• Education is vital and maybe the source for hope in the future.

    Everyone needs education. At least the fundamental type which is Primary. People should not have to pay for education. If we didn't have education, we wouldn't be expressing our opinions in the first place. If we didn't have education, we wouldn't be able to even read what I just said. Not many people have a successful career in their lives, and if education is not free, they may not have the sufficient funds to help their children go to school. What this would mean is they may not get the skills they need for their future to find a job or even hope. Many people in Africa and other places which does not provide free education as a law, when asked, wished they had education. Not all countries have a good economy. If everyone had free education, maybe the world would be a better place...

  • Education for Free

    Education is vital for the survival of one's academic, social, and, if need be, a political career. Education requires a substantial amount of money, yet, one must not make it exclusive, so that the entire world may move at the same pace, so that problems like world poverty, or world hunger, is solved. Otherwise, the world would essentially go nowhere, unable to make its geniuses work harder. In 50 years, global warming will get worse, and in 20, the world will be so polluted that one must not step outside the streets without proper portable ventilation! Whereas, if free education let rise the many potential geniuses in the world, then all of these problems may be solved. At least, with more minds, you stand a chance against the main obstacles festering the world today.

  • Knowledge is strength

    I realize now that my whole argument revolves around the idea that very few things in this world are free. Even education that we currently have in America is not free. Teacher's salaries and school operating costs come out of taxpayer dollars. To suggest free education would be to suggest that people volunteer their time to teach in an open space that receives no maintenance and has no overhead costs of any kind. And as that education would be worth what you pay for it, I feel I have no other option but to say, "No, not all education should be free."

  • Education needs to be free !

    I honestly think paying for education is like paying for water, which is a basic human need. Its a Human Right.Its not only about books and grades but also the amount of knowledge and not all people can afford it. If someone has the talent, the brains, why take the privilege away only because of issues like the cost? Hence, I believe education must be free of cost; at least primary which is basically a foundation for higher year levels.

  • All should have rights to free education

    Rich or poor, whatever country you live in should have free education for all. It's not just good for yourself but for your economy. You can grow and do so much more with educated people by your side. If people do not want to be educated then that is their choice. I believe there is more people out there who would love to learn then not being able to. Even giving them the choice is the better decision.

  • Yes, education should be free.

    If education was free all children would have education. Children of all cultures will be able to meet new people and no one will be excluded for their differences. When the children graduate more good paying jobs will be open to them. Lastly parents with financial issues won't have to pay school budgets.

  • Education should be free for everyone

    A lot people all over the world can´t go to school because they can afford it. Everyone deserves to be educated even if they can´t afford it. Education should be free because college is already so expensive. I get why its not free, because teachers need their pay but people need education!!!

  • Why do I have to say education should be free for everyone?

    Education is very important. It is a thing that no one can steal and no one can get way from it. And to all of you supporters and oppositions. Think of what it would be like if all education is not free. The literacy rate would have been low and only rich ones can afford it and also all of Ministry of Education would crumbled. Example: John came from a poor family and his parents are struggling to find at least the cheapest school in the city. But if we give him free education he will accept it and would received the education he needed to at least survived. He must be pleased and happy while the rich ones think it is just a place to make friends. Since I'm talking about that I will talk about the teachers. Teachers want us to educate not to get money they just want us to gained the information we needed. And if we don't give free education to poor students we would feel sorry about them. And the price for electricity and for materials that the schools need to take care infinite amount of students. They pay it because they want students to educate and learning new ways of studying.
    In conclusion, if you are poor and every school need a lot of money per students how you are going to educate? You should have think again.

  • Yes I think it should be free

    Education is one of the human rights, meaning it's vital for everyone.So why should the unprivileged be deprived of education because of their economic status? It's not their fault they're not as advantaged as some may be.If people got to choose family,status,gender etc ,don't you think life would be a lot better because that way no one gets to blame the maker for whatever and whoever they become in future?

  • YES free tuition

    College should be free for everyone. With how the world is right now, we need more smart educated people to lead the new generation or world. I mean I am still in high school and I still have to think about my life ahead of me and that's why college should be free because not a lot of people don't have money to go to college.

  • Be free to everyone?

    If its free to everyone , who would pay for all the expenses , who would support all the money needed for maintenance , labours , etc for the infinite amount of people at a learning age?
    In exception if its a country with a strong government and economies , than if it can make education be free to everyone , why not , but is it possible?

  • Job is importent

    Cost per student is $80,000 for a four year program if there parents do not have it is there problem , why should the government make the education free to everyone? Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

  • Free Education really?

    A lot of people think that higher education shouldn't cost them personally. I disagree with that not only because I don't think it should be "free" for anyone but also if the government decides that everyone should get higher education then it changes from something valuable to something not so valuable. It should take some personal sacrifice including financial. I guess a liberal point of view would be that everyone deserves a fair shot and it starts with education. The wealthy live off the backs of everyone else so they have a responsibility to provide an education at the least because the lower and middle classes have provided them with their riches. Furthermore, it should be a right of the people to have a higher education because how else will the poor succeed? A conservative view might be that everyone should make their own way. We shouldn't rely on the government for anything except what is stated in the Constitution. Individual ruggedness is what made this country strong and giving away "free" stuff from the government is a way in which slaves are made. If we count on the government for everything and allow the government to have their hands in everything we do, eventually "we the people" becomes "we the government" turning our republic into a fascist or communist dictatorship.

