Should alcohol companies be allowed to advertise on TV?

  • We need to normalise alcohol as a part of society

    The reason why many developed nations have so many problems with alcohol is the fact that it is witheld for far too long and it is increasingly seen through the tinted spectacles of social taboo. If we want people to develop a responsible attitude to alcohol, simply hiding it isn't the answer. It will never be possible to completely shield children from the presence of alcohol: they'll see it in restaurants and see their parents drinking it. Thus there's no point shielding kids from alcohol - indeed we should normalise it so it seems less exciting and cool - therefore there's no need for a ban.

  • Should parents be allowed to shirk their responsibilities?

    The overwhelming majority of television viewers of any channel that would show alcohol advertisements are adults who have a right to view this kind of content. Parents have been given ample tools, such as ratings and parental controls, to help them maintain control over the content their children are exposed to. Furthermore, the job of a parent is to educate his/her children on issues such as alcohol, drugs, and sex; not to simply sweep them under the rug.

    Posted by: Quan
  • They sure should!

    It's the responsibility of parents, educators and other authorities to influence children on what is the right thing to do. We shouldn't have a brand censorship on the basis of what it will do to the children. If television advertisements are strong enough to corrupt your children, it is my belief that you may be doing it wrong. Besides, the more taboo something is, the more likely, it seems, to create temptation.

  • Yes it should.

    Alcohol is not a illegal substance, so why wouldn't is be allowed? Like any other companies they gain more money if they use advertisements, so why shouldn't alcohol companies. If minors are drinking what makes you think its from advertisements? Could be from other factors(other kids, bad adults). Don't blame the ads, blame the parents, they should have a better control of their children. If you argue that when they are older they get drinking problems, then when they are adults they can do as they wish, parents don't have legal control on them, if they are irresponsible enough to get drinking problems then that is their fault.

  • No they shouldn't

    Alcohol companies should not be allowed to advertise on television especially on hours that children are home. It affects the children and encourages them to drink. So when they are older, they may have drinking problems so I think that alcohol companies should not be allowed to advertise on television.

  • No alcohol companies shouldnt

    The reason why i say no is because there are young people listening and watching tv at evry hour of the day. Children who see this thinks its ok; so by the time they are around the age of 15 even sometimes younger they start drinking and having alcohol parties. If people really cared about not selling alcohol to minors then they shouldnt put it on the tv. People seriously common sense you really want to elp the community then be smart.

  • Alcohol and tobacco both kill

    Tobacco ads run all day showing the medical consequences of smoking and tobacco companies cannot advertise. So how is alcohol any different? Alcohol causes cancer and many other medical issues. It kills innocent people every day in automobile accidents. We should not make drinking alcohol an acceptable norm for our society.

  • People don't need encouragement

    Why do we need to advertise alcohol? There is currently far too much easy access to alcohol as it is and advertising does not help the high consumption of both young and older people alike. There should be tighter restrictions around advertising for alcohol that is over a certain percentage i.E. Spirits.

    It's crazy how much harm this substance does to society yet it is openly encouraged and praised.

  • I live in a country where cigarettes can't be advertised, whereas alcohol and gambling can,

    And at least here (Italy) alcoholic drinks advertisements depict drinking alcohol like the only way to have fun and to look cool. What's worse, people aged from about fifteen to twenty seem to really think so. I fortunately am older enough to see how cool they really look when they can barely walk or speak. Or drive. You all and I have been kids, and you know how easy is to do things away from your parents' sight. Things like alcohol and gambling (the latter affecting more the adults, but teenagers are not immune) shouldn't be advertised in any way.

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