• Ya! I agree with that statement

    Because,they has faced many struggles in there life. They know how to solve. They wont corrupt money because they in higher level.Now-a-days in the present situation 80% of thinking about how to corrupt money not think to do something to people.I agree with this statement very strongly.They should Introduce a comitee to come back all money toour country

  • Yes,because they have free will

    This is why we have our own lives. We were given free will so that we could choose what we want. If we are good at law or politics even if we are actors we could become politicians. It's not his/her fault if he/she wants to join politics and become a politician. Why? Because that is what they want.

  • Morality the main ingridient

    Well friends,

    To be in politics totally depends on citizens of India. We have to select leaders who are doing great for our country. If actors doing good to develop our basic needs and stick to general public then there is no harm in that.

    We should support such leaders who always try to influence the public need and are creating milestone in the developing India. As India gave freedom to its citizen to fly in any area of the service so as this is responsibility of a person not to play for their own benefit but to be socially serve the country and should help in development of community. We can only rise if we think with a mind set of development of nation.

    This is really great while you think like this and we should only support good and ideal person for politics whether he may be any actor or politician or a general public.

  • They have popularity

    Actor's are always very well know by the people and that popularity pressure makes them force to do good work....As they care about their impression. Good political work will help them achieve fame and personal success.....IT'S WHAT EVERYONE CARES ABOUT. Actors also do a lot of charity work and after joining politics it can be expanded on a state level by the help to government.

  • Actors know life of all people....

    Many actors are self made actors thus they know the difficulties that all people undergo in life. They would have gone through the rough grind of life , after which they have succeeded. Actors are also made to act in films as common man . As they need to analyse and learn about the character they will be playing they get to know the plight of the people. Actors also act in different places and thus they get to know the life led by people in different places.

  • Actors seem to make good politicians.

    While you may not always agree with their politics, you can't deny that actors have had some good success in the world of politics. Ronald Reagan is just one name you can offer. Cooter from The Dukes of Hazard, Gopher from the Love Boat, and Al Franken of SNL fame are just a few name you can look at.

  • Yes, actors are people, too..

    Actors are no different than anyone else, so if they want to join politics it's the same as a lawyer or business man/women joining politics. You can have any career and still have a passion for politics. People are free to have any career they want as long as it's legal.

  • NO, because they are busy in shooting for their projects

    Even they have their own money...Still they don't have enough time for it. I mean, they have enough money so they will not corrupt us but the problem is their time spending in debates of law, helping to resolve the poverty and other issues that politics should being tackle right now.

  • HoHow they know poor people feeling

    Actor's they spend there time in acting , party, still to press and in some vacation they meet some places and people
    With this they don't have the feeling that the poor analysis or they don't get it in them so actor should act and give the politics to the person who faces problem in that field

  • Unless they want to

    Actors should not simply join politics because they are famous that reason is not good enough. If they are truly concerned about something for example then they can become a voice for that issue. However, if they are not deeply rooted with something I do not believe that it is good to do so.

  • They should not

    Actors should stick to what it is that they are already good at, and that is acting. There really is nothing to be gained by an actor becoming a politician. We already have enough bad politicians in Washington and around the rest of the USA, so why add more to the mix?

  • No, because they already have.

    Every politician is an actor, and there have been actors who have joined the political arena when their acting careers become tiresome or boring, idle-out. We do not need any more potent-liars in political office than is necessary. Just look at Romney. He was a professional actor. Unfortunately he was so established an actor that he forgot his previous lines and trudged ahead as if it were just a play. So much of poliltical shenanigans have resulted from bullcrap and lying. Acting. Drama, posturing. All of it. We don't need more.

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