Should alcohol and tobacco products be advertised on TV?

  • It's Fair Game

    I think that alcohol and tobacco products should be allowed to be advertised on TV because it is available legally when you're of age, so why can't it be mass advertised? If underaged citizens start to partake in these drugs because of the advertisements, it is not because of the ads it is because of a lack of morals.

  • Sure, after nine at night.

    As long as the ads are not permitted during family viewing times, or during children's programming, I don't see why not. They are both legal products for adults to use, and I see no reason not to allow the manufacturers to advertise them to their intended users. If a parent allows their child to watch adult programming, then they get to deal with questionable material.

  • Bad for America's economy

    If it wouldn't make such a huge problem it would have already been done. But no one has pointed out that they make up a large part of our economy. Now I'm not saying that its ethical to advertise these to young children but it is important to stimulate the economy.

  • On adult programs.

    These pruducts are perfectly legal for adults. And not advertising isnt going to change the amount of the people using the products. Yes, they are not good for your heath, but think about it. There are alot of adds on tv that you dont think about using. But you dont get offended because other people like it... So why should you get offended about these products? Its no diffrent. So there for they should be aloud to advertise on adult programs.

  • Alcohol and tobacco are no more dangerous than fast food being advertised on TV.

    Alcohol and tobacco are products that help people relax from stressful days. To advertise it not only increases money flow in the economy, but create jobs for distributing and selling them. They have been proven to be drugs that, in moderation, can make a day or night more enjoyable without being too dangerous.

  • Of course they should, with certain restrictions on when tobacco TV ads can be aired.

    I've always thought the 1971 ban on cigarette and tobacco TV advertising was unfair, especially if constant anti-smoking, smoking cessation products, and e-cigarette ads can be aired on TV. Require tobacco and cigarette ads to post a clear notice about the dangers of smoking at the end of each ad(and that they only be purchased by those of legal age), that they only can be advertised at night and during programs with a primary adult audience, so that they can reach out to their customers that way. Plus regulate both tobacco and alcohol TV ads in a similar way, so that both such ads are on equal footing with how they are regulated. If alcohol products, smoking cessation, and e-cigarettes can be legally advertised on TV, why not also tobacco products?

  • The potential negative impact alcohol can have is not worth the risk

    Alcohol ads paint the picture that to be happy and accepted in today's society alcohol has to be a part of your lifestyle. It should be considered false advertising unless they show the people who's life has been changed by alcohol, the divorces, the abuse, the death from driving under the influence, the health issues, the role it plays in the homeless community. It ruins countless lives everyday.

  • I think it's not good because it promotes the youth risk behavior

    When they advertise on media more people who are not drinking and smoking get to use to it just because it always advertised and think it good doing it and it bad for the youth and the young stars for example:when girls start to drink beer they start sleeping around and forget about the future and they fall pregnant

  • Alcohol Misleads Youth!

    So, what is the price Americans are paying for "community and the good life,"as characterized by alcohol/beer advertising? It's twisted metal, steel, and lost lives: 80,000 annually per CDC, 2012. It's not what is characterized on the screen and TV. It's more deadly than the wars we fight.
    Henry Brown

  • No. I would hope that we, as a society, would find better things with which to stimulate our senses.

    As the question is a bit ambiguous, I am making more of a moral argument than a legal one. It would be my hope that we would desire to "pipe" into millions of homes things more constructive than alcohol and tobacco products. It is ultimately we, as consumers, who demand what is given space and time on our televisions -- so it is further my hope that we will, in time, demand less and less of these destructive products, and replace them with healthier, more constructive goods.

  • No. These products are better left out of advertising.

    Currently, it is already illegal to advertise tobacco. Having said that, the tobacco business has proven that it can do just fine without TV advertising. What is to say that alcohol needs to be advertised? Alcohol has the potential to be an addictive substance and it can cause many damaging effects for people who abuse it. I think we would be better off if TV ads were out.

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