Should Abortions Be A Personal Matter For The Individual(YES) Or A Public Matter For Society?(NO)

Asked by: Eqcuis
  • Abortion is too morally complex to have a national or state stance on it.

    Killing a human fetus is significantly different from killing a more developed human. A fetus is unaware of its own existence and has no concept of life or death. It wants nothing. A human fetus is human, but it does not have the same needs or desires as more developed humans. Killing a human who has tasted life and craves more from it is an entirely different matter.

    If killing an unborn human is not morally the same as killing a born human, the two situations should be approached differently. Specifically how is very complex and largely up to the individual. If it is this hard to reach a moral consensus on abortion, the state has no business restricting it or promoting it. Even though it's not a religion, it falls into that category of ideas that the state should step around.

    Personally, I think that abortion is morally preferable over giving birth in every situation. I am an antinatalist and believe that it is morally wrong to create new people. I also don't think that humans deserve special moral attention over other animals based on their species alone. Therefore, it means nothing to me that human fetuses are human. They're dumber than the cows, pigs, and chickens that we eat and wear.

    The only moral considerations that I think human fetuses deserve are preventing their pain, assuming that they can feel it, and maximizing their potential for desirable futures should a pregnant person decide to carry a pregnancy to term. If fetuses can feel pain, it's a little absurd to think that they ought to be squeezed through canals that are smaller than their heads rather than be killed. Some pain medicine can make an abortion MORE humane than giving birth.

  • Societies need virtue.

    Free societies will collapse under the weight of immorality without protecting virtue. Every....Every, society which became free from virtue, no matter how powerful it was, has fallen away from freedom. Those who will not be guided by virtue are destined to be guided by an all powerful government. But freedom does not mean the freedom to commit murderous acts. Until very recently no one took freedom to mean such a thing. There are always limits on behavior. We have degenerated to the point where people advocate a mother's right to kill her own child, and others advocate the right of two sexual deviant to play married. We are on the fast track to a tyrannical government.

  • You made it the public's business so it's our business.

    People protested hard for the legalization of abortion in the PUBLIC sphere. Of course it is the public's business because you MADE it our business. If you're trying to get the government to fund abortions ie coming from OUR tax money, then it certainly is my business. If you're continuously protesting in my neighbourhood for abortion then it certainly is my business. You don't want me involved in abortion, take your matters to the government PRIVATELY or pay for the damn abortion yourself and stop feeling entitled to make others pay for it FOR you!

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harrytruman says2016-08-11T01:44:01.893
It's not a question, neither society no any individual gets to decide if someone else has the right to live, this should only be done with due process of law, which is not achieved through an abortion.
Eqcuis says2016-08-11T07:47:35.017
@harrytruman please explain more what you mean by due process of law. I'm interested in your take on this matter.
harrytruman says2016-08-11T20:57:27.783
The constitution ensures that no one would be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, put simply neither an individual nor society has any right to deprive a fetus of its right to live, if it committed a horrible crime and was put on trial and was sentenced to death with a jury of its peers and a legal representative and years of appeals, then you can execute it, but thus far I know of no fetus who has committed any crime worthy of the death penalty.
Eqcuis says2016-08-12T15:10:40.503
@harrytruman hmmm interesting.