Should all high school students have open campus/open lunch?

  • Can we beneficial for some schools

    I'm a senior in high school in the northern suburbs of the twin cities. I live less than a mile away from the school and so do a number of my fellow classmates. An open campus lunch would allow me and my family to save money and provide me with a healthier, more appetizing lunch. I would argue that only seniors and maybe some juniors with permission should be allowed to leave for lunch. I believe its a good idea and that 98% of the students would use this privilege responsibly

  • Yes they should

    People are saying that it leads to possible fights or illegal things but that kind of stuff can happen anywhere or time. It also depends on the school, some people have more time than others or some schools are overall just better in the sense of respect for every one, for example alternative schools should not have it for the most part

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Open campus yes

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  • Yes they should, However...

    Look I am all for having open campus lunch, and here's why:
    1. Students can eat a variety of meals rather than nasty cafeteria food
    2. Gives high school students the opportunity to become more responsible with managing their time and money.
    3. 95% of students will use this privilege responsibly.
    4. Students have the opportunity to choose healthier meals
    5. It's better to have kids eat fast food then no food at all, I know from experience that the school makes people pay way too much money for their unappetizing meals. My family just doesn't have the money to buy food for me. So I usually only eat dinner every night.

    The only notable concerns many people have is they are afraid that during this time their students/children will get involved in illegal activities. That's understandable however if parents are seriously about their students then they would make sure that their kids knew that drugs/alcohol isn't acceptable. Also i think that schools that aren't significantly near restaurants shouldn't allow open campus. Just for the concern of traffic and time. I think that 10-12th graders should openly be allowed to go but 9th graders should have good grades and a parents permission before they are allowed to leave campus. I think that in 9th and 10th grade, the students should be required to see safety presentations to they will know the schools view on how to behave during their lunch periods. If a student is caught 2 times off campus doing illegal activities then they should have their privilege taken away. Then there's the issue of students ditching school or not coming back from lunch. I think that the solution is obvious, if the students don't come back to school after lunch a few times, they will have to eat lunch with a teacher near by or without that privilege depending on that students record. Open campus lunch is a great opportunity and shouldn't be taken away because of a few ignorant kids.

  • They should have it.

    They should have open campus for lunch because it will help kids be relaced and they won't have grumbling bellys for the rest of the day they also can walk and get exercise in open campus but the bad part is that the kids might not come back to school.

  • Yes the schools should.


  • Open campus will be a revolution!!!

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  • Yes we should .........................................................................................................................

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  • Just because ok

    People are capable of loosing time of class and how do you know if your going to be rear ended on the way to the location. Or even if your car beaks down. There is a lot of things that can happen that's why I sat no and im still in school I am a junior about to be a senior.

  • Noooooooooooooo! Nooo no

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  • Just an excuse for skipping school

    Plus the school cant watch you all the time and you never know what might happen while they are out of school. Also, traffic jams and busy food places can affect the students' time on getting back to school and not be tardy or the school might consider them skipping class

  • Why should they? Think about it......

    Students already have lunch,along with small little breaks between classes and hey,what kind of a student would like to be on their own and such,and did you think about this:what would happen if they were,for example,on the other side of the town,city wherever they live,and didn't hear the bell!Then if they weren't at school by the time the bell had already rung and you are now either late for your classes or now ditching,making you in trouble with the POLICE!All of this could be avoided if they are just at school,eating their lunch,hanging out with their friends and waiting for the bell to ring!Boom,trouble is avoided.

  • Nope. Nope. Nope.

    They should not have open lunch because once the student leaves, they might not come back. They might waste too much time driving there/walking there, or too much time there. There is also criminal acts that could happen. They can be kidnapped or robbed, or they can be the criminals, like stealing.

  • It's just a privilege we don't need

    Schools can't protect their students if they aren't on school grounds. Therefore, this can promote bullying in the school system. Our school used to have open campus lunch, but many students were caught smoking instead of eating. In one incident, a fight broke out during this lunch period, and a window was broken in town. With off campus lunch the school won't be able to carry out certain policies which can call for legal lawsuits against the school if a parent believes that their child is not being protected by school rules and staff during a lunch period. People say, "We need a break from school," or, "Let us be free," but we're in school - this isn't the 70's, this is 2015. Open campus lunch is just a privilege most schools do not need.

  • Students can't be trusted

    Okay, not all students can not be trusted, I get that. But there are a bunch of other students, too, that need the discipline of staying in school during lunch. There are students who will use that "free time" outside of school to do, sell, or buy drugs. Also, those students who don't own cars, even as a sophomore or higher, would have to walk to a close by fast-food restaurant. They could possibly get kidnapped, and worse, raped. Now, I don't know about you, but I would like to go home in one piece and not as a corpse because I was shot.

  • No because it gives an opportunity for violence to happen.

    In high school, my school allowed open campus lunch. One day at a local store about a quarter of a mile from school a hot headed young woman got into an argument with a friend of mine. While I was there to witness the argument, my friend was the bigger person and walked away. The girl proceeded to call a friend of hers and in about 3 minute he pulled up to the store we were at. She described what my friend was wearing and the guy left the store. I tried calling my friend just to let him know what had happened and to be careful and I went back to school. In the last period of the day our principal came on the speaker and made an announcement that my friend had been involved in a hit and run accident at lunch and was in critical condition. The next morning he died. So I say no because sometimes you give to much freedom to the wrong people. Their argument was nothing that serious to lose his life over.

  • ALL students in ALL schools in ALL cities? NO.

    Our school has a 26-minute lunch period. The closest place for lunch is five minutes away; that's a ten-minute round-trip, traffic permitting, leaving 16 minutes to order, get the food, and eat it in the car on the way back most likely. Our school has 1500 students. If they all went in cars to the handful of nearby spots in the most organized fashion possible, and all of those places ran a perfectly smooth drive-thru, there's still little chance most students could make it back in time. And extending lunch means extending the school day, so why not just stay there and eat - it's school - it's about getting an education, not getting everything else you want.

  • Troubles with open lunch

    You only have a certain amount of time for lunch and if you get busy talking to your friends during your lunch, you have to rush to get back to school and that can cause accidents and you could get pulled over for speeding back to school. It's a big responsibility to be able to leave lunch and come back on time. There could be students that leave campus/school grounds and not come back to school and get charged with truancy

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