    The original intent of getting an education from my perspective was to get a leg up; to have an economic advantage and become a rare commodity thereby being more valuable and making more money. If educated people become a dime a dozen then where is the value in spending all the time and effort to earn a degree? I may as well forget it and go back to Portland to be an Ironworker again. It's in my comfort zone and I can make a lot of money. If education becomes free for everyone where's the value? Another thing is that I heard somewhere, I can't remember where but it goes like this; if you took all the money away from everyone and gave each person a million dollars, a couple of years later the ones that were wealthy before hand would be wealthy again and the one's that were not wealthy before would be broke again. The point is that after the government spends millions upon millions to get the program started, it is no doubt to me that the people getting degrees would not increase because it is free. The people that are going to college now are the ones that want to go and the people that are not in school are not in school because they do not want to be in school. If someone wants something they will do it, that's all.

  • Education doesn't mean spending

    Elementary should be provided, by then we all have basic skills; Math, Literacy, and etc. Middle and High school are questionable. However, I know that at the point any person can read a book on their own they can teach themselves anything. With self will you can teach yourself to do Algebra, Geometry, Stats, Coding, Cryptography, Art, Music, and Science. Once we are able to read we can do anything.

    Another point to add... Is that if College is free, degrees will just be your High School Diploma

  • By using the word "free" I expect you mean this is a question regarding economics, and someone else is paying!

    Is it a fantastic ideal? Yes. Is it practical? No. Who foots the bill? That's the only question that needs to be asked to submarine this topic. Who foots the bill? "All" education cannot be free, because that implies an infinite amount of funds for an infinite number of people to be infinitely educated. Even without the "All"... Should "basic" education be free? It generally already is, but of questionable quality... Should "university" be free? Well now there's a real question. Is it tenable? Who foots the bill?

    Let me tell you a story, once upon a time, children learned from their families. Not just their one (1) family, but the clan, or the tribe, or the community, or the neighborhood. Education was free because the child had enough resources floating freely in his community that he could learn by experience or be instructed by his elders. And that was, gloriously, enough, because the world was simple and survival itself was a pleasure.

    Nowadays, there are two problems with this system. 1) Everyone is occupied. The advent of private property, innocuous at first, has forced everyone to go to work. Very few families have time to home school their children any more, so they have to pay someone else to do it. 2) Information is now too advanced to be taught by simple means; alternatively stated, it is not possible for a child to get a modern education from peers in his community. The child requires formal education, of some sort, and that requires expenditure.

    So, who foots the bill? Someone has to pay for it. Even if you devise a financial model that is up to the task (I'm guessing some highly genetically homogeneous form of socialism- high taxation, high social participation) and create a culture which understands the virtue of education for its own ends, rather than as a stepping stone for economic gain, you then have the question of when to cut it off? One degree? Two? How much education is enough? How do you treat abusers? Are smarter, more promising children eligible for more? Give me a proposition. How would this really work?

  • Abuse of Resources

    Although I do believe that education through high school should be free I feel I should adhere to the specific discussion point. The topic is "Should all education be free to everyone" and I say no. I believe specialized education should be reserved only to those who can afford it. Now I say this because to many, myself included, time is money. Now I am of the firm belief that those who posses great knowledge are active with it. I don't know of many that went to medical school only to sit around on facebook after completing their education. I am sure there are some that isn't what I am arguing.

    But let me bring this argument a direction I can support. I am a college student at a prestigious flight school. My piers are people that will be building and flying planes, running airports, working for safety organizations and other things I don't know if I should discuss online. Now as a flight student there are several expenses to my training such as aircraft usage, fuel cost, maintainable, insurance, etc.

    A similar argument can be made for our engineering students, the workshops and labs they are a part of utilize expensive equipment that has high maintenance costs and high operating costs.

    I realize now that my whole argument revolves around the idea that very few things in this world are free. Even education that we currently have in America is not free. Teacher's salaries and school operating costs come out of taxpayer dollars. To suggest free education would be to suggest that people volunteer their time to teach in an open space that receives no maintenance and has no overhead costs of any kind. And as that education would be worth what you pay for it, I feel I have no other option but to say, "No, not all education should be free."

    Posted by: J4J
  • Think about the costs

    If everyone were to be given free education how would the college's (because k-12 is free) afford the professors, campus, and even dorms? The struggle is that people believe that should be given a higher education than what the government offers them, I do think that it should be free but thinking won't pay the bills that are needed to do it in the first place.

  • Nothing in the world is free

    We live in a scarce society. Except for air, pretty much everything has finite provision for almost infinite greed. (this includes water). Education is expensive to operate and the burden goes to the taxpayer. Besides free is not valued. Case in point my parents footed my bill for undergraduate studies and I was not terribly serious. But when I had to foot my own bill for grad school, I got my shit together. Footing your own expenses grows you up, and makes you more productive.

    State run schools are almost universally worse off than private run schools.

    Lastly, I am not responsible for your breeding choices, and I should not be penalized for it.

  • I hate gays

    College shouldn't be free for everyone, there should be free options available, but not everything should be free. If all college was free, the money would still need to come from somewhere, and that would be out of our tax dollars. This means that people who didn't have kids in college would still be paying for it. These would be poor people who don't have enough extra money and it will be a strain on them to pay for another persons college.
    Second, there wouldn't necessarily be enough money from the state to fund the same programs that they have now, making it useless to have free college anyways. It would ruin the point of college.

  • Think about the people

    First of all think about your community, imagine all the people out there working hard everyday just so they can support their children. Some kids don't even go to school because their parents can't afford it,and even some children wish they could go to school.

    That's why I think education should be free.

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