• Support whats right and ban drugs

    Drugs should be banned as no good comes from drugs. They can cause serious healthy problems toward your healthy and regular consumption can destroy you. Nicotine which is a type of drug can cause addiction. If you become addicted to something you want more a more. You wont stop wanting it. This can cause an overdose and you can eventually die from it.

  • Drugs are degradation of human personality.

    Legalization of drugs will have more birth defects if a pregnant woman is doing drugs. Plus, drug addicted mothers are more likely to abuse their children. We will add more destruction to the families, which already are struggling with alcohol addiction, they also will have drug addition spouse. Drug legalization will push millions of people and infants to the neighborhoods with life of oblivion and diseases.

  • I love america

    We do not need any more crackheads and people that smoke weed but we only need the drugs that can actually make a difference in hospitalization and healing prescriptions there you go people that vote no because you probably have a sibling or family member who is very ill or is on the verge of dieing and the only thing you can do is keep the medications and drugs that they take to stay alive and fight for why they should be LEGAL!!!

  • Drugs mess with brains

    More then 552,000 crimes are committed due to drug intoxication. Also 550,000 drug busts happen per year. Over 100,000 huge busts like about 27,000,000 dollars worth of drugs in 3 busts. If there is 550,000 drug busts per year that's exactly 1 bust every 19 seconds that's a lot of cops sacrificing their lives

  • Most drugs should be legal.

    Making drugs illegal only causes them to be produced and distributed by criminals with no sense of ethics or production standards. It puts casual non-addict users into prison. Keeping drugs illegal only places a medical and legal burden on our society that we simply cannot continue to afford. While not all drugs should be legalized, I believe that most of them should be.

  • Hurtful to Society

    Moral decay in our society is just a contributing factor to the amount of drugs being processed in our culture. We should know better than to allow such things to happen. Drugs should not be legalized, we would have more deaths and accidents happening. The more we keep a restraint on drugs, the better our nation will be.

  • The problem with addiction

    People will always consume drugs, whether legal or not. As alcohol prohibition has shown, there is no way to prevent people to consume the drug of choice they desire. Making drugs illegal has the adverse effect of pushing the problem underground and making it uncontrollable. Society has to take the responsibility of embracing the drug problem and therefore minimize the crime attached to this. Once we are on the way of doing this we will take away the bases of income for drug cartels and actually generate enough revenue to cover the costs of drug abuse and education.

  • Should be ban

    You waste all your money -- illegal drugs are expensive -- this leads to the next thing ...
    You end up stealing -- because drugs are expensive, drug addicts end up stealing to support their habit
    you drive away all of your friends and family -- nobody wants to be around a drug addict -- they're not fun, all they want to do is take drugs, and they steal from everyone (even their friends and family) -- so you end up being all alone
    you always have a chance of overdosing and killing yourself

  • Why should they be legal?

    Drugs give no help to anyone in the world drugs can cause birth defects in pregnant mothers and if someone is drunk driving then someone can possibly die and the cause of that is drugs. And if people think that drugs do not affect other people then they are wrong, secondhand smoke is one of the leading deaths of babies, over 2,800 babies have died from secondhand smoke so, if you think that drugs are okay, your wrong.

  • Hagadididigafahatopayonga pooheaded fools

    Foolish donkeys smoke weed erverydayw Confusion is a 1975 studio album by Nigerian Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti (pictured) and his band. It was arranged, composed, and produced by Kuti, who emphasized his African heritage and nationalism on the album. Confusion is a commentary on post-colonial Lagos and its lack of infrastructure and proper leadership. Kuti's pidgin English lyrics depict difficult conditions in the city, including frenetic, multilingual street markets and inextricable traffic jams at Lagos' major intersections. Confusion is a one-song Afrobeat album with an entirely instrumental first half featuring free form interplay between Kuti's electric piano and Tony Allen's percussion. It leads to an extended mid-tempo section with polyrhythms by Allen and tenor saxophone by Kuti, who follows with call-and-response vocal passages. Since the record's release by EMI, it has been praised by music critics, who found it exemplary of Kuti's Afrobeat style and recommended it as a highlight from his extensive catalog. In both 2000 and 2010, Confusion was reissued and bundled with Kuti's 1973 Gentleman

  • What about GOOD drugs?

