• Yes, I paid for a certain time!

    I am a strong believer that if you pay for something, then you are well within your rights to complain if you do not receive exactly what was paid for, and/or advertised.Flights are no exception. If I booked a flight for 8 O'Clock on a Friday, and it is delayed until 1AM the next day, I expect to be able to take legal action because of this.

  • Yes, airline passengers should be able to sue in certain situations.

    I support airline passengers right to sue over missed flights but only under qualifying circumstances. If the flight was missed due to something caused solely by the airline (like a security line delay) and the passenger is going to lose out on some type of income because of the missed flight, then I say yes, sue away.

  • Passengers should not be able to sue airlines over missed flights

    Airline passengers should not be able to sue over a missed flight. Although annoying and inconvenient, it would hold the airlines to an impossible and unprecedented standard. There are many factors outside the airline's control, particularly weather. All passengers know there is a possibility of delays, and should plan accordingly.

  • Too many lawsuits already

    We don't need any more things for people to sue over. Missed flights are simply a part of life, no matter how unfortunate. We cannot file lawsuits against any person or company that upsets us. There is never a guarantee when it comes to flights, or most other things for that matter.

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