• Drugs should be legalised

    Drugs should be legalised because if they are the government can just tax drugs heavily also if drugs a legal they lose a lot of value because they aren't high risk and if their not making money drug manufacturers will stop also if they just put up warnings like take at your own risk like smoking all those who do drugs it's their problem so basically it would make life easier if drugs were legal

  • Drugs should be legalized

    The legality of a drug will not stop people from using those drugs. However, if we were to decriminalize the use of these drugs, we will change drug use from a criminal issue to a health issue. Then we can work to give people who are dependent on drugs the help they need.

  • All drugs should be legalized.

    Yes, all drug use should be legalized. People should be allowed to do what they want to their own bodies. Many illegal drugs are naturally occurring substances in nature. Consuming them should not be illegal. This only fills the jails with people who were hurting nobody other than themselves--if that. Organized crime would also be reduced because gangs often traffic drugs. Many gang related deaths could then be avoided as well.

  • All drug use should be legalized

    All drug use should be legalized, if for no other reason one persons taking drugs does not affect any other people except themselves. If someone is unable to control their drug use, that is fine by me. It hurts no one but themselves. The war on drugs is a failure, time to legalize all drugs.

  • No, all drug use should not be legalized.

    There are many dangerous drugs that can cause harm to those that take them: Meth, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, etc. Not only can someone harm himself from taking one of these dangerous drugs, but he can also hurt others. Therefore, government has a role in protecting people from the effects of these dangerous drugs. However, some substances like marijuana should be decriminalized. Also, government should reform the war on drugs; moving away from mass incarceration for non-violent drug offenses. In short, no, not all drugs should be legalized.

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