• The agriculture industry clothes, feeds, and shelters us.

    We as consumers have the right to know at least the basics of the industry that provides the basic necessities of life to us. Contrary to belief, farmers and producers are not out to hurt anyone. What these people are producing are their livelihoods and they are so confident in what they produce that they have no issue (and 100% trust) in giving it even to their own families.

  • My mom had it.

    My mom is from a different country and the schools there have different subjects than they have here in America! The schools there sound so much fun, as you can play in the rain. My mom even thought the different subjects were in America schools but nope! Anyway, she had agriculture/gardening as a subject. What if grocery stores can't store any more fruits and vegetables (certainly won't happen)? And I want to know the foods I can eat and not eat. I might not know what I'll be eating.

  • Is it not taught in schools?

    I always thought agriculture was a simple part of all education requirements. So yeah. It should be taught. I don't see why not. Lol
    So yeah
    Agriculture is part of nature. So yeah it should be taught. No two ways about it. Lol I don't see why they wouldn't do that.

  • Yes, agriculture should be taught in schools.

    Children should know the basis of food and where it comes from. They should learn that certain things only grow in certain regions and during certain parts of the year. They should learn where meat comes from and how it is raised. This will give them a better idea of how life works.

  • People don"t know what they are eating

    With a simple education people would understand that some things they are told to fear by the media are actually harmless, such as hormones and GMO's. People should at least make educated decisions before attacking agriculture, if they could grow their own food maybe they would. Everyone should be able to provide for themselves and their families, or at least know how other people do it for them.

  • No use for it.

    People say they should have it required because they should know where their food comes from. If it is put it just to learn then it should just be a dual credit class or an extra curricular because most fo the stuff learned is not required for most jobs. Agriculture is the study of the science of farming and cultivating crop.S

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