    Good drugs are things that cure sickness and they should always be allowed! If all drugs should be illegal,then,how are we supposed to be healed when we are sick? This is why this poll is stupid and shouldn't be a debate! GOOD DRUGS ARE GOOD NOT BAD PEOPLE! DUH! YEA!

  • Only smoking them should be illegal

    I don't like or support the use of drugs (not counting caffeine or similar), but they should be legal as long as they are not smoked or used when driving or where others could be in danger from their use. Harm yourself all you want but don't make others be subjected to the disgusting smelling and dangerous toxic smoke (redundant?) or your lack of intelligence not to drive with your system full of drugs. Also if all drugs were legal you could tax them and make sure they were "safer" the way prescription drugs are now. Then put all the money used on the war on drugs toward anti drug teaching and treatment. The crime rate will (probably) be lowered because criminals and gangs/organized crime aren't selling drugs that can be bought over the counter with known ingredients not "cut" with some unknown hazardous substance.

  • Some are good

    IT is the bad people that make the drugs bad. Drugs have helped many people survive over the years, so why now should we ban them. Yes some people use them for recreation but people need drugs to survive. In conclusion the human race needs drugs to survive. The end.

  • Drugs should never be legal

    They are many more reasons why drugs are not good, why should people try something that later on will affect their life and let to many other consequences. There is more risk of fight and accidents by consuming drugs. People should understand that its not good, and they're many other alternatives for drugs that are healthy

  • Should be ban

    You waste all your money -- illegal drugs are expensive -- this leads to the next thing ...
    You end up stealing -- because drugs are expensive, drug addicts end up stealing to support their habit
    you drive away all of your friends and family -- nobody wants to be around a drug addict -- they're not fun, all they want to do is take drugs, and they steal from everyone (even their friends and family) -- so you end up being all alone
    you always have a chance of overdosing and killing yourself

  • No drugs should be illegal !

    What right has the government to prohibit us from anything . The current prohibition of drugs by the federal government is unconstitutional. Anyone remember when they prohibited alcohol there had to be an amendment to the constitution which was repealed . There has never been an amendment which prohibits drugs therefore it is illegal for drugs to be illegal. Every american has the right to choose what is best for them not the federal government .

  • Not all drugs, no.

    Heroin and meth, maybe. I can only see the benefits of legalizing drugs such as marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, ecstasy, etc. Heroin and meth are a different story, and in my opinion should be eradicated at all costs. Other drugs, however, if made legal and affordable, and if regulated, could actually serve as a boon to our society and economy. It would eliminate a large amount of illegal drug activity and violent crime, it would boost our economy, and these drugs would be safer to use.

  • No, only some should be illegal.

    Whether or not a drug should be illegal has to do with how likely people are to abuse it and cause serious harm to themselves and others. Marijuana is clearly harmless in most cases, but drugs like meth and heroin cause deep addictions that prevent people from functioning in society, and legalizing them would only lead to more users.

  • Drugs include almost everything.

    Coffee, alcohol, recreational drugs, medicine, etc... are all drugs or contain drugs. Want to absolutely destroy the economy? Drugs like heroine should be illegal but to say that all drugs, things the modern society has become dependent on, should be illegal is not a smart move. Marijuana is a recreational drug and shouldn't be framed as something overly dangerous like cocaine.

  • No, all drugs should not be illegal. Marijuana should be legal.

    All drugs should not be illegal. Marijuana should be legal and many states are beginning to see this. The costs of prosecuting people for marijuana charges are just to high. Two states in the November election, Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana and other states are likely to follow. People should have some choice to use drugs that are not a harm on society and marijuana is one of those drugs. Other drugs may be considered for legalization if it can be shown that no harm will be done to citizens when drug users take these drugs.

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