And choosing to take that risk before you're ready is your own fault.
    Don't bring up not raising the baby because of insufficient funds..Like I said before-adoption.
    There is no argument about this where adoption cannot win.

  • This is wrong.

    Life is precious. It's the best thing God gave us..And it shouldn't be taken away form anyone if life is possible. Adoption is always an option and if you can't love your own baby than someone else will. Suck up those 9 months for the baby's entire life. You can still go to school..And choosing to take that risk before you're ready is your own fault.
    Don't bring up not raising the baby because of insufficient funds..Like I said before-adoption.
    There is no argument about this where adoption cannot win.

  • Abortion Should Be Illegal (In Most Cases)

    Abortion is the murder of human being that has a right to life. Pro-abortionists say we Pro-lifers are anti choice, when if you think about it, many choices could've been made up to that point as to not get pregnant in the first place. "Pro-Choice" advocates also say that the woman may not be able to take care of the baby, but haven't you ever heard of Adoption. There are, however, cases in which abortion should be allowed. Cases of rape, or a condition in which the mother and/or baby have a low chance of surviving the birth should be allowed to have an abortion.

  • It is a right we shouldn't have.

    I understand that having a baby could mess up some people's lives, but the baby is still a person, just as much as the mother. Nobody deserves the right to kill someone just because that someone inconveniences them. If we are not allowed to kill rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, who have done incredible harm to the world, why should it be such an acceptable thing to kill someone who hasn't? We they deserve a chance just like everyone else.

  • The human life begins at conception.

    When we kill a grown human being it is considered murder, we take their life. The same applies for a small life inside of its mother. Why would you want to kill such an amazing being, that child will never get to live, love, laugh... That fetus is a living thing, we should never kill a living being.

  • Abortion will destroy society.

    Countries like China are killing more babies than having them.This
    will wipe out their society.The last thing I want to see is that happening to the U.S.It's murder and is wrong in God's eyes.May God save us from this holocaust in this land.I think abortion doctors are murderers like Adolf Hitler.

  • Abortion is not contraception

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of all women who receive an abortion in the U.S. have undergone a previous abortion. In 2012 New York had more African American babies aborted than born.

    Only a handful of women get pregnant because of rape compared to the vast amount that do it because of convenience.

  • Abortion is not contraception

    According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of all women who receive an abortion in the U.S. have undergone a previous abortion. In 2012 New York had more African American babies aborted than born.

    Only a handful of women get pregnant because of rape compared to the vast amount that do it because of convenience.

  • Abortion is a crime

    Whatever the situation abortion is a Crime, it shouldn't be legal.
    In my opinion there's no difference between a killer and a woman who had an abortion, I think she's a murderer as well, and should be punished.
    Personaly , I'm 16 and I really think teenagers should be more responsible , a baby is a human being you cannot decide of a child's death. (PS: I'm not judging anyone, though!!)

  • You are killing a baby.

    A baby is still a baby even if it is in a woman's womb. And the "it's her body" argument is simply stupid. It is no more her body then you are your moms body, and I don't see you fighting for her right to murder you. Another thing that should be noted is that everybody voting here has been born. I doubt that anyone here can honestly say that they would rather never exist then be an orphan. So how is it more fair to kill someone, instead of just giving them to someone who wants them?

  • Abortion kills a human being. Human beings have a fundamental RIGHT TO LIFE.

    A human being's life begins at fertilization. Zygote, embryo, fetus, newborn, toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly - these are all stages in the life-cycle of a human being. Location of the human being shouldn't matter - all innocent human beings should have a basic right to life. No one should be killed simply because they are unwanted or inconvenient.

  • It is not solving any problems

    By killing that child where the mother was either raped or cannot take care of e child or the child has a disability doesn't solve anything. By killing that child it does not erase a rape that happened and we do not cure a baby by taking its life. If the mother is a teen or is unable to take care of the child put it up for adaption!

  • Never take an innocent life

    Why kill an innocent soul , if you made the decision to have unprotected sex then you should pay for your consequence why punish an innocent child . If you can't support your child you have family members that would take care of it or give the baby up for adoption , but abortion is never the answer ,

  • It doesn't matter if its not even a "baby"

    Even thought supposedly the fetus is not even a real baby It still has a heartbeat and is starting to grow. It's your fault that you're a not so smart teenager that likes going out and does whatever they want. If perhaps you're doing an abortion there should be high strict circumstances Like only if you're raped etc.

  • Abortion is murder. But what about when a young girl gets raped?

    I believe that abortion is murder. However a lot of people are asking, What if she gets raped? She didn't make a decision to get raped, why does she have to "end" her life for a baby she didn't want? It happened because God allowed it to happen for a reason. Her life does not have to end. If she doesn't want to keep the baby, there is always the option of adoption.

