Should abortion on the grounds of physical deformity be allowed?

  • Natural selection

    Humanity is digging its grave with letting the weak survive.
    Especially when the weak would choose to die if they had a chance to choose before they were even born.
    Deformed people are not only pure expenses for society, but also will often lead a terrible life. Deformity is like a prison you can never escape and you are raped daily.

  • Freedom of Choice is Not the Same as Discrimination

    Aborting a deformed fetus is not the same thing as claiming that deformed people are less human, or less deserving of life. I have known several people who experience mental and physical disabilities, and I cherished those friendships. But such disabilities can be an enormous challenge, even a burden, to parent and child. An unprepared or unwilling family can become dysfunctional and harmful to the child. There is nothing wrong with a woman deciding that she is not willing or able to take on such a challenge.

  • It is in everyone's best interest.

    Let the person have a fair chance at life. It is 100% the parent's choice, however personally I would have an abortion if my baby had a mental or physical disability. It leads to judgement by others, causing stress and discrimination. It is better for the parents to know that their child can be equal with everyone else. It is not the child's fault that they are deformed and it is not fair to not think of your child's future.

  • I think abortion should be allowed for a physical deformity if it reduces the quality of life for the child.

    I think abortion should be allowed for a physical deformity if it reduces the quality of life for the child. Sometimes physical deformities make it difficult for the person to enjoy life. In this case, I think abortion should be allowed. If the physical deformity is a missing pinky finger, which doesn't affect quality of life greatly, I think then abortion should not be allowed unless it normally is for other circumstances.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • In case of physical deformity, I support early abortion to avoid a lifetime suffering.

    Depending on the seriousness of the deformity, which might have significant impact on the life of the newborn, I agree that early abortion is suggestible to avoid life-long suffering. Particularly in cases where-in the person has to go through a painful life ahead then I think it can be avoided.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • Less government in people's personal affairs is always a good thing!

    No issue has a polarizing affect for our society the way abortion does. In addition, many other items get pulled into the abortion debate that really have very little to do with abortion, such as stem cell research. While on a personal level I consider myself to be pro-life, I do not feel that government has a role in deciding this issue for myself or for anyone else. As with most social issues, the choice should be left to the individual so long as it does not infringe on the rights of another. With that said, I do think that government can regulate abortion. I consider second and third trimester abortions to be abhorrent. These abortions should be reserved for specialized situations, such as the health of the mother or fetus and also for victims of rape. Birth control practices should also be promoted and funded to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    Posted by: snuggle muffin
  • Abortion on the grounds of physical deformity should be allowed.

    This is a touchy subject for most people...even those who are usually anti abortion may have some reserve about this circumstance. I myself could not abort a baby unless it was the result of a rape or if a life depended on it. There is always the option of adoption or abstinence for all that goes. However, nobody wants their child to have a disease or deformity. I do not agree with an abortion because of a club foot or something like that. It would have to be a major deformity with no aspect of a real life for the baby in my opinion.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • I think that abortion should be allowed at the decision of the mother carrying the child.

    I think that abortion should be allowed at the decision of the mother carrying the child, with birth defects and rape being only 2 reasons that might make a woman decide that abortion is right for her. The right to give birth should be in the hands of the person carrying the child, just the same as the right to not raise the child is in her hands. Women should be allowed to control their bodies and terminate a pregnancy when it is safe for her to do so.

  • Women should have rights over their own bodies

    A woman that is has a functioning role in society deserves more rights than a lump of cells in her uterus. If she wants to be a good samaritan and keep the child, that is on her, no one should force her to do so. Having the government or anyone else involved in her personal life is wrong.

  • If a fetus is severely physically deformed it should be aborted due to quality of life.

    If a fetus is deformed in a way that is going to affect the way that the baby lives than this would be the reason that it should be aborted. An abortion would be a better choice because you would never want a child to suffer with something their entire life.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • A life is a life.

    As a major pro-life supporter, I personally view this "reason" as complete insanity. Firstly, why should ANYBODY have the right to kill someone? Unborn or not, a child is living and breathing, and it has a right to see the light of day. Secondly, a deformity as a justification for abortion is like killing a child for becoming a quadriplegic. There is no difference in my eyes. We live in a world with lots of support for those who have to live differently due to physical limitations. And as experiences show, many have a positive outlook. So why prematurely end somebody's life when no matter what is 'wrong' with them, they still have the chance to live, love and laugh, no matter how long it may last.

  • If abortion is allowed on the grounds of physical deformity

    Then on similar grounds a person with a physical deformity due to accidents should not be allowed to survive.Well assume that the child gets injured during an accident which leads to a physical deformity. Does that mean we should kill the child? Isn't a great burden still being placed on the parents as well as the child?If this seems wrong and inhuman then abortion is the same as well.

  • Let them live

    Abortion is wrong no matter what the circumstances is, that baby is a living being and has a right to live. Just because the baby has a deformity doesn't mean that we have a right to kill it. Where dose it stop? The aborting the babies and euthanizing the old people or the disable people. Just let them live, for one day you would want the same mercy on you.

  • Everyone has potential

    This says it all. This is 'cause we're all human beings, and we all can amount to something good. Some of the world's most famous people have been born with a physical deformity, and it's just not right to deny someone of the chance to contribute to humanity's efforts.
    Take the case of Eleanor Simmonds, for example. She was born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. She then took an interest in swimming, and became one of Britain's most prominent Paralympic athletes. From there she proceeded to win three gold medals at Beijing in 2008 and has won 22 gold medals in total worldwide.
    Imagine if the child had the potential to find the cure to cancer. Wouldn't it be wrong to stop them? What if the disabled person would eventually create a breakthrough in science? Who are we to play God?

  • It is wrong

    It is still your child and your should love it no matter what. Just because it has a disability doesn't mean that you should be able to kill it, That child could make your day every single day and bring joy to your life. I think that people are being selfish if they chose to abort a child because of a disability

  • No no no

    How would you have liked it if you mother killed you because you had a physical deformity. It's not right to kill a child just because of that. And it's not the child's fault they would be born like that. If it's your child love it for who it is and not how it will look.

  • Wrong wrong wrong

    Abortion should not even be an option. I had a friend who was going to give her daughter up for adoption, adoption not abortion. But once she had the baby and held her she couldn't even bare the thought of living without her so she kept her. I don't think its fair to the child having someone else determine if you live or not. Its not the mothers life. No it is an own individual life breathing yet or not.

  • Human being/ Adoptions an option

    The practice of Eugenics was frowned upon. If we validate that abortion on the grounds of physical deformity is okay, then why was there such an uproar when the practice of Eugenics was found out. The child is a human being and has a right to life. If the mother or father of the child does not want the child give it up for adoption. There are families out there who would love to have a child.

  • No one should be killed because of deformities.

    No one should be killed because of deformities. What if Helen Keller, Ray Charles, or conjoined twins were put to death? No Judge or any other person has the right to play God. We need to act more like human beings and not like wild beasts. We need to learn to be caring people and help each other instead of destroying each other.

  • Only God has the right to determine life or death.

    Since we cannot create life (procreation is NOT creating ) we should not take life. God is sovereign over His creation. If we start deciding who should live and who should die with respect to the unborn child, it will haunt us when we get older and others decide that we ourselves should no longer live as we are simply "useless mouths" and take up precious resources.

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