• Limit the content, please.

    The advertisement placed should just be plain educational. We do not wish children to get attracted by a new food product, toy, furniture, or anything that is unrelated to education. To advertise, the bus companies and the schools should begin to cooperate with their nearby stores. This will result in more profit as advertisements can start displaying discounts or anything that is beneficial for a child's school year.

    Let's get sidetracked a bit here: Maybe an update should be applied to the buses, where the entire shape and chassis should be changed. Electronic systems that register a student's presence should begin to be implemented. All in all, I'm here to present an opinion, not a full plan.

  • Yes i like buses

    Because ads will get your school $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ moneeeeeeeee e e e e e e e ee e e ee e e e e e e e e ee e e e e e ee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

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  • Not safe for kids

    To much internet will rock your brain too much also parents don't
    want there kids on the internet . And when you drive that school bus
    there going to think it good so that my opinion also if we didn't have money that's a reason that should say yes now I'm done

  • No they freaken shouldn't

    They shouldn't have ads at school because the ads could be a trick. The people at the store of the ad could be selling drugs and ciggars and the kids might buy it because the cashier might say it's candy or it's candy flavors and the kids might buy it and start to smoke and do drugs or even start selling them to other kids or their friends.

  • Kids can be in danger

    Because kids can be in danger by people driving and not looking where their going and they are looking at the ads.BY FIFTH GRADERS BOOYA that is my opion on having ads on a school bus espiclally elementary buses. Thank you u reading my opion on ads on school buses

  • School Should Not Support Your Company

    School is a place where you learn how to do things you will later need in life, not a place to get them to buy or do something. Lots of kids go on the bus everyday so they would be seeing an ad to do or buy something everyday. This could either make them want to do it which can be bad in some cases, or it could annoy them and they will end up getting driven to school. This idea should not be put into action or the amount kids on buses will plummet so much bus drivers will lose there jobs. Just don't do this. Don't

  • Taints the Learning

    School is a place meant for learning. Wether it does its job or not is debatable, but, it is not a place to sell your product. Education should not be a place filled with corporations, as this will ads will lead to, so keep ads far far away from education.

  • Ads are crual

    Ads are not a good idea on buses because barely anyone looks on a school bus. Ads should be on billboards, television, not on buses. Who ever thought about that idea? Its just plain dumb. School buses should just be plain yellow. Not have any color on them. Anyway, its just a waist of money.

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