  • Abortion is murder

    To kill a baby, is to kill a human. You would not kill a ten year old child, so why would you kill a baby? They have a right to live too, just like you an I. Abortion is no doubt, murder. It is not in any way ok to do.

  • This is so stupid. How can you say yes

    I believe that this is the most horrible thing in our society today. The fact that we are to the point where we are killing little babies is sickening. 150 years ago we were dealing with slavery which was a horrible thing. What is the difference? People used to believe that African people were not even humans! These are almost identical situations. I believe that people who believe that it is alright to kill a helpless fetus have no conscience at all. I am saddened at what our society has come to today, and I pray to god that someday this will all change.

  • Abortions should be ILLEGAL

    Abortion is murdering an innocent child. Even if it is not born yet, it is still a person. Abortions are simply UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Yes, a woman has the right to control her body, but not the life of someone else. Would you murder a toddler? If no, then why murder a child which is not born? It is the same thing. Even if you were raped, then you should not kill the child, you should at least have someone adopt it.

  • Abortion is wrong

    You should not be allowed to have an abortion, except in cases of rape. As soon as it is a fetus, it is life, and since it has the potential to become human life, you cannot kill it. Abortion is wrong. However, if a girl gets raped she does have every right to have an abortion, because she's lived through a lot of pain and she is emotionally scarred due to the rape. There's no reason to then make her have a child if she doesn't want it. So, I am pro life, but don't ever tell a girl who has raped that she must have the baby. That's wrong, sick, immoral, and disgusting.

  • Abortion is taking a life

    Think of a flower; you plant a seed in the ground, but it is only a seed. That seed will eventually sprout and begin to grow. Would you call a stem with a bud that has not yet bloomed, dead? Is it still considered a flower even though it is not fully grown? In spring, when we see flowers sprouting we still call them flowers. If I went to my mothers garden and snipped all the sprouted flowers off and told her, "Oh those aren't flowers because they are not fully grown", she would not be very happy because guess what? Those ARE flowers! As humans, we are constantly changing; constantly developing. Just because it hasn't developed into something that looks exactly like a human yet doesn't mean its not a human and life.

  • Abortion should not be legal, why is this even debatable ?

    Many people say "ok what if it's a teenager and she isn't able to support him/her?" Ok, but if she knew she wasn't going to be capable of raising a child, then maybe she shouldn't be acting like a grown up, having sex and later, not being able to handle the consequences. "what if she gets rapped?" I understand, maybe it wasn't their fault, but either way i believe you should have the child, and at least give it up for adoption. If there is a young girl in a club wearing revealing clothes, and getting drunk, then SHE is looking for trouble, and THAT would not be considered rape. Honestly, if you aren't ready to behave like an adult, then you shouldn't be doing adult things.

  • It is a sin and murderrrr

    It is murder and going against God's will. People need to stop abortion and take care of children!!!! We need children to carry on our family traditions and other things. Children are an important asset to our world. Hopefully people stop killing unborn babies. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • It is a sin and murderrrr

    It is murder and going against God's will. People need to stop abortion and take care of children!!!! We need children to carry on our family traditions and other things. Children are an important asset to our world. Hopefully people stop killing unborn babies. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Consistency and Responsibility

    If abortions are legal, this offers a way out for people who have conceived children. When people know this, they know that there is a recourse even if they have unprotected sex, and so there is less of a disincentive to conceive even if you're not willing to have the child. Second, I've heard abortion used as a issue for feminists. If a woman has a right to abort a baby that she consensually conceived with a man (rape is another issue), then what more right does she have to abort it than the man? If we're really going for equality, men should have just as much choice about the abortion as women. Thirdly, aborting children shows a decline in the respect for human life. A women chose to have sex, and she and the man need to take responsibility for it. The child will undoubtably be glad to be given the chance to live.

  • If it isn't human now, then when is it?

    I've tried and failed numerous times to understand arguments posed by pro-choice activists.

    Scientists cannot conclusively agree upon when life actually begins in utero...What I don't understand is that a baby is merely a "fetus" inside the womb, a non-human parasite, but then two minutes ago she was born and lo and behold she is a human now? This doesn't make sense to me. When does this magical moment occur that suddenly makes someone a human being?

    Another argument: why is it that when a pregnant woman is murdered, the murderer may receive two counts of murder - one for each "person" (mother, unborn baby), but when a pregnant mother knowingly aborts her pregnancy, she gets a pat on the back and a "see ya next time, kid"

    This backwards placement of values within our country is one of the many reasons it harbors so much corruption; if we don't as a whole value life in itself, how can we argue that we have values for anything else?

