• Yes, there is new evidence.

    Whether or not Adnan Syed is guilty, despite the podcast, he still deserves a new trial because new evidence has come to light. This is how we have designed our justice system, and the only way it can be considered fair is if we follow the rules we have established.

  • Enough info has been found to possibly change his case

    After all these years, there has been a very important piece of information that could potentially change the outcome of his murder trial. Cell phone records used at the time were not reliable, and that may have had a large bearing on the guilty verdict. If this could change his conviction, he deserves a new, fair trial.

  • Yes, Adnan Syed deserves a retrial.

    Yes, Adnan Syed deserves a retrial, and the trial court judge agrees. Mr. Syed's motion for a new trial was granted by the court because his original lawyer provided him with ineffective assistance of counsel. She failed to interview an alibi witness or to call her at his trial even though the witness said that she had seen Mr. Syed at a library when the murder was committed elsewhere.

  • Yes, I agree that the evidence in Adnan Syed's case should be reviewed in a new trial.

    Because there was no physical evidence, Adnan Syed was convicted solely on the testimony of someone who claims he helped bury the victim's body. A murder creates multitudes of physical evidence, and it seems to me that if Syed did kill this young woman, there would be some type of physical evidence no matter how minute it may be.

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