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  • All children should be able to go to preschool.

    All children should be able to go to preschool. When children go to preschool, they learn how to interact with others. This is an important skill that will take them far in life, and will allow them to be more successful when they reach more formal public school, like kindergarten.

  • I think so!

    The earlier a child starts learning the better student and person that child will become. Children are very bright and this is the perfect age to start with reading, another language, and other necessary skills. I was a single mom who would spend about an hour a day after to work to work with my daughter. I started this about 2. At, two and half, she knew her abc's, count to 10 in English and Spainish, knew her shapes and colors.

  • Yes, in most cases.

    Certain children simply need special attention that pre-schools cannot afford to give them. Whether this is because they have a developmental condition or simply because they are overly energetic and don't play well with others, those children should likely receive different care and a more gradual form of socialization. By and large, however, any child should be allowed to attend pre-school.

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, I think that all children should have the opportunity to go to preschool. All children should have access to a great education. If we provide a better education for the children in our country, we will build a better society from the ground up. They will be smarter and go on to be successful, educated people.

  • Yes, but parents should be the ones to decide

    Yes, there are social benefits to preschool and children should not be starting kindergarten and grade school at a disadvantage simply because their parents could not afford preschool or because no preschool is available in their area. However, the decision of whether children should go to preschool should be left to the parents to decide, not mandatory.

  • Our land should have equal opportunities!

    Yes, all children in this country should have the privilege of being able to attend a decent preschool program. It would not be constitutional for some children to have this chance but not others. Preschool sets the stage for children to have the necessary social and academic skills to be successful in school, and should be offered in every public school district. I do not agree that every child should have to go, that is up to the parents, but every child should be afforded the chance.

  • Yes, it would be a move that would benefit both child and parent. Children have an amazing capacity to learn that is often under-exploited.

    In the wake of crippling recession, parents are working longer hours to make ends meet. This inherently reduces their ability to fully exploit the accelerated capacity of learning that children possess. Preschool would serve as both a free means of daycare and a concerted emphasis on teaching the child unreachable for many families.

  • Yes, all children should be able to go to preschool to better improve their education.

    All children should have access to school regardless of their age. Getting outside of the home environment and interacting with friends, places, things and adults will improve intelligence, creativity and confidence. An extra year in school could improve vocabulary, skill and overall knowledge. I do not understand how anyone could say no to this question and block an innocent child from an education. All children of all colors, religions, genders, and classes should have the right to an amazing education.

  • I don't think so

    I didn't go to preschool but Kindergarten. I learned Preschool stuff at home and still kept all my arts, books, and some of my memories. I learned how to count, color, find stuff from stuff, and how to put stickers on (I see those this day). So I don't think so.

  • No Negative No

    Some parents don't need to take their kids to preschool . Because they already have enough sense. It may help with education but it is just not worth it . Preschool may help a lot to you but just not me. Preschool is just too soon it may be incredible for learning things early. But I just cant say yes to this.

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