• Yes all cars should be electric cars

    Because cars with fuel pollute the air and causes green house gases but electric cars don’t all you have to do is charge them like the Tesla it’s a beautiful car and you can still drive a fast car but electric some people just like driving fuel cars because it’s fast or sounds fast the Tesla is fast it is a luxurious car and has butterfly doors which are amazing

  • In theory they should to reduce CO2 emissions, however this isn't a viable solution.

    First thing; where do we get the power?
    CO2 emitting industries would be required to provide an additional amount of oil, coal, natural gas, and etc.
    Second thing; how will these electric cars be produced?
    CO2 would be produced to mass-produce the required amount of cars needed to provide people electric cars thus instead of a gradual shift would take a impractical method to provide these cars.
    Third thing; expenses, old cars are currently cheap and affordable to the general public thus most lower-income families (The massive amount of people in America) cannot afford a luxurious car as the amount of money needed to pay of the car and insure it would be vastly out of the pay range of the general public.

  • Not an equitable solution right now

    The cost of electric vehicles currently do not provide enough of a saving to offset price (i.E. Tesla)
    Depending on who's data you look at and how electric is produced the CO2 foot print could be the same as a high milage gasoline vehicle. Emissions on gasoline vehicles continue to be reduce with advancements in technology. The #1 reason, you can't go on long distance trips with an elective vehicle and charging stations are not along al interstate routes.

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