• Some people suffer from stress and some drugs relieve stress.

    I think drugs should be legalized because some people get really stressed and some drugs relieve that stress. Drugs also relieve pain, so some drugs if they are legalized could be used for medical purposes. So in my opinion drugs should be legalized as long as they are in an area that is suitable, and where they cannot harm others. People who disagree, just take a look at the people who smoke tobacco. Tobacco is if not a more harmful drug than a drug such as marijuana. Tobacco can't even be used for medical uses. Therefore drugs should be legalized. Aged 14.

  • My body, My choice.

    Who are you to tell me what I can and can't to to my body in the privacy of my own home as long as doing so won't harm others? It's as simple as that. Sure, drugs can be abused but that can be said about anything. Coca Cola can be abused but you don't see the government closing down all establishments that sell it. Consenting adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to their own bodies and who are you to say that they can't?

  • It's simple. Legalizing drugs will fix a lot.

    Before I say anything on this subject, I would like to say that I have never in my life done any illegal drugs. I am not fighting for it because I want to legally be able to get high, I earnestly believe that legalizing drugs will solve a lot of problems, and here's why.

    First, there is the crime involved with drugs. If drugs were legalized, then many of those crimes would decrease. Because drugs are so expensive on the black market, people have to shell out a ton of money for a small amount of substance. If drugs were legalized then the prices would decrease drastically and people wouldn't have to take such extreme measures to get their fix. Also, since it is illegal, when there is an issue involving drugs it cannot be taken up with the law. Legalizing drugs would give people that opportunity, rather than them feeling like violence is the only way they can solve it.

    Second, there is the black market. If drugs are legalized, they will become easily available to everyone, eliminating the need for a black market. The cartels and gangs will fall apart. They will be forced to create companies or quit, and if they create companies they will have to answer to the law. There won't be fights over territory any more, reducing violence by a large percentage.

    Third, there is the issue of prison overcrowding. If you took away all of the people put in prison for simply owning or selling drugs, that puts the prisons at just over maximum, rather than way over. Then, if you consider that on average 40% of other crimes are drug related, it reduces the criminals in prison to comfortably below the maximum. Our tax dollars can then be spent on other more important issues than on trying to keep people on drugs in prisons.

    Fourth, many people are worried about overdosing and a major increase in druggies. However, it has been proved time and time again that if the people want something they will get it, regardless of the law. Legalizing it will hardly affect the number of people doing drugs. It will affect overdosing, though. The most common reason for overdose is the varying percentages of pure drugs. Many street drugs have been diluted with other substances that are similar looking. The problem is that they aren't all diluted the same. If you take heroine that is 3%, and then the next time take the same amount of heroine that is 5%, you are nearly doubling your intake. If it's legalized then people will know exactly what they're putting in their body. That will reduce the number of overdoses by a huge amount.

    I could go on, but I feel that those cover it pretty well. It's simple really. We legalize drugs and enforce different laws pertaining to them to ensure people are consuming them safely. It won't solve everything, but it will definitely help many of the issues surrounding drugs.

  • No other reason is required other than NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can and cant take.

    Personally, it makes me offended and angry that any government would tell me what I can and can't use. Whether for pain relief or recreation. Doesn't matter. The problem here, is people who think they have the right to tell others what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. Setting aside all other arguments, to be quite frank I think they should all go screw themselves. Sure, if someone commits a crime that causes harm go after them. However stop projecting your fear and control towards me. Thank you very much. This is a polite request on behalf of all people who love freedom and respect the dignity of their fellow human beings.

  • Drugs could actually turn a profit

    Various areas of the world are run or predominantly influenced by cartels, Mexico being a prime example of such a reality. Policemen's lives are at stake, civilians are at stake, and what better measure is there to battle cartels than to have the government take over their business? By legalizing all drugs, cartels would become nearly obsolete, making those same parts of the globe safer and better for everyone.

    If the government was to legalize all drugs, then they would have to be the only drug synthesizers there was, to ensure quality and control. By using their own labs, the government would ensure quality drugs for everyone, no more flour or plaster instead of cocaine, or grass or moss instead of weed. These are the substances that, in tiny amounts, are actually harmful to your body. Government controlled drugs mean safe drugs for everyone.

