• Of course he should

    The fact that he's being given a second trial means that there is enough reason to believe he might not be guilty of the crime of killing Hae Min Lee. If they're willing to believe he might not have done it, why not give him bail? There shouldn't be reason to suspect he'll jump ship or anything, especially with such intense media scrutiny.

  • Yes, Adnan Syed should have the right to bail during his retrial.

    It's true that Syed is on trial for a brutal murder. However, he has maintained his innocence for 16 years, and a new alibi witness has emerged. Also, his defense lawyer was accused of gross negligence. Denying bail could prejudice the jury against him and would deny him a constitutional right.

  • No, Adnan Syed should not receive bail

    No, Adnan Syed should not receive bail. Although new evidence has come up in his case, the evidence is not strong enough for a court to determine that he should receive bail. Adnan Syed should not receive bail because of the nature of crimes and the likelihood that he will return for trial.

  • No Adnan Syed shouldn't receive bail.

    No one should be allowed to receive bail if they commit murder. Murdering someone is one of the worst crimes you can commit so why should they be allowed to post bail. They need to stay in jail for the full sentence and accept the penalty of being a murderer.

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