  • It is murder

    Whether abortion should is legal or not boils down to one question: What is the fetus. Science has shown us that the fetus is a living person. Just because they are small and inside the womb does not mean they are not alive. If you that is true, then a four year old in a small closet could be killed, because they are small and enclosed in a tiny space. This murder of innocent people has to stop.

  • Of course not!

    Abortion is the worst thing a woman can do to herself and a living unborn child. Not only is it killing an unborn child, it can raise the risk of cancer or miscarriages in the future. If you don't want the child, give it up for adoption. Stop the killing.

  • Give that baby a chance

    How would you feel if you thought you were fine in your mothers womb. Then the next day that privilege is taken away from you. And you cant even do anything about it? Every person in the world has a right to live. And if that mother got pregnant on accident it's her fault not the babies. Don't mess up someone else's life to keep your fine especially not someone's whose hasn't even started yet.

  • Abortion is terrible

    Pro-abortionists believe the mother has no rights if abortion is outlawed. But in reality, the unborn baby was no rights. Even though the fetus is not living it should be able to have the same opportunity you did when you were born. It is not the baby's fault it was conceived, it's the woman's (unless they were raped). The point is that the baby that was unable to be born could have been a very successful person and advanced humanity. That human could have found the cure for cancer or other diseases but it can't because it was not given the opportunity to live. Abortion should be illegal unless the woman will die unless the she has the baby removed or if the women was raped and too young to be a mother.

  • Murder! Homicide! Death!

    Abortion is murder. When is a fetus a human being? What gives you the right to decide? How would you feel if your mother made the choice to get an abortion instead of having you? What if George Washington's mother decided to get an abortion? Seriously, guys. It is murder.

  • Abortion shouldn't be legal!!!!!!!!!!!

    Abortion shouldn't be legalized because it is murder and life begins at conception, the moment when the egg is fertilized by the sperm. The embryo or fetus is logically a living being. It can feel pain and breath. It's connected to the mother by the umbilical cord so it must eat and drink in order to live.

  • "Right to choose"- to conceive...

    I agree that women should have the right to choose whether to conceive a child, and they do! Once they make that choice, however, murder is not an acceptable way of rectifying the situation. There are many alternatives to raising the child yourself but to kill it should not be one of them. Also, Rove v Wade is a joke. It legalized abortion based on privacy rights. What about the baby's right to not be deprived of life or liberty without due process of law?

  • Give them a chance at life

    I find abortion wrong and cruel. Some people told me, well what if the child hates their life? What if the child has to be put up for adoption and suffers of loneliness? Well this is what I think - the child may be sad or upset about something, but isn't living better than death? Even something so simple in life can make someone smile. Life is beautiful, so you should have a chance in it. Killing the child is just wrong. I know many get an abortion because of rape, or not being able to take care of it, but you still shouldn't kill your baby. Just remember that the baby could have had a chance to live and experience all the wonderful things in life. Don't take away their life.

  • Abortion should almost never be legal

    Abortion is a horrible and painful way to end pregnancy for a fetus. This is in the no section because I really do not believe it should be legal but in some circumstances. The only circumstance I can think of is if the women's life is in danger, and even then, if you know you can do a c-section without killing the mother or child then you should. Only if you know the mother WILL DIE should you preform an abortion. If she is raped, their is adoption so she can get rid of it if she doesn't want it. If teenagers have sexual intercourse and get pregnant from no protection, or if they are drunk and have sex, then if they are drunk they broke the law, and should pay the consequences, and I know in NJ if they are under 16 they broke the law and should pay the consequences

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T02:21:22.173
Children can survive at twenty weeks outside the womb. Anyone who dares abort a baby that has a chance of survival and adoption should absolutely not be aborted, and if the the mother is having health problems due to the child, which would most likely occur after that time period, an early birth could be arranged for health reasons. You do not have to get an abortion at that point!
Anonymous says2013-05-24T11:01:18.863
I think abortion should allow to those who have been raped, can you Imagen if it was you that your mother when she was carried you and you are the child of rape and everyone know that you are the child of the rape what were you do?
theconformist says2014-04-18T03:00:37.637
I saw a handful of genuinely good arguments on the anti-abortion side of the debate.

Please, when presenting your side of the argument, keep it devoid of religion. Religion is a personal belief. Hence, no one is obligated to believe in your vision of the world/existence. Keep discussion scientific and rational, with supporting evidence and examples.

There is nothing wrong with being opposed to abortion due to your particular religion. However, such arguments do not hold their weight in the court of law, nor will they shift those who are irreligious. Keep it secular to provide insight in the broadest sense.