    Should the government synthesize drugs (see point above), then drugs would be sold on pharmacies. That means a tight control over who can buy those drugs, whether they are of age or not, and, more importantly, whether they have some physical or mental disorder that forbids them to consume drugs. By filtering these people out of the drug system, we can ensure a safer environment for everyone, specially for these people that need special measures. Not only that, but a tighter control over drugs means the state can easily know who does drug or not, info that they can use to better protect everyone.

    By selling drugs through pharmacies (see both points above), the state would be able to tax people, as they do with everything else. This means more income for the state, and more money for the country, for a better quality product you would buy anyway. Not only would the state stop spending billions battling drug cartels (see the first point), they would actually earn some of that money back by selling drugs themselves.

  • Please wake up

    Physically addictive drugs like heroin/crack/meth etc should remain illegal but things like MDMA, LSD, cannabis etc should be legalised. Legalisation would cut out the criminals and dealers as pharmaceutical companies would take their place. These companies would then be regulated and have trading standards and include things like packaging with warning labels.

  • People use them

    No matter what you do people will use substances, making them illegal creates criminals, guns, violence, etc. If legal, just tax it and regulate it, offer social programs for addiction, should work much better than spending billions on prisons and drug war.

    Its the right wing elitists that want drugs to be illegal, because it keeps crime going, and keeps untaxed profits flowing.

    Keeping drugs illegal, is the worst thing you could ever do, look at the alcohol prohibition and how well that went over. Make the drugs legal, and regulate them. PERIOD.

  • To lessen crime

    If drugs are going to be legal, it is easier for people who really are those addicted to it and it will no longer be a crime... Another thing is that it is useful in the field of medicine, despite the fact that there must be dosage to take in, it is on the person's if he's going to be responsible

  • Yes, they should.

    My argument is simple: I don't think the government should regulate what you do with your own body. I can understand enforcing DUIs and DWIs and things of that nature, where your substance abuse can endanger others. But personal, private use should not be anyone else's business. Our government is okay with a ton of different drugs and substances, like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and preservatives put into our foods... Where's the logic?

  • Medical needs, Doctors don't believe.

    If someone has a medical need(s) and an illegal drug or drug they don't have access to helps, they should be able to get that "drug" FOR THEIR MEDICAL NEED(S). The person should go through an evaluation of their medical need(s), if any medical need(s) show up for that specific drug they should be able to get it.

  • LOL sushma

    Really?? Do you know what's stopping thousands of people from doing drugs?? Hmm, I dunno, perhaps the LAW???

  • Absolutely not. Just marijuana.

    The resolution is "Should all drugs be legalized?" No, ALL drugs should not be legalized. This would increase dangers on the street, secondhand smoke, immorality, the population of law-enforcement officials, and number of deaths. If I had to pick a drug to legalize, it would be marijuana; that would at least create economic growth and could help to solve other issues like murder and rape. But I have big problems with cocaine, crack, heroin, even hemp.

  • Anyone that thinks that we should legalize all drugs is insane, because the increase in crime would be unmanageable.

    I can see how someone might consider legalizing pot. But, legalizing all drugs is just a crazy idea. If America did this, then we would have even more problems with crime. In addition to this, more people would end up on welfare, because of their drug problems. Drug use should never be condoned by the government or considered socially acceptable.

    Posted by: Nich0HeIPfuI
  • No

    Why should we contaminate the air others are breathing just so we can get high? It's stupid to risk the lives of other people to come by smoking drugs for our own pleasure. Shortening the lives of everyone so only some can have fun. It's just not okay.

  • Drugs are bad. Period.

    Think about children. Many children who have drug users as parents have to go through extensive abuse! How would you like it if your parents were always on cocaine or marijuana, and were always abusing and mistreating you? Nobody likes or deserves that! So WHY on earth do we want to LEGALISE DRUGS? We can help those who cannot defend themselves from drug using parents by keeping drugs illegal!
    Take a moment to think about it. Is this the kind of world we want our children growing up in? A world full of drug addicts? I don’t think so, and I definitely do not want any child of mine to have to live in a society with drugs legalised.
    Drugs ruin your life and mess up your head! There are kids in high schools and colleges, and sometimes even middle schools on drugs! These children are th troublemakers, have bad grades, get into fights, don’t do homework, and other various things that are not good. They don’t pay attnetion in class. By legalising drugs, you are encouraging more people to try it because many will say that there must be a reason why it was legalised, and get it in their heads that drugs are good which is a complete lie!
    This isn’t even a REAL debate! Have you ever seen someone under a drug addiction? They aren’t themselves! They are a completely different peson who will do stupid things or make frequent mistakes because they are not in their right mind
    For those that think drugs relieve stress: Drugs do nothing of the sort! People have exisisted for centuries and have never needed crack or cocaine or marijuana to handle stress! Drugs ruin you, your body, your mind, everything! Remember, the user is not the only person affected by drugs; all those around him/her are affected indirectly.
    People say that we should have a right to do whatever we want with our bodies. We don't. You can't walk down the street naked, so why should you be allowed to do harmful things to it, like putting poisonous chemicals into it? All it does it hurt you. It's just generally not a good idea. So don’t legalise drugs!

  • Is this even a REAL debate?

    Should all drugs be legalized? Is that really what people are going for? To those of you that said yes, have you ever seen someone with a drug addiction? They aren't themselves! Some drugs are illegal for the sole fact that it can really turn one's life up-side down. They're illegal to prevent that from happening. It's best to stop harmful drug uses/addiction right off the bat. If America were to legalize every single drug, what would be left of this nation? Some people can take their drugs in moderation, but it is never a promise. So it is best to prevent the issue before it even happens.

  • NO NO NO!!

    We still have many problems with smoking and alcohol. If drugs like Heroin and Cannabis are legalized it still won't suddenly make the countries drug problems just disappear.People say that legalising drugs will take the thrill out of them, so no-one will take them anymore. This just isn't true. When abortions became legal, people didn't suddenly stop having abortions. People say that we should have a right to do whatever we want with our bodies. We don't. You can't walk down the street naked, so why should you be allowed to do harmful things to it, like putting poisonous chemicals into it?? All it does it hurt you. It's just generally not a good idea. SO DON'T LEGALIZE THEM!!

  • Think about the drug users that have children.

    The reason I say this is to inform all the pot heads that want to legalize drugs, to think about the children that have to deal with the mass abuse that is put upon them for being in the way of a crack head and their next fix. It is not their fault that they have to endure the punishment of drugs you all that said yes favor. Grow up and take a stand for what you know is right. Don't let the drug enhancement overwhelm America. Be the bigger person and stand up for those children that cannot.
    Thank you all for reading my statement and have a nice day. Drug FREE is the WAY to BE.

  • No Man Is An Island

    What adults do to themselves is hardly any of my business, but thinking that drug use only effects the user is ignorant and absurd. You have no idea how many children are harmed and neglected due to the irresponsibility of parents with addiction. Legalization of marijuana is acceptable. No one will ever convince me that the legalization of meth is a good idea. Kids lives are ruined every single day due to this stuff.

  • Drugs Are Dangerous!

    There are so many things out there to argue about. Why does this have to be one? It should be obvious that drugs kill people. Yes, I know so do guns... So do knives... And the list goes on. The difference is if you're being held at gun point, you have no control over the situation. If you are holding a needle to your arm, you do have control. I had a sister addicted. She lost everything because of her habit. Her daughter, her job, her home... And after having to give up her independence and move in with our mom, she still had to have it. There was no end to her nightmare. Legalizing drugs would only make it easier for the addicted to get their hands on their favorite choice of drug. And as they started getting their needs met, it wouldn't be enough anymore. They would need more.. And more... Until they die!! Yes, I know you can go outside and get hit by a bus. But I can't control the bus or how fast it will kill me. I can only control myself and using drugs is a choice you make. And ultimately it is a choice that will ruin lives and end them. Just like it did for my sister.

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yodog357 says2014-01-15T19:50:20.117
Don't do drugs Alex
cusackjohn15 says2016-05-02T11:40:38.437
Yes all drugs should be legalized for medical and recreational use with no limit for how many plants or kilograms you can grow or sell or possess or transport and medical use should have no age limit and recreational use without authorization should be 16+ and no license should be required for any kind and no restrictions to non residents as well and it is peoples body what ever drug they wanna take legally and free all prisoners for drug offenses immediately and expunge their arrest and criminal records immediately and offer voluntary treatment to addicts the same as alcoholics and smokers, tax them and regulate them instead of criminalizing them, legalization will cut crime and corruption and free up police and government resources and prison overcrowding and save money and get rid of drug cartels and